Title: AHR Expo provides stage for new products
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The NEWS staff was very busy at the AHR Expo in Dallas, seeking information on new products. Below is a comprehensive list of everything we found on the show floor. Products are listed in alphabetical order within each category.

Commercial Controls

Advance Controls Inc. ( exhibited a wireless controller for a variety of applications including aircraft hangar doors, commercial gates, and loading docks. It was said to be good for any application where the operator would have had to exit a car, truck, forklift, or boat to operate the door.

AirTest Technologies Inc. ( announced the availability of the TR9294-BAC wall-mount [CO.sub.2] BACnet transmitter. These sensors are self-calibrating and will not require any maintenance for the life of the sensor (typically 15 years). These sensors provide a [CO.sub.2] parts per million (ppm) output and a percentage of standard network variable type (SNVT) for 0-2,000 ppm [CO.sub.2]. Other ranges up to to,000 can be factory set.

American Auto-Matrix ( featured its new AspectFT v2.0, which uses HTML5 to allow access to building information via popular Web-enabled devices. Combining the power of its Facilitating Technology with HTML5 allows easier and faster building data access. Once a project is created in AspectFT-Studio, the data can be viewed from most Web-enabled devices with no additional required plug-ins or engineering time.

Armstrong Ltd. ( released the new iFMS Intelligent Fluid Management System, which serves both chilled-water and hot-water applications. The Design Envelope iFMS is a prefabricated all-variable pump station that offers value to new-build or retrofit projects. Drawing on Design Envelope technology, the pumps in an iFMS system integrate a perfectly matched, vertical in-line pump, motor, and intelligent controller. The control methodology maximizes pumping efficiency by adjusting pump speed in response to system demand.

Automation Components Inc. ( showcased its new A/LP2 Series pressure transmitters, which incorporate a durable piezoresistive sensing element to enable low-pressure measurements. Integrated temperature compensation with offset and span calibration extends the performance of these devices to provide long-term reliability. This A/LPz has the option for an LCD, which provides an initial set-up reference, troubleshooting assistance, and performance monitoring.

1 Belimo Americas ( introduced the Energy Valve, a two-way, pressure-independent control valve that optimizes, documents, and proves water-coil performance. It monitors the coil performance characteristic curve and resulting energy/power output, and has standard analog signal and feedback wiring. The product communicates data to the DDC system via BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, and TCP/IP. The company also announced the release of its Generation Globe Valve Actuator and Retrofit Linkage solution, which is designed for applications where higher close-off pressures are required. Also highlighted was the ZIP Economizer, developed to allow for easy user interaction when setting up or troubleshooting economizer systems and rooftop units.


2 BES-Tech Inc. ( highlighted its Digi-RTU[TM] control kit, designed to improve the energy efficiency of a rooftop air conditioning unit. The control kit reduces peak demand and energy consumption by modulating the rooftop unit's capacity to match the dynamic nature of a building's cooling or heating loads by regulating both the supply-air fan and compressor speeds. The product comes with an industry-standard Modbus RTU RS 485 communication protocol and complies with other protocols using a communications bridge.


Blue Ridge Technologies Intl. LLC ( announced an extension of its Aperio open-control platform to BR Series relay panels, retrofit interiors, and retrofit kits. The new controller features universal inputs and backward compatibility with previous controller technologies. The controller is expandable with satellite control and capacitive touch stations via the satellite/station network. All these features may be configured remotely with Aperio software via wireless and IP communication.

Bray Intl. Inc. ( introduced the battery backup unit (BBU) for the 24-vac/vdc Series 70 electric actuator. In the event of power failure, the BBU will switch the actuator to battery power to reach its fail-open or fail-closed position. After the actuator has reached its fail position, the BBU turns off until external power is restored. Once external power has been restored, the actuator returns to the control device's command position. The battery-monitoring feature includes a green LED indicator light on the BBU cover, which lights up when the batteries are adequately charged and functional.

Bryan Steam LLC ( displayed its Universal Corn munication Gateway, an external, high-performance, low-cost building automation multi-protocol gateway for integrating boiler/burner controls into building-management systems. The gateway is preprogrammed to support several protocols and boiler configurations with no additional software, downloads, or programming required at the job site.

3 Cerus Industrial Inc. ( showed the enhancement of its P-Series line of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) with its Redundant Drive Panel (RDP), which is designed to provide an economical HVAC motor-control solution that maintains full control of an application, if the primary drive fails. Another enhancement to this line of VFDs is an energy management bypass option, which ensures uninterruptible operation of HVAC systems, even if, for some reason, the drive is taken out of the loop. The company also showcased its new building automation starter controls, which incorporate a Smartstarr control module for seamless integration with digital controls. The starters accept dry-voltage inputs for activation by control systems without interposing relays.


Contemporary Control Systems Inc. ( introduced the CTRLink family of Ethernet infrastructure products, which are designed for unattended operation in environments not conducive to office-grade equipment. CTRLink provides convenient mounting in control panels, low-voltage power wiring, improved EMC compliance, and reliability. The CTRLink Ethernet family includes plug-and-play unmanaged switches, media converters, fully managed switches, wired and wireless IP routers, and products that support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). These products may be used in industrial, building, and commercial automation, as well as embedded networking and communications, and networking.

