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Abdel-Fattah, Rande. Ten things I hate about me
Kliatt. 42.1 (Jan. 2008): p32. From Literature Resource Center.
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ABDEL-FATTAH, Rande. Ten things I hate about me. Read by Rebecca Macauley. 6 cds. 6.65 hrs. Bolinda Audio. 2006. 978-1-7409-3946-1. $48.00. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. JS

Jamilah Towfeek desperately tries to conceal her Lebanese Muslim background from her Australian high school classmates and be accepted by the incrowd. She bleaches her hair blonde, changes her name to Jamie, and never invites anyone to her home, lest they discover her secret. The only person with whom she shares her problems and feelings is an anonymous Internet contact. When Peter, the handsome and most popular boy in her class, notices her, she is thrilled, even though she knows he is a boor and a racist. Timothy, a loner and Jamie's lab partner, is the only one who stands up to him and he does earn her respect, but she still yearns for Peter's attention. Jamie blames her difficulties mainly on the strictures enforced by her widowed father: no dating, no nighttime events, no dances, no revealing clothes, and so on. She is constantly pressed to think of excuses to cover up her inability to socialize normally. In the end surprising resolutions help her accept herself comfortably as she is. In a convincing, semi-voiced, sharply Australian presentation, the narrator portrays Jamie's mixture of teenage angst and reaction against ethnic discrimination with sympathy for the shrill carryings-on of a frustrated girl longing to fit the norm. The story also emphasizes the warmth of Jamie's family life in which their love is stronger than their vigorous differences over tradition versus modernity (her older sister is a hijab-wearing radical and her brother a wannabe auto mechanic). Pat Dole, Richmond, VA

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Dole, Pat. "Abdel-Fattah, Rande. Ten things I hate about me." Kliatt, Jan. 2008, p. 32. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 22 Apr. 2019.

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