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Lawrence, Michael: Murder and Chips (Jiggy McCue)
School Librarian. 60.4 (Winter 2012): p227+. From Literature Resource Center.
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Lawrence, Michael

Murder and Chips (Jiggy McCue)

Orchard, 2012, pp219, 5.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 40831 396 1

This is the first time I have read a book in the 'Jiggy McCue' series and by now Jiggy and friends are older, facing approaching examinations, and taken off for a distracting holiday by their parents. It turns out Mum is taking part in a murder weekend with her amateur drama society, and the family are the guinea-pigs for the performance before they go 'live' to a paying public.

The story is a clever bluff and double bluff as our heroes are tricked into believing there has been a real murder, despite their initial resentment at being involved. Our heroes get their own back on the adults taking part. The teenagers are pleasant and amusing, the adults entertaining, eccentric and a little badly behaved.

I take issue with the cover, however, that suggests a book for much younger readers. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would! Jiggy's friends decide they are too old for the junior rallying call of the past, but that they can still hang out together. It is more for 10 to 13-year-olds than 6 to 9.

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