Title: Ate Doornbosch (1926-2010)
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The Dutch liedjesjager (song hunter) and radiomaker (radio programme maker) Ate Doornbosch, who died on 23 July 2010 in Schiedam, a town situated between Rotterdam and Vlaardingen in the province of Zuid-Holland, was nicknamed the 'Alan Lomax of the Netherlands', though, to be truthful, he was also a prophet without proper recognition for much of his life. Despite the Lomax comparison being something of a default setting, he earned the accolade through his field recordings of Dutch folk songs, particularly verhalende liederen or 'narrative songs', and championing them over five decades through his long-running radio series Onder de groene linde (Under the Green Linden) and elsewhere. Additionally, like generations of folklorists before him - Francis Child and Ninon Leader, to name two examples - he looked to see how one country's folk material fitted into the bigger picture of good stories told through singing across European cultures and linguistic intergrades. Ate Doornbosch was born on 1 January 1926 in the village of Nuis in the gemeente (municipality or parish) of Marum in the northern province of Groningen, He was part of that interbellum generation that grew up during the German occupation (1940-45) and afterwards experienced the flowering of Dutch culture and what set it apart from that of its neighbours. In 1953 the Codificatiecommissie van her Nederlandse Volkslied (Commission for Codification of Dutch Folksong) recommended the creation of a Nederlands Volksliedarchief (Dutch Folksong Archive), in time absorbed into Amsterdam's Meertens Instituut. Doornbosch was in the right place at the right time. Historically, the Dutch...
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Hunt, Ken. "Ate Doornbosch (1926-2010)." Folk Music Journal, vol. 10, no. 1, 2011, p. 170+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 25 Mar. 2019.

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