4 Continental Control Systems LLC ( exhibited the CTL and CTBL family of revenue-grade, low-voltage, split-core current transformers, which combine the ease of installation of an opening-current transformer with the accuracy normally associated with solid-core transformers. Designed primarily for commercial, industrial, 161, and multi-tenant applications, the new transformers mean it is no longer necessary to schedule expensive power shutdowns or provide shorting blocks for the current transformer installation. The company also featured the WattNode[R] Revenue, its new line of revenue-grade electric power meters, which are designed for use in applications requiring revenue-grade accuracy. The WattNode Revenue meters support all major BAS communication protocols and are designed for 120/208/240-vac or 277/480-vac applications.


CyIon Energy Inc. ( featured its new Active Energy system, which monitors, analyzes, and optimizes the energy consumption of buildings, regardless of size, number of buildings, or geographical location. As a cloud-based service, it is possible to monitor energy performance remotely by accessing the Active Energy SaaS Product online via any Internet-enabled device. The system provides charting capabilities, as well as smart analytics, alarms, reporting, and continuous monitoring. The Active Energy Green Screen is a public-facing display that communicates information on a building's energy performance in real time.

Delta Controls inc. ( introduced enteliWEB, which is a Web-based, native BACnet application that combines the power of enterprise dashboards with easy-to-use facility-management tools. EnteliWEB connects to all facilities under one login, bringing all buildings, systems, and energy analyses into one facility-management umbrella, which saves engineering and maintenance time. With all these interconnected systems, enteliWEB collects and organizes data, displaying it within a customized dashboard visualization. Powerful energy reports grant managers the tools needed to reduce consumption and lower costs, while the task-driven alarm management and system dashboards allow operators to quickly visualize and prioritize their work.

Efficient Building Automation Corp. ( displayed the Circon UHC-400 controller, which is a fully programmable LonWorks device that can fit seamlessly into any LNS-based building automation system. With access to more than 400 network variables, an on-board real-time clock, self-contained programmability, scheduling, alarm, and trend logs, the UHC-400 can also be a cost-effective, stand-alone solution where enhanced functionality and flexibility is required. The UHC-400 is easily configured and programmed through the Circon LNS plug-in and Catalyst graphical programming tool. It is part of a flat system architecture, meaning that no hierarchical controls (e.g., system or network control devices) are required.

5 EnOcean Alliance Inc. ( demonstrated its newest 902 MHz energy-harvesting wireless module series. The new frequency offers a longer range and robust performance in combination with easier product integration, enabling fully integrated small-product enclosures. The 902 MHz lineup is designed for reliable long-range wireless and battery-less communication in the home and building automation sector. EnOcean also offers a selection of energy harvesting, wireless, white-label finished products for OEMs. Energy harvesting, wireless technology enables wireless communication by collecting energy from the surroundings such as motion, light, and temperature differences.


Entouch Controls ( introduced its fully wireless energy management system (EMS). It features a seven-day schedule, which provides flexible occupancy and temperature management, and it supports motion-detector and security-system inputs. The EnTouch EMS is a coordinated system that replaces existing thermostats and implements advanced controls that coordinate the HVAC systems, optimize runtime, and provide diagnostic data to the servers. Contractors can change logos on the touch-screen display, Web portal, and mobile tools, so customers can quickly identify their company.

6 FieldServer Technologies ( featured its enhanced QuickServer gateway, which is a high-performance, fully configurable, cost-effective gateway for integrators to easily interface devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial plants. Each QuickServer includes browser-based tools to make it easy to set-up and perform diagnostics including determination of status, network settings, node information, map descriptors, and more. Also displayed was the upgraded FS-B35 Series protocol gateway, which makes it easy for integrators to interface devices utilizing various building or industrial protocols.


First Sensor AG ( showcased its LDE ultra-low differential pressure sensors for air and gases, which are highly immune against dust contamination and humidity. Because the flow impedance is predefined at the sensor-chip level, the LDE series does not require complex housing constructions and provides very small and cost-effective devices for space-saving printed circuit board (PCB) mounting. In HVAC applications, the LDE sensors are typically used to measure differential pressure across a flow-restrictive element in an air duct, thereby inferring measurement of airflow. Other areas of use are the control of duct pressures, room pressures, and filters.

Heat-Timer Corp. ( exhibited the ETV Plus (electronic tempering valve) for domestic hot water, which incorporates both tempering valve operation and high-temperature alarm, and shut-down function in a single control. An optional module allows the valve to interface with most energy management systems through BACnet. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches, the valves meet the no-lead criteria.

Hoffman Controls Corp. ( introduced the 710-VDC electronic fan speed control, which can control the flow of conditioned air or fluids to maintain temperature, pressure, or flow rate by providing a proportional 2- to 10-vdc output signal from a building automation system. The control is applicable for controlling direct-drive, shaded-pole, or permanent-split capacitor motors; supplies up to 10 amps to the fan motor without having to derate the control; and features full-voltage torque start, which ensures proper fan start-up and rotation.

Incenergy LLC ( featured a new wireless energy management system to deliver immediate command and control without requiring rewiring of existing buildings. The system is designed for small to medium buildings and includes performance alarms and usage reports. The ZigBee wireless communication protocol forms up to 16 possible communication routes with each node, and uses existing controls' wiring. It provides total control of thermostats and manages up to 70 devices through one gateway.

