Title: Virgin olive oil as a source of phytoestrogens
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In their study of the dietary intake of phytoestrogens in the EPIC cohort, Zamora-Ros et al. (1) do not indicate the contribution that will be made by virgin olive oil. It is understandable that it was difficult to include this in Table 4, as this contribution is very low or zero in non-Mediterranean countries, but it should be mentioned in the text. The mean lignan content of virgin olive oil has been estimated as 2.81 mg/100 ml, pinoresinol being the predominant lignan. (2) In the Greek EPIC cohort, with a mean olive oil intake of 52.0 g/day for men and 44.3 g/day for women, this corresponds to a daily intake of total lignans from olive oil of approximately 1.46 mg and 1.24 mg respectively. (3) This intake of olive oil lignans may contribute to a...
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Hoffman, R., and M. Gerber. "Virgin olive oil as a source of phytoestrogens." European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 86, no. 10, 2012. Academic OneFile, Accessed 12 Dec. 2018.

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