Title: Synergistic effects of Rhodiola rosea with B vitamins
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Montiel-Ruiz RM, Gonzalez-Trujano ME, Deciga-Campos M. 2013. Synergistic interactions between the antinociceptive effect of Rhodiola rosea extract and B vitamins in the mouse formalin test. Phytomedicine 20:1280-1287. Many mechanisms are involved in pain and it is has been suggested that using a combination of antinociceptive drugs that have different mechanisms of actions may be beneficial in treatment, by working in a synergistic manner and potentially requiring lower doses of the therapeutic agents, thus minimising potential for unwanted side effects. This trial was designed to investigate the pharmacological interactions between Rhodiola rosea (rhodiola) ethanol extracts and individual or a mixture of B-vitamins in nociception induced by the formalin test in mice. Female mice (body weight range 25-30g) were used in the study. Groups of at least six mice received increasing doses of either Rhodiola rosea extract (10-77mg/kg), vitamins B1 (30-707mg/kg), B2 (1-100mg/kg), B6 (30707mg/kg), B12 (1-177mg/kg), a mixture of...
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Tester, Jodie. "Synergistic effects of Rhodiola rosea with B vitamins." Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine, vol. 26, no. 2, 2014, p. 72+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 16 Nov. 2018.

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