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Barnholdt, Lauren: Fake Me a Match
The Horn Book Guide. 23.1 (Spring 2012): p64. From Literature Resource Center.
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Barnholdt, Lauren Fake Me a Match

273 pp. Simon/Aladdin ISBN 978-1-4424-2258-2 $15.99

(3) Avery is in charge of her middle school's fundraiser, a matchmaking service. She rigs it to match Blake (her new stepsister, whom she hopes will become her new best friend) with Sam, the boy Blake has a crush on. However, Avery and Sam are matched instead. There's surprising depth beneath the story's frothy surface.

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MacGregor, Amanda M. "Barnholdt, Lauren: Fake Me a Match." The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2012, p. 64. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 26 June 2019.

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