Title: Q&A: how do you network with other trainers, health professionals or clients to increase your business?
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The best networking I do with trainers is at industry events or certification workshops. The settings are naturally conducive to meeting and discussing ideas with others in the field. With regard to branching out to other health professionals, I am quite lucky to have been a long-term patient of a top-notch local chiropractor. It is quite easy networking with him. In fact, my very first client was his wife! I met another professional in the sports psychology field by taking a couple of her college-level classes. We stay in touch via e-mail and have met in person to brainstorm on strategies to keep people motivated.

My clients are also great sources for getting to know other health professionals. In fact, one client recently bought me a gift certificate for a massage from her massotherapist. This is quite an unusual circumstance, and it will give me the opportunity to meet this individual and discuss cross-promotional ideas. Clients themselves are also great means of finding more business. When I first sit down and consult with a new client, I present her with a binder of in formation and two of my brochures in case she knows people who need my help.

Joining a local women's civic club has also given me exposure to the specific demographic group that I train (upper income, women in their 30s to 40s). The club's monthly newsletter is a fantastic means for group members to gain awareness about my business. Also, just being present at meetings and training other club members are useful ways of gaining new business.

Liz Guscott, AFAA and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, Renaissance Woman Fitness

Lakewood, Ohio

I work primarily in my clients' homes, so I have little opportunity to network with other trainers. At times I've been unable to handle additional clients, so I have actively searched out other trainers at conferences in order to have someone to refer people to. I spoke to many trainers, trying to "feel out" their education, experience, training philosophies and personalities. I found two local trainers I network with through e-mail and have been able to refer clients to them when I have been too busy. (So far the reverse has not happened, but I know the potential is there.)

My clients have been my major source of referrals. I do reward clients with a free session when someone they refer signs up. However, I do not promote tiffs policy beforehand I want the referrals to come from their hearts, and I believe in giving a free session as a thank-you.

Several years ago I moved to a new town and used some specific strategies...

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