Title: Expanding the publishing niche for bioanthropologists
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Byline: Chike. Anibeze

Progression is fundamental to the scientific method as each datum, no matter how insignificant, builds upon its predecessors and likewise forms a foundation for further investigation. The sustainability of this trend is maintained through a process of proper documentation of research works. When this trend is lost in the research-publication process, then there could develop a cacophony of research efforts.

This situation is worrisome to editors who constantly search for incisive articles to boost journal quality since the health of a journal is predicated on the uninterrupted publication of quality articles. When numerous sent in articles gets to the editor's table, inevitably priority are given to...

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Anibeze, Chike. "Expanding the publishing niche for bioanthropologists." Annals of Bioanthropology, vol. 2, no. 1, 2014, p. 1. Academic OneFile, Accessed 17 July 2019.

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