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Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Publishers Weekly. 242.34 (Aug. 21, 1995): p26. From Literature Resource Center.
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Bruce Coville, read by Words Take Wing Repertory Company. Listening Library. Two cassettes, 150 mins., $15.95 ISBN 0-8072-7559-X

A cast of fascinating characters is the highlight of this first title in the newly formed Words Take Wing audio imprint. Fortunately, the talented performers heremore than compensate for the distracting element of narrator Coville's popping consonants. From Thatcher's veterinarian father, who sporadically breaks into song, to the eccentric magic-store owner, S.H. Elives, to Hyacinth Priest, a librarian who leads a mysterious double life, the actor's voices are as diverse as their adopted personalities. Thatcher, a budding artist who loves and understands animals, hatches and then makes friends with a grapefruit-size baby dragon named Tiamat. Listeners will warm to the creature as they envision the pet curled, asleep, under Thatcher's desk during school. The small beast magically sends hued waves of emotion into Thatcher's mind and ultimately makes the boy's art richer and stronger. As Tiamat grows, however, the boy realizes that his beast must return to its home, and he learns a powerful lesson about letting go. Despite the minor flaw, the richness of Coville's story and this aural production combine to create a gem as sparkling as the diamonds that Tiamat weeps. (July)

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"Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher." Publishers Weekly, 21 Aug. 1995, p. 26. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 22 May 2019.

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