Title: Internet pornography and teen sexual attitudes and behavior
Abstract :

This study examines how Chinese adolescents use varying levels of the interactive feature of Internet pornography and the relationships between such use and their sexual attitudes and behavior. Results of a survey of 1,688 high school students in Taiwan show that about 42.4% of them had used Internet pornography. Use of interactive features of online pornography was found to be associated with acceptance of sexual permissiveness, the rape myth, and sexually permissive behavior. More importantly, findings reveal that as the level of interactivity increases from medium-focused interaction to human-medium interaction, the effects of built-in interactive features of Internet pornography on Chinese adolescents' rape myth attitudes and sexually permissive behavior become greater. [China Media Research. 2010; 6(3):66-75] Key words: Internet pornography, interactivity, adolescents, sexually permissive attitudes, acceptance of rape myth, sexually permissive behavior
Source Citation (MLA 8 th Edition)
Wei, Ran, et al. "Internet pornography and teen sexual attitudes and behavior." China Media Research, vol. 6, no. 3, 2010, p. 66+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 18 July 2019.

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