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Ambrosio, Gabriella (text) Alastair McEwen (trans): Before We Say Goodbye
Reading Time. 55.2 (May 2011): p30. From Literature Resource Center.
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AMBROSIO, Gabriella (text) Alastair McEwen (trans) Before We Say Goodbye Walker, 2010 144pp A$ 16.95 NZ$19.99 pbk ISBN 9781406325041 SCIS 1481447

Two eighteen-year-olds: Dima, a clever Palestinian girl, and equally clever Myriam, an Israeli girl, are contrasted in this sad account of tragic lives. It is March 2002--a beautiful Spring day. Abraham and his family wake as he goes off as a replacement worker in a supermarket. As the day proceeds we follow their activities at work and on the street. They dream about their futures, they remember their friends and families. Myriam grieves her dear friend Michael who was blown up. Dima thinks about her forthcoming marriage, but she cannot allow her heart to grow warm. Both women hope that things will change, that the terrible loss of people who have been close to them will end. The reader suspects ...

Ambrosio describes how she was inspired by the story of two real-life women, whose relatives, Palestinian and Israeli, assisted her with the story. There is a section at the end in which Amnesty International describes the situation in Israel, the west Bank and the Gaza strip, and pleads for an end from the nightmare that prevails there. Young readers are likely to be affected by this unhappy story, but it is probably necessary for all of us, teenagers included, to weep for what is happening before it can be changed.

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Lees, Stella. "Ambrosio, Gabriella (text) Alastair McEwen (trans): Before We Say Goodbye." Reading Time, vol. 55, no. 2, 2011, p. 30. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 24 June 2019.

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