Title: Lack of school supplies, materials and resources as an elementary cause of frustration and burnout in South Texas special education teachers
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Although many areas in education are experiencing teacher shortages, the retention of special education teachers is critical in Texas schools as well as across the nation. (Tye & O'Brien, 2000). As far back as 1990, educators were voicing concerns about higher burnout rates in special education as compared to general education (National Association of State Directors of Special Education, 1990). ********** Indeed, the research from 1994 to 2004 is replete with studies examining the reasons for this burnout. Many of these studies reflected the evolving nature of special education which included increased expectations for inclusive instruction, the changes in newly mandated behavioral intervention plans and the ever-increasing paperwork load on special education teachers. In addition, further studies, some with as many as 4,500 teachers, indicated that key variables causing burnout and attrition were: job stress, weak support by administrators, unreasonable caseloads, large class size and ineffective in-service programs. The research in this article examined an often neglected, but nevertheless equally important, factor in the burnout and attrition rate of special education teachers. This factor was a lack of school supplies, materials and resources. This shortage was largely due to a constant "tug-of-war" with regular education personnel for the same resources. Current studies of stress in special education teachers indicated that a main component of this stress was frustration due to a lack of materials. A statement from a teacher surveyed by researchers MacDonald and Spence substantiated this point. This teacher stated: I did not have an adequate supply of textbooks, teachers' manuals or basic consumable materials. The computer in my classroom was better suited for a museum than for instruction. I spent a lot of my personal time soliciting donations from retail businesses that carried school...
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Kaufhold, John A., et al. "Lack of school supplies, materials and resources as an elementary cause of frustration and burnout in South Texas special education teachers." Journal of Instructional Psychology, vol. 33, no. 3, 2006, p. 159+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 23 May 2018.

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