Title: 1996 MTT-S IMS: the biggest and best ever
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The 1996 MTT-5 International Microwave Symposium (IM5) and Exhibition June 16 to 21 was a record breaker by several standards. Ten thousand visitors attended the annual event, which was held this year in San Francisco's Moscone Center, by far an all-time record. These conference attendees kept the aisles of the exhibition hall filled and the workshops and panel sessions at capacity levels, and were a true testament to the enormous vitality of the current commercial-market boom the microwave industry is enjoying. The Symposium's "Bridging the Spectrum" theme was apparent in the technical presentations and on the show floor, where many of the items discussed were in the RF, mm-wave and optical regions. Both the show and the industry have taken on a much broader view of the frequency spectrum as modern technology has broken down what used to be implementation barriers. Today's RF designer must also be a DC-to-light engineer, and MTT-S is reflecting that versatility. The week's fine weather certainly added to everyone's enjoyment of San Francisco as well. Few cities could play such a perfect host and provide such an interesting venue for this event. After-hour activities abounded and were enjoyed thoroughly by visitors looking to round out their trip with experiences outside the walls of the convention center. In addition to the Bay city's numerous restaurants and attractions, opportunities existed for short excursions to Muir Woods and Sausalito, as well as the nearby Sonoma and Napa Valley wineries. The Microwave Journal/MTT-S Reception The Microwave Journal/MTT-S reception was held June 17 at the Hyde Street Pier, part of the National Maritime Museum, and featured several historic ships dating from the late 19th century. For the many who chose to board one or more of the ships, the glimpse at life aboard the old sailing vessels provided a sharp contrast to Microwave Week's focus on world-shrinking communications technology - a vivid reminder of how far the world has come and how fast. A montage of the reception appears on pages 82 and 83. The Technical Program The concentration on increased RF activity and mm-wave and optical developments, as well as the continued shift from defense-related products to technology for commercial applications certainly were evident in this year's technical program. Over 800 submitted technical papers were painstakingly peeled down to the 460 presented during this year's technical program. Paper...
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Bashore, Frank. "1996 MTT-S IMS: the biggest and best ever." Microwave Journal, Aug. 1996, p. 80+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 25 Mar. 2019.

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