Title: Outplacement: meeting needs, matching services
Abstract :

There are now outplacement programs to fit every need and budget that corporations may have when forced to layoff employees. Outplacement services should include financial and career counseling, connections with established training programs, and small business work shops. The following guidelines should be used to determine the appropriate level of job assistance to be given to terminated employees: the higher the level of the employee, the more time it will take to find a position; the older the employee, the longer and more difficult the job search will be; the tighter the job market, the longer the job search will take. How well the company handles its outplacement program will affect its image with its employees and the community. Thorough advance planning is needed to help the outplacement program run smoothly. When creating a budget for outplacement services, it should be remembered that the cost of helping a terminated employee is usually small compared to the total costs of layoffs. Outside consultants brought in to help with the outplacement program should be screened for their past results.
Source Citation (MLA 8 th Edition)
Simon, Donald R. "Outplacement: meeting needs, matching services." Training & Development Journal, Aug. 1988, p. 52+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 23 Sept. 2018.

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