Title: Save My Lost Nigga' Soul
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Clement Virgo's Save my Lost Nigga' Soul was a stunning re-working of the story of Caine and Abel with Caine as a pathetic drug addict and Abel as his straight-arrow, disapproving brother. Their struggle for supremacy is told through the would-be monologue of their roommate, an aspiring stand-up comic who plans to use them as fodder for his stage debut With Harald Bachman's lurid but arresting cinematography, a powerful music score and excellent performances backing the mix, Virgo's 25 minute film offered as much as some longer features.

It comes as no real surprise that Virgo spent three years doing window displays for the five Harry Rosen clothing stores in Toronto; he has an eye and a sense of how to mix colours for maximum effect. Virgo finally quit doing that last May; "I had the desire to become a filmmaker full-time.' He has worked on some shorts, writing and co-directing A Small...

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Schwartzberg, Shlomo. "Save My Lost Nigga' Soul." Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada, Summer 1993, p. 20. Academic OneFile, Accessed 24 June 2019.

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