Title: What motivates college students to learn?
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The importance of several factors to college students self stated motivation indicated that the professor's knowledge of the subject matter and the motivational level of the professor were most important to motivate college students to learn in college. There were age and year in college differences on several of the dependent variable subscales (i.e., professor's sense of humor). ********** The ideal state for college students-to-be is wanting to learn and succeed in college. If college professors could influence such an internal state of wanting to do well in college, one of the major variables in the college student success equation would be maximized. In 1952 Hull conceptualized how an organism learns a response. He referred to infrahumans mainly. Somewhat similarly, one can conceive of the likelihood of college students learning new material (L = past learning + motivation to learn + available time for learning to occur). Alternately, L = motivation + time to learn. The intervening variable of motivation in college students has not been extensively investigated. The available research on what motivates students to want to do well in school is largely limited to high school students...
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Weinstein, Lawrence. "What motivates college students to learn?" College Student Journal, vol. 44, no. 2, 2010, p. 472+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 23 Oct. 2018.

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