Industrial Control Communications Inc. ( displayed PicoPort, which is a miniature serial communications engine on-module for OEM applications. Featuring dual serial ports, USB-based configuration, analog and digital I/O ports, and built-in communication protocol drivers, all compressed into a device smaller than a U.S. postage stamp, the PicoPort allows OEM device manufacturers to network-enable their equipment or expand their existing supported networks. PicoPort can be used in intelligent devices such as drives, PLCs, and HMIs that include a host CPU, as well as in traditional sensor and I/O devices such as pressure, humidity, temperature, and contact sensors, which do not include a host computer.

Intellidyne LLC ( introduced IntelliCon-PTAC, which is a microprocessor-based control for package terminal heating and cooling systems or window-mounted/through-the-wall air conditioning units. The PTAC economizer uses dynamic cycle management (DCM) technology to automatically adjust compressor cycles to achieve maximum efficiency and reduced electrical usage. The compact size allows for installation behind the grille and out of sight. Once installed, the IntelliCon-PTAC control requires no maintenance or follow-up visits. The company also displayed its HW+ with HydroGuard hot-water heating economizer with low water cut-off, which saves energy without replacing costly system components.

7 KMC Controls Inc. ( showcased the AppStar[TM] BAC-4000 Series of thermostats, which combine a BACnet controller and temperature, humidity, and motion sensor into a single space-mounted device. The AppStat is simple to install, configure (with contextual menus and no obscure numeric codes), and operate (with an intuitive interface). The two-piece design has connections to screw terminal blocks mounted on the backplate for easy wiring and installation. The user interface is a color LCD display that features five push buttons. Through the menu-driven display, an operator can change set points, configure available options, and commission the installation. Separate passwords can be set up for users (normal operation) and administrators (installation and configuration).

Leslie Controls Inc. ( released its D-Series all-purpose, cage-guided, balanced control valves. The body is a single seated, top entry bolted bonnet, globe style, and the valve trim consists of heat-treated-and-hardened 400 series stainless steel. Available in 2-16 inch sizes, the pressure ratings are ANSI class 150-1500. Flow capacity varies for each valve size, ranging from up to 70-2,300. The valve features a compact multi-spring-aligning trim, high-performance stem packaging, and a wide vanriety of trim materials. Trim sets are available in linear, equal percentag anti-cavitation, and noise reduction.,

Leviton Mfg. Co. ( highlighted its LevNet RF energy-harvesting self-powered controls, which work well in retrofit situations, as they have no wires or batteries. The controls incorporate occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and other lighting-control strategies. The company also displayed its Verifeye metering solutions, which enable secure global access to real-time energy usage reporting to support demand response, carbon footprint reduction, and LEED-validation objectives.

Loytec Americas Inc. ( introduced the L-WEB system building management platform for managing distributed building automation systems of any size. Flexibility and scalability are achieved through the LWEB-900 client/server architecture in combination with the distributed L-INX automation servers and L-ROC room controllers. The company also featured the LGATE-95o universal gateway, which adds all the advanced features known from the L-INX family: LCD display with backlight and jog-dial for manual operation, L-POW compatible connector, SD card memory extension, integrated two-port Ethernet switch, and four communication ports reaching out to the world.

Lynxspring Inc. ( announced SecureLYNX[TM], a new cyber-threat protection solution that secures, manages, and monitors account access and activities across building automation networks and the devices connected to them. SecureLYNX creates shields of security and pre-emptive threat protection for the devices and systems across a building network by securing, managing, controlling, tracking, and monitoring all account access and activities.

Parker Boiler Co. ( exhibited Remote View, a remote terminal and Web server that allows the remote viewing and control of Modbus-equipped Parker boilers and auxiliary equipment. The 7-inch touchscreen can be located up to woo feet from the boiler and connected with a single pair wire. In addition, the device can be connected to the local network for viewing from any connected computer with a standard Web browser. The Remote View, which is self-contained and requires no additional hardware or software, has many screens that show operational parameters of the boiler and allow control of the set point temperature (including outside air reset).

Petra Engineering Industries Co. ( showed its air-handling unit control solution. All system configurations and plant applications are performed via a user-friendly Web interface. It has a full range of system components, from master controller and frequency converter to temperature and pressure sensors. Software upgrades can be made via a SD memory card.

Pro Refrigeration Inc. ( displayed its Total Cold Control (TCC), an advanced microprocessor-driven refrig-eration controller. It is designed to provide optimum system efficiency, superior compressor and system protection, advanced monitoring, and control capabilities. The heart of the TCC is its real-time system analysis coupled with the ability to respond to dynamic changes in load and ambient conditions. The TCC also features remote monitoring and control capabilities that allow a user to access and control the pro chiller from anywhere using an embedded Web interface.

Quality Attributes Software ( introduced Intelliface, an energy and resource management system that provides a facility or campus with a comprehensive look at energy efficiency, water conservation, carbon emissions, and waste management. It is designed to interface with any type of existing system or platform in any format or language. The cloud application collects, analyzes, and then displays data in multiple presentation formats, enabling more meaningful analysis of energy and facility data, and saving up to 20-30 percent in energy costs, according to the company. The gateway interface can integrate with a single building or a multiple-location enterprise. The analysis of energy and resource performance helps in identifying trends as well as issues needing to be addressed.

