Title: Interventions to support early relationships: mechanisms identified within infant massage programmes
Abstract :

The sensitivity of early interactions conveyed through eye contact, voice tone, facial expression and gentle touch plays a crucial role in healthy infant development. Infant massage has been adopted as an early intervention because touch offers a unique opportunity to support early interaction. This evaluation used a mixed-methods research design and a range of quantitative and qualitative data to identify the context, mechanisms and outcomes of eight infant massage programmes being delivered in socio-economically deprived communities. This paper reports the findings with regard to the mechanisms that were identified to be necessary for the successful delivery of infant massage programmes. From these findings, 14 mechanisms were identified as important in influencing the uptake and success of infant massage programmes, but there was considerable variability in the extent to which these were realised across programmes. Women and infants with a high level of need were offered infant massage programmes that were lacking in terms of the key mechanisms identified to bring about change. Key words Infant massage programmes, dyadic therapies, early relationships, infant mental health Community Practitioner, 2011; 84(4): 21-6. No potential competing interests declared.
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Underdown, Angela, and Jane Barlow. "Interventions to support early relationships: mechanisms identified within infant massage programmes." Community Practitioner, vol. 84, no. 4, 2011, p. 21+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 25 Apr. 2019.

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