Title: Exercise and Back Pain
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3 Klaber Moffett, J., et al. 1999. Randomised controlled trial of exercise for low-back pain: clinical outcomes, costs and preferences. British Medical Journal, 319, 279-283.

Study. Investigators from the University of York and the University of London in England evaluated whether an exercise program in a community setting could be effective in encouraging patients with low-back pain to return to normal activities. In a randomized, controlled trial, the researchers compared the effects of a progressive exercise program with those of usual primary care management in 187 patients aged 18 to 60 years. Subjects had been troubled with mechanical low-back pain for four weeks to six months.

Subjects were randomized into a control group (controls continued under the care of...

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FORGE, RALPH LA. "Exercise and Back Pain." IDEA Health & Fitness Source, Jan. 2000, p. 24. Academic OneFile, Accessed 24 May 2019.

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