Title: Passport to perform: travels with the American Youth Harp Ensemble
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EVEN those in the professional harp community might not imagine that participation in a youth harp ensemble could lead to world travel, performances in world-renowned venues, appearances in concert with internationally-recognized professional harpists and musicians, and a level of musical mastery that results in acceptance to top-ranking summer music programs, colleges and, ultimately, professional careers. For eleven years, the American Youth Harp Ensemble (AYHE) has provided life-changing journeys for students ages six to eighteen who take part in varying levels of AYHE Performance Ensembles and Outreach Programs. The organization's 2010-2011 season was a prime example. The Ensemble's opening concert at the American Harp Society's 9th Summer Institute in Denton, Texas, in June was an indisputable honor and a thrilling climax to a year of touring and performances in prestigious national and international venues. A few highlights of the Ensemble's 2010-2011 season, in which more than 150 solo, small ensemble, and full ensemble concerts were presented to the public, are described below. The White House On December 6, 2010, AYHE's...
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Bailey, Anne. "Passport to perform: travels with the American Youth Harp Ensemble." American Harp Journal, 2011, p. 60+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 15 Dec. 2018.

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