Title: U.S. admiral: P-3 crews' anti-sub skills slipped during decade of war
Author(s): Joshua Stewart
Source: Defense News. 27.24 (June 18, 2012): p37. From General OneFile.
Document Type: Article

Rear Adm. Philip Davidson, director for global force management, operations and inteligence at Fleet Forces Command revealed that developing the expertise for the U.S. Navy's P-3 Orion crews for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has taken a toll on the community's skills in anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Nate Hughes, director of military analysis for Stratfor, an international intelligence company said that the U.S. Navy's slipping ASW proficiency is cause for concern, as it's one of the most advanced skills a navy could master.

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Stewart, Joshua. "U.S. admiral: P-3 crews' anti-sub skills slipped during decade of war." Defense News 18 June 2012: 37. General OneFile. Web. 29 Mar. 2015.

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