Email Documents

  1. When viewing a document, click E-mail on the Document toolbar.
  2. In the Email window, type up to six e-mail addresses separated by a semicolon (;) in the Mail to box.
    • To determine how the body of the email message and the content sent will be formatted, select HTML or Plain text.
    • To determine how much of the content is sent, select one of the Content Options: Citation (with link to document), Document contents, or PDF (as attachment) (where available). See the "Notes" below.
    • Choose the style for the source citation: MLA 7th Edition (Modern Language Association) or APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association) . Please read the disclaimer. The source citation is always included in the email message.
    • To send as an attachment, click the Send Item as Attachment box. If you selected HTML as the format, the attachment will be an .html file. If you selected Plain Text, the attachment will be a .txt file. Note that PDF files are always sent as an attachment, file size permitting.
    • To change the subject line, type in the Subject line box.
    • To let your recipients reply to you, type your email address in the Sender email box. Entering your email address may also prevent the message from being blocked by spam filters.
    • To enter your own message, type in the Message box.
  3. Click Send.
  4. Close the Email Confirmation window.

Notes About the Email Content Options

Select one of the following Content Options:

NOTE   Very large documents will not be emailed. A Bookmark link to the content will be emailed instead.

E-mail Your Marked Items

  1. Click My Folder (number) at the top of the page to view your My Folder list.
  2. Click Email on the toolbar.
  3. The Email window functions as described above with the additional option to select which marked documents you want to email. By default, all marked documents will be selected.

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