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Secrets of a Proper Countess
Publishers Weekly. 258.9 (Feb. 28, 2011): p40. From Literature Resource Center.
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Secrets of a Proper Countess

Lecia Cornwall. Avon, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-06-201893-9

Cornwall's luscious Regency romance has just the right blend of mystery, manners, and passion. Isobel Maitland, the countess of Ashdown, is the epitome of a respectable widow, but at a masked ball, she takes the name Yasmina and allows herself to dally with Phineas Archer, the notorious marquess of Blackwood. A spy for the English crown, Phineas has perfected his reputation as a rogue, but soon he's seeking "Yasmina" as desperately as he seeks a smuggler with ties to Napoleon, while Isobel endures her wicked, social-climbing relatives and tries to control her passions. Once Phineas discovers Yasmina's identity, he resolves to find a way to convince her they must marry--unless she's conspiring with the smuggler. Though Isobel is at first frustratingly passive, she becomes a spirited leading lady. With truly nefarious villains, plenty of action, and a dash of glamour, this tome is a seductive read. (Apr.)

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