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Barnaby, Hannah: Wonder Show
The Horn Book Guide. 23.2 (Fall 2012): p88. From Literature Resource Center.
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* Barnaby, Hannah Wonder Show

274 pp. Houghton ISBN 978-0-547-59980-9 $16.99

(2) After her only friend kills herself, fourteen-year-old Portia runs away from the McGreavey Home for Wayward Girls and uses her storytelling ability to get a job with Mosco's Traveling Wonder Show. Through detailed description, the dreariness of the Home and the fantastical nature of the carnival world come vividly to life in this atmospheric Depression-era tale of self-discovery. Review 7/12.


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(CR) Cynthia K. Ritter is editorial assistant of The Horn Book Magazine.

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Ritter, Cynthia K. "Barnaby, Hannah: Wonder Show." The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2012, p. 88. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 26 June 2019.

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