Title: Memorial: Michael Fleischer: 1908-1998
Abstract :

Mineralogist Michael Fleischer graduated magna cum laude from Yale University with a degree in chemistry and subsequently received a PhD degree from the same university. His first job was as a chemist in a toothpaste factory during the Great Depression. He transferred to the Carnegie Institution's Geophysical Laboratory in Washington and then worked for the Geological Survey for 40 years. His expertise garnered him a medal from the Dept of the Interior and the Roebling medal of the Mineralogical Society of America. He died on Sep 5, 1998 survived by his wife, Helen, and his sons.
Source Citation (MLA 8 th Edition)
Mandarino, Joseph A. "Memorial: Michael Fleischer: 1908-1998." The Mineralogical Record, vol. 30, no. 1, 1999, p. 3+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 26 June 2019.

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