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SEEFEEL: Quique - Redux Edition; Must-have reissue
Sunday Times (London, England). (May 20, 2007): News: p23.
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Byline: Mark Edwards

SEEFEEL: Quique -Redux Edition (Too Pure)

How we laughed as Brian Eno tried to interest us in "ambient music" in the 1970s; and how we ate our words when a wave of ambient bands emerged in the early 1990s.

Seefeel had one foot in the My Bloody Valentine camp (stamping on a range of FX pedals, obviously), and Quique was their finest moment, a series of musical patterns that cycle round and round, then go away -but good ones, especially the mesmerising Filter Dub. If you like music to have structure, Quique will drive you barmy; but if you consider the presence of the word "texture" in an album review to be a positive, you might well enjoy this languid landmark.

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