Title: Enablement: the key to empowerment
Abstract :

Employee empowerment will not succeed if organizations simply transfer power from management to rank-and-file staffers and leave non-management employees to their own devices. To ensure success, organizations must go further by helping employees handle their new responsibilities as members of an autonomous work group. The term for such a process is 'enablement,' which refers to the practice of actively assisting ordinary employees in developing the skills they need to effectively manage their newly empowered status. Personnel departments can help in this 'enablement' process by identifying and adjusting policies and programs that discourage empowerment. Moreover, they can take on the task of guiding employees as they discover the nuances of empowerment by keeping them informed of how similar programs have fared in other companies. In addition, they can help prepare evaluations of employee performance and provide technical and job-survival training.
Source Citation (MLA 8 th Edition)
Barner, Robert. "Enablement: the key to empowerment." Training & Development, June 1994, p. 33+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 18 June 2019.

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