Quest Controls Inc. ( debuted its Talisman Master Controller (TMC) building management system that acts as the link between the site and the Osprey-FMS facility management system (or other third-party, central-server software), allowing remote access to the building control network. The TMC provides control and monitoring of all applications, including HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, energy use, humidity, CO2 levels, and generator operation. The TMC coordinates communication and operation of all control modules at a remote site by using BACnet, Modbus, and SNMP to create a cohesive monitoring and control solution.

Rawal Devices Inc. ( displayed the APR-E control that provides variable capacity to any air conditioning or refrigeration system. It is said to continuously match capacity to changing load conditions, while keeping the system in dehumidifying mode.

Refrigeration Technology Inc. ( introduced the Gen II Super Control, which is a multifunction controller that is equipped with a 4-inch color 4PiN LCD, touchpad control, and integrated Wi-Fi communication. It has five inputs and can control up to five different functions simultaneously, including wind tanks; [CO.sub.2] sensors; pump-overs; or a barrel room with temperature, humidity, night air, and [CO.sub.2] control.

Regen Energy Inc. ( showed its new Swarm Energy Management[TM] platform. It provides a wireless load-control solution using intelligent, self-managing swarm logic. Typical loads controlled include rooftop units, pumps, electric heating, lighting, and other discretionary loads. The wireless controller is said to be as easy to install as a thermostat. Each Swarm controller has a built-in self-configuring radio. The installed controllers establish a wireless network amongst themselves, intelligently communicating and managing the duty cycles of the loads being controlled. A secure Web portal allows property managers to readily access multiple sites from an Internet connection to monitor building performance and reconfigure controllers for demand response or load scheduling.

8 Reliable Controls Corp. ( displayed its MACH-ProAir (MPA) BACnet controller. This variable air volume (VAV) controller has a small footprint and is flexible and economical. Engineered to exceed specifications for a wide variety of VAV applications, the MPA is a fully programmable BACnet building controller (B-BC) with numerous downloadable standard codes and flexible I/0 options, all priced to meet a modest budget. The flow- and motor-control algorithms are embedded in the MPA firmware, and its end-of-line (EOL) network terminator is a slide switch, making termination easy (an amber status LED shows the controller is terminated).


Schneider Electric ( unveiled SmartStruxure[TM], a solution that integrates customized hardware, software, engineering, installation, and services to ensure that customers' facilities are energy efficient and effectively managed, helping to maximize building efficiency and reduce operating costs, The solution breaks down traditional information silos, and delivers integrated building information and real-time data via Web access, graphics, trend visualizations, rich reports, and mobile applications to ensure that buildings are running at maximum efficiency. The company also highlighted its Condenser Fan Pak solution, which incorporates floating high-pressure control and variable-speed fan operation in order to reduce energy consumption of air-cooled chillers and condensers.

9 SCL Elements Inc. ( exhibited its TEz wireless terminal equipment controllers, which are designed to manage and integrate fan coils, heat pumps, dehumidification units, and similar equipment. They have local memory to store failsafe programs, a feature that provides redundancy for wireless devices. As part of the CAN2G0 building automation system line of products, they can also be integrated to third-party BACnet systems using CAN2GO controllers ([GW.sub.2], [UN.sub.2], and [VA.sub.2]). [TE.sub.2] controllers offer the control of a wired unit but reduce installation costs and invasiveness by using wireless communication. [TE.sub.2] units can be managed via a Web interface and require no software or server install.

Siemens Industry Inc. ( introduced Desigo CC, a control center that is designed to help improve building performance by integrating a wide range of systems, including building automation, fire and life safety, lighting, IP cameras, power, and energy. The control center features tools and capabilities that streamline and simplify many tasks and processes that are central to running a safe, secure, comfortable, and efficient facility. Desigo CC features templates and tools that can help end users set initial parameters for a building, then adapt these based on changing needs and conditions.

Spartan Peripheral Devices ( exhibited the Thermopyla ME8400 thermodynamic control-valve actuator, which is a self-powered (energy harvesting from heat transfer) wireless actuator controlled from a wireless gateway. It can be installed in retrofit installations, as it requires no batteries or wires. It comes complete with communication and fuzzy logic software, so it can be fully controlled through any bidirectional gateway.

Tek-Air Systems Inc. ( showcased its TRAK-PAIR system, which combines VorTek airflow-measurement control valves with Belimo's SI, (shared logic) electric actuator. The control logic is in the actuator itself, eliminating the need for a separate room controller. Also displayed was the new APEX Premier[TM] high-performance fume hood monitor and the APEX basic high-performance velocity alarm. The APEX Premier[TM] provides the highest level of performance, while the APEX Basic provides the critical environments industry with a cost-effective, accurate, and reliable velocity alarm to help ensure a safe operating environment for laboratory personnel.

Trane (, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, displayed the Trane Wireless Comm Solutions, which offers adherence to ZigBee* building automation systems (BAS). It runs BACner protocol on top of ZigBee BAS and is ZigBee certified.

