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Medina, Meg. Meligros; girl from away
Kliatt. 42.6 (Nov. 2008): p15. From Literature Resource Center.
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MEDINA, Meg. Meligros; girl from away. Henry Holt. 299p. c2008. 978-0-8050-8231-2. $17.95. J

Meg Medina has crafted a beautiful tale of a brave young girl from a paradise that now is lost but once thrived in the Caribbean. Milagros de la Torre is the daughter of a woman who can make things grow almost magically, and a father who abandoned his family to become a pirate. As such, Milagros is an independent girl. She explores her island and learns her lessons about it so well that when the rest of the people are taken by surprise by an attack, Milagros is not. She knows how to hide, find her ever-resourceful mother, and escape to the sea in a boat while all others are lost in the brutal attack. She miraculously encounters her father's pirate ship while lost at sea, but rejects his offer for help. Milagros chooses instead to make it on her own rather than accept help from the man who once abandoned her. Finally, she washes up on a foreign land alone. Taken in by a kind couple, Milagros must learn to adapt to their ways and their jealous daughter. Touches of the magical make this story enchanting and the lyrical style draws readers into the story. Family and love can be found in unlikely places, and this novel aptly reveals this truth. Aimee Cole, Gordon College, Wenham, MA

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Cole, Aimee. "Medina, Meg. Meligros; girl from away." Kliatt, Nov. 2008, p. 15. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 24 June 2019.

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