Title: Cooking with wine
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STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT DRINKING CERTAIN WINES CAN HAVE A beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. But which wines pair best with which foods? And what else do you need to consider when serving or cooking with different types of wine?

* Fortified wines, such as port, sherry, madeira and marsala, contain more alcohol than regular wines and have more intense flavors. Port is especially good in meat casseroles, whereas sherry is great to add to soups and stews. Madeira is tasty with beef, while marsala pairs well with chicken.

* Dry white wines, like chardonnay, sauvignon...

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Lofshult, Diane. "Cooking with wine." IDEA Fitness Journal, Feb. 2006, p. 65. Academic OneFile, Accessed 21 July 2019.

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