Valve Teck Inc. ( featured its new Electra FS-800 actuator, which provides fail-safe operation when the electrical supply main power is not present. When the supply main power is present, the actuator operates like a standard quarter-turn electric actuator, using the supply main power to open or close under powered operation. Upon loss of supply main power, the actuator automatically senses this voltage drop and switches to the capacitor's stored energy power to open or close the valve to the predetermined fail-safe position.

Viconics Technologies Inc. ( showcased its VT8000 room temperature controller for the hospitality market. The room controller saves energy by automatically switching over to energy-savings mode once a guest leaves the room and motion is not detected. When motion is once again detected, the controller switches back to occupied mode and returns to its comfort set points. Window switches provide an additional level of energy savings by disabling air conditioning when a window is opened. Wireless monitoring and control devices can also be used with the room controller for maximum configuration and flexibility.

10 Wago Corp. ( introduced the picoMAX" PCB pluggable connector system, which is available for general HVAC controls, including thermostats and energy monitoring units as well as building automation controls devices including BACnet and Lon-Works. The system is widely available in wire-to-wire, board-to-wire, wire-to-board, and panel feed-through variants for HVAC and electronic applications. The male headers and female connectors are a new approach to pluggable PCB connections for HVAC controls and industrial electronics. With no screws, connections are simple and maintenance-free, and picoMAX terminations are simple: directly insert solid or ferruled conductors. Once installed, picoMAX provides vibration resistance up to 20 G, increasing reliability for existing HVAC designs.


WattStopper ( featured a native BACnet-distributed dimming controller for multiple load types, including LEDs, incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent. It is available with one or two independently controlled dimmers, which can be interconnected with each other. The controller also comes with present scene switches, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors using standard CAT5 cables to configure a network-ready dimming system.

Components + Accessories

11 Advance Products & Systems Inc. ( announced the addition of five Innerlynx[R] modular mechanical seal sizes. The new sizes include IL265, IL310, IL440, IL625, and IL700. The seals can replace some sizes of existing Innerlynx seals and reduce the number needed to seal some penetrations, thereby lessening costs, said the manufacturer. With the addition of the IL700, the user is able to accommodate and stabilize larger pipe sizes. APS Innerlynx forms a hydrostatic seal between pipes going through walls, floors, and casings. Nonconductive Innerlynx can be installed quickly by one worker with no special tools; absorbs vibration, shocks, and sound waves; and electrically insulates the inner carrier pipe from penetrated structures.


Agramkow ( exhibited its t.M.A.C., [CO.sub.2] charging station for low- to medium-sized productions. The EMAC [CO.sub.2] charges [CO.sub.2] in h gaseous phase, removing the need for external cooling and insulated supply lines. The charger will function within specification from 12[degrees]-50[degrees]C, without any special requirements. The device uses Mass-flow technology, based on coriolis measurement technology, ensuring high accuracy independent of ambient temperature and refrigerant temperature. The MPG controller grants a color touch-screen interface. It features 990 programmable channels, nine quick channel selections, one last channel selection, and a top-10 channel selection.

Alpha Instruments Inc. ( introduced Model 162., a low-cost, low-pressure transducer with capacitive sensing performance and easy zero adjustment. It comes with a small protection cover for all terminals and adjustment holes. Also highlighted was the Model 179 flush-mount, low-pressure transducer, which features an all-stainless steel enclosure, 1-inch depth for wall mount, and a push-activated valve for easy field calibration. Both models are designed for commercial applications, including hospitals.

Anvil Intl. ( showed the Gruvlole Figure 7402 SlideLok[R] rigid coupling. The coupling is installed by lubricating the exposed gasket surfaces, then sliding the coupling completely over the pipe end. Installation is completed by bringing the adjacent component up to the pipe end, and sliding the coupling back over both pipe ends. The joint is finished by tightening the two bolts with an impact wrench or socket wrench. The coupling uses a tongue-and-groove design.

Apollo Valves ( exhibited the Model 58 pressure-independent control valve. Features include PIT plugs, 10-turn adjustment and digital position indicators, isolated flow shutoff, and reversible lever.

Aquatherm ( introduced a polypropylene-random (PP-R)-to-PEX transition. The company said these transitions are designed to make it easier to install its PP-R piping systems to integrate with PEX tubing, such as radiant heating applications. The transitions, which come in 1/2-, 3/4-, and i-inch sizes, are made from PP-R and brass. The fittings are heat fused to PP-R pipe on one side of the connection and crimped to PEX pipe on the other side. The transitions were designed similarly to fittings Aquatherm has used in Europe with its raised-temperature polyethylene (PE-RT) line, while the brass portion of the transition has been reengineered to meet ASTM 807 and connect to standard Imperial PEX sizes.

Armacell LLC ( displayed the AP/Armaflex[R]. Black LapSeal[TM] tube insulation with reinforced lap seal. According to the company, the flexible elastomeric pipe insulation has an elastic lap seal which provides greater seam security and increased protection against condensation, mold, and energy loss. The insulation tubes are pre-slit. It is 25/50 rated for use in air plenums.

Armaturenwerk Altenburg GmbH ( featured a [CO.sub.2] corner valve, which can be used for subcritical applications up to 45 bar. The company also showed a series of stainless steel valves with tight joints, brazed in a protective atmospheric furnace.

