Missed connections: seen but not spoken to: an atlas of where we're (almost) finding love
Psychology Today. 46.1 (January-February 2013): p112.
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The Pacific Northwest breeds girls bold. This state had the highest percentage of ads from women seeking men (25) and women seeking women (5)

IDAHO Home of the heterosexual male. The percentage of ads from men for women (76) and from men for men (7) were, respectively, the highest and lowest in the nation.



You're not in Idaho anymore. The Aloha State had the country's highest percentage of total ads from men seeking men (46).

* Map depicts the most frequently-cited location where a Missed Connection occurred, by region. All data are based on each state's 100 most recent Missed Connections posted on Craigslist at the time of data collection.


Who's searching for whom?

w4w    1%

w4m    13%

m4m    27%

m4w    59%

Site of Missed Connection
by median age of poster

Ice cream shop    20 years

Bar               30 years

Strip club or
adult bookstore   40 years
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