TOM EASTON Wild Seed is a tale of conflict and resolution stretching across a century and a half. from 1690 to 1840 It is warm, involving, sympathetic And I am recommending it ... as a potential Nebula winner. It's that good. Immortality is a difficult theme to handle effectively, for long life must have its effects on personality, effects too few writers seem able to sense. An immortal must, Butler says, acquire either Anyanwu's wisdom and sympathy or Doro's coldness, callousness, canniness of survival They are opposites in many ways, but elements of both are necessary for a truly successful immortal, and their blending might well occur as Butler paints it. . Butler's story, for all that it is fiction, rings true as only the best stories can Tom Easton, in a review of ‘Wild Seed," in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, Vol CI. No 1, January 5, 1981, p 168