Aspen Compressor LLC ( launched its new miniature hermetic rotary compressor. The unit is exceptionally compact and is offered in 12-, 2.4-, and 48-V configurations for use with R-134a or R-404A refrigerants. An advanced motor-drive controller provides variable speed and load tollowing capability for precise temperature control and high efficiency. According to the company, the size, weight, and durability of these units make them ideally suited for mobile or portable applications, including portable cooling systems, miniature refrigeration/freezer systems, thermally controlled shipping containers, electronics cooling systems, medical-imaging equipment, beverage cooling, and mini-chilled water systems.

Azri-Shem Inc. ( released its Gas Saver Insert, which reduces gas pressure entering the gas manifold. This reduction allows the heat exchanger to be operated at a cooler temperature, exhausting less wasted heat resulting in less fatigue, less thermal shock, and the potential for a longer-lasting heat exchanger.

Aztec Washer Co. ( featured its Master Flash flashing for sealing roof penetrations containing pipes, cables, conduit, refrigeration lines, venting, etc. Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contrac-tion. Made of EPDM or silicone, the flash ings are compounded for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light. The new Multi-Flash Square Vent Master Flash is specially designed for square vents and accommodates sizes from 3/4-5 inches (20-125 mm). The new Solar Multi-Port MR Master Flash is a five-port design for solar applications. It accommodates one pipe up to 1- 15/16 inches (up to 49mm); two 3/8-inch (9.6 mm) pipes or cables, and two 3/4-inch (20 mm) pipes or cables.

Baldor Electric Co. ( showed the MST soft starter with six SCR three-phase voltage controls.

Bellman-Melcor LLC ( displayed ChannelFlux, an advanced technology for brazing aluminum. It features an integrated flux system, where the flux activates in advance of alloy. In addition, the flux is in direct contact with the base metals and there is no powder to contaminate equipment or the environment.

Bitzer U.S. Inc. ( exhibited its CSV Series compressors, with an integrated frequency inverter, which boasts a large range of control and high-power density. It can be used in air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and process cooling. It is fitted with pressure and temperature sensors, oil-heater control, and power-supply monitoring. Bitzer also displayed its GSD 6 Scroll Compressor Series, a high-efficiency R-4.1oA compressor for air conditioning systems and heat pumps. It is compact with low-noise levels, and optimized for lowest possible annual operating costs.

Blissfield Mfg. ( displayed its copper tube/aluminum fin and all-aluminum heat exchangers. For [CO.sub.2], it was noted that the company had heavy wall 5-mm tube products that were UL-certified for that refrigerant in gas coolers and evaporators.

Bonomi North America Inc. ( showcased its lead-free electric automated ball valve shutoffs. The company said the product was in response to lead-free legislation in California and a few other states that were anticipated to produce lead-free laws for potable watering systems throughout the U.S.

Bristol Compressors Intl. Inc. ( unveiled the Benchmark X14[TM], a 14 SEER compressor that features improved internal thermodynamic control and gas management; enhanced capacity delivery at key SEER conditions; higher efficiency at extreme conditions; and optimization to support higher HSPF regulation. The company also introduced The Beast-, a compressor unit designed for more reliable operation in challenging environments. The Beast offers resistance to contamination associated with replacement repairs; enhanced liquid-refrigerant tolerance; elimination of electrical failures due to mis-wire or defective start components; and the ability to start under low voltage and extreme ambient conditions.

C&D Valve Mfg. Co. ( launched the hybrid float valve, which features the same internal components and operating parameters of the R400 Series float valves. By incorporating high-density polymer, the body design delivers durability and toughness, while providing a cost savings that is passed along to the customer.

ChemSols Corp. ( debuted its AC-Care coating. The water-based coating was developed for HVACR equipment and other non-ferrous metals. The coating may be used to protect coils, fins, fans, blowers, and cabinets from dirt, mold, and mildew. The product can be applied at any temperature or humidity; before, during, or following installation; and provides a finished, glass-like clear surface.

Cliplight Mfg. Co. ( featured Super Seal Advanced, the replacement product for the original Super Seal. Super Seal Advanced includes a drying agent to eliminate refrigeration and a/c moisture that can produce acid and waxing.

Cooper Industries ( showed its Snap 'N Shield[TM] clevis support, which can be used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and plumbing projects. It snaps directly onto clevis hangers and can be used for horizontal pipe runs. Features include integrated slots for liquid-line tie wraps and a snap-on design, which helps eliminate shield movement, helping to prevent insulation damage that can lead to leaks. The Snap 'N Shield pipe supports can be used in strut or trapeze-mounted horizontal runs. Available in black, white, and gray, the pipe supports are designed for side-by-side installation. They help protect insulation from damage that can be caused by rubbing against pipes or fittings. The snap-on design helps eliminate shield movement, helping to prevent insulation damage.

CPS Products Inc. ( introduced the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver models SPD6o and SPD15o. The product is useful for air conditioners, condensing units, heat pumps, motors, refrigeration systems, and electromechanical devices. It features weatherproof housing and is easy to install.

12 Danfoss ( launched the VZH inverter scroll compressor--the second generation of variable-speed compressors. The VZH uses a brushless interior permanent magnet (IPM) design and is optimized for different pressure ratios in order to deliver maximum energy savings. Variable-speed technology provides infinite and smooth capacity modulation, delivering precise temperature control within [+ or -]0.1[degrees]F of the set point, making it a good choice for applications that require precise temperature and humidity control, including IT equipment, industrial processes, museums, and libraries. The VZH is available with optimization at two different pressure ratios for either chiller or rooftop applications. The company also highlighted the AK-PC 781 capacity controller, which ensures precise and stable suction and condensing pressure regulation for a variety of applications and refrigerants. Also introduced was the NEMA/UL Type 4X VLT[R] HVAC drive, which delivers reliable operation in environments subject to windblown dust and rain, or splashing water, making them suitable for installation directly at the equipment location.


13 Delphi ( introduced its MCHX Outdoor Heat Pump Coil, which operates outdoors in an air-sourced heat pump system. The coil functions as a traditional condenser in cooling mode and as an evaporator in heating mode. The MCHX Outdoor Heat Pump Coil is too percent recyclable and uses a unique and efficient defrost process. It uses brazed aluminum construction and features a flat micro-channel tube, fins, and two refrigerant manifolds joined together in a single coil.


DiversiTech Corp. ( showed the ClearVue[TM] mini pump, designed for ductless systems. It is small, quiet, and can be installed almost anywhere, including inside many cassette units or inside a line set cover system. It features iQ Technology[TM] and Floatless Sensor-technology that help the pump think and respond 1 to changing conditions. The company also exhibited its Switchcap[TM] Dual, a multiple value capacitor. It provides two easily switchable capacitors in one package. The mounting tabs allow for quick mounting with standard sheet-metal screws. It has a nonconductive polymer enclosure, and the hard protective cover fits over the bottom adjustable, switches to prevent them from accidental movement.

Doucette Industries Inc. (www.doucetteindustries. corn) featured its C Series light commercial desuperheaters, which capture waste heat discharged from the refrigerant cycle in an air conditioner or condensing unit and transfer that heat into a water storage tank, thereby creating low-cost hot water for domestic or service use. Not only does the heat recovery unit substantially reduce the amount of 41 energy required to provide domestic or service hot water, but it also improves the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner or condensing unit while it is operating.

Duravent ( highlighted its new PolyPro[R] Flex double-wall flex lining system, which is an environmentally safe venting system for high-efficiency appliances, including water heaters, condensing boilers, and warm-air furnaces.

Duro Dyne Corp. ( offered its portable adhesive canister-clear (PAC40), a web-type, high-solids, general-purpose adhesive, which bonds well to a wide variety of substrates with one-side or two-side application. It has a quick tack and is waterproof. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including insulation, plastic, wood, fiber-reinforced plastic, foam, carpet, wall coverings, fiberglass, packaging, labeling, and more.

Dwyer Instruments Inc. ( exhibited a three-way water-mixing valve used to mix return and supply water and chilled and hot water together.

Dynatemp Intl. ( featured R-421A, an HFC blend, non-ozone depleting, long-term replacement refrigerant for R-22. R-421A can replace R-22 without unit modification and does not contain hydrocarbons, such as butane, isopentane, or isobutene. No change of oil is necessary, as it is usable with mineral, AB, or POE oils. R-421A is comparable to R-22 performance temperature range and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

14 Electro Static Technology Inc. ( displayed Split uKIT, a split universal mounting kit, whose AEGIS [degrees] SGR bearing-protection ring protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage, allowing quick and easy retrofitting of the ring on virtually any a/c motor shaft without decoupling attached equipment. The Split uKIT is designed to accommodate slingers, shaft shoulders, and other end-bell protrusions, and comes with a split AEGIS ring, the halves of which are held together with a unique hinge. This hinge design allows the split ring to be opened on one side, then closed and fastened together with built-in, adhesive-backed aluminum tabs, providing rigidity to the assembled ring.


Emerson Climate Technologies ( exhibited the 9- and to-hp Copeland Scroll[TM] compressors for commercial air conditioning. The compressors feature 11.3 EER and a 20 percent reduction in weight over earlier models. The new compressors are available with optional sight glass, rotalocks, a molded plug, and an oil fitting. The company also exhibited its Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressor, which has now been improved further to offer 20 percent more capacity turndown to 1,500 rpm, which translates to greater comfort and energy savings for homeowners, the company said. It is designed for high-efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems.

Emerson Industrial Automation ( showed its Browning[R] EPDM v-belts, which expand operating temperatures to -60[degrees] to 230[degrees]F. Features include fabric top and bottom, wider notch spacing, Code-1 matched belts, fiber-loaded body, and tubular fabric. The v-belts meet RMA standards for oil and heat resistance as well as static conductivity.

Enerco Technical Products Inc. ( released the HeatStar cordless forced-air heaters, Models HS35CLP and HS6oCLP, which are propane heaters designed to be used during construction, retrofitting, etc. The HS35CLP has a Btuh output of 35,000 and heats up to 800 square feet, while the HS6oCLP has a 30-60,000 Btuh output and heats up to 1,250 square feet.

Energy Transfer ( highlighted its new bimetal extruded tubes, which are formed from two different types of tubes, the internal tube and the outer tube that is extruded into fin. The extrusion process forces the outer tube to form tightly around the with a strong fin-to-tube bond. inner tube, resulting in an integrally formed finned tube with a strong fin-to-tube-bond.

Erico Intl. Corp. ( showcased its Caddy Pyramid equipment, designed to hold up heavy-duty rooftop chillers, air conditioners, and other mechanical systems. The base design evenly distributes the load to help prevent roof damage. The crossbar and equipment-support clamps enable quick assembly. The thermoplastic bases are composed of recycled material and can help contribute to Leadership in Energy & Environ mental Design (LEED) accreditation.

Falcon Stainless Inc. ( exhibited its corrugated, flexible 304 stainless steel gas connectors with trivalent chromium-plated steel nuts and adapters. The gas connectors are 100 percent leak tested and approved by CSA. Designed for maximum strength and flexibility, they are resistant to corrosion and work hardening. They are available in sizes from 1/4- to %-inch ID with various end fittings and lengths. Brass adapters are available. Applications include heaters/gas-fired boilers, fireplaces, and tankless and storage-type water heaters.

Fenner Drives Inc. ( displayed the T-Max v-belt drive tensioners with a new mounting bracket. The tensioners can be used in industrial air-handling units, extraction fans, energy conservation, and desiccant wheels.

Flo Fab Inc. ( showed its XRI universal four-position vertical/horizontal centrifugal pump with removable impeller. The pumps can handle capacities up to 15,850 gpm (3,600 m3/hr), head up to 655 feet (200 m), and pressures up to 25o psi (1,724 kpa). Horsepower is up to 500 hp. Working voltage and speeds are 230/460/480/575 V, 6o Hz, three phase, 1,150/1,750/3,500 rpm. Applications include cold- and cooling-water circulation in refrigeration systems, air conditioning water circulation, and hot-water circulation. An important feature of these pumps is the capability to service the pump parts without removing the pump casing and the electric motor from the system, reducing service time and saving money for the owner.

FlowCon Intl. ( exhibited its SM dynamic-temperature control valve, which automatically keeps a constant differential pressure across the internal controlling orifice of the valve. Consequently, pressure-drop fluctuations across the SM valve will not affect the set flow through the valve. The dynamic flow characteristics keep the valve in constant authority and automatically balanced, eliminating the requirement for a separate balancing valve in the circuit.

15 Forney Fence Supply ( introduced a line of metal cages which provide theft- and storm-damage protection for package and condenser units. The cage sizes and installation are universal, providing protection for most units on the market. All cages are designed with patent-pending removable panels, which provide access for technicians and protection for the customer. A customized cage-security bar enables packaged-unit cages to secure to the unit without having to attach or damage the rooftop.


Franklin Electric Co. ( unveiled the FPS VR Series stainless steel vertical multi-stage pumps for pressure boosting, boiler feed, water supply/treatment, wash down, hot- or cold-water circulation, irrigation, or reverse osmosis. The pumps feature in-line suction and discharge with standard ANSI round flanges, which provide compact installation and fit a wide variety of applications. All components in contact with the pumped product are 316 SS stainless steel.

Frascold ( released its Frascold ATS screw compressor. The compressor is able to function with a range of refrigerants including R-717 (NH3). Its refrigerating capacities stretch from 10-470 kW and is used in industrial refrigeration, process systems, air conditioning, and heat pumps. According to the company, the unit's compact design and reduced overall dimensions helps ease installation. It also features a direct coupling with the motor, discharge gas temperature sensor, and low noise level with no vibrations.

Fuseco ( displayed the Mersen USGCC 401 and USGM series of UltraSafe fuse holders. The Cage Clamp technology significantly improves system reliability by maintaining a very low contact resistance, easily withstanding corrosion, vibration, and temperature cycling. The technology also eliminates the need for routine torque maintenance required by standard screw-type terminations.

16 Gripnail ( featured SnapStik Insulation Hangers, which workers can grab five at a time and snap them free as needed. Because they are stuck together and not loose, they prevent hand injuries caused by sharp spindle points and base plate corners. The hangers also have an easy-peel adhesive backing design eliminating any fumbling with release paper.


Harris Products Group ( showcased its Ring of Fire[TM] brazing rings. They range from 1/4- to 1 1/2-joint rings, with six part numbers available in 25 rings per package, another comes with 10 in a package, and yet another is available as a tubing joint-ring variety pack.

Hays Fluid Controls ( displayed the Measurflo Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV), which prevents the operating system from experiencing excessive flow. The PICV was designed with no tiny springs or thin rubber diaphragms that can weaken or rupture, and changing orifice opening self-cleans passing debris.

Heliodyne Inc. ( exhibited Solpal, a solar-collector storage system where water is heated and stored directly within the collector itself.

Hydrosil Intl. Ltd. ( introduced the Hydrosil Canister, a perforated steel canister with three attachment pins and a top gasket. The canister is available in two models (18 and 24).

Hyper Engineering Pty. Ltd. ( displayed the Sure-Start 6 single-phase soft starter and the Sure-Start 3 three-phase soft starter. The starters reduce the normal start current, which allows the compressor/motor to more easily go off-grid and improves the com-pressor/motor's run life, said the company. Both can be used in residential, commercial, and marine applications, and with packaged, split, or heat-pump equipment.

Innergy Tech Inc. ( exhibited an energy recovery wheel with a sealing system to reduce fan-energy loss.

Intermatic Inc. ( unveiled its AG3000 HVAC surge protector, which is an easy-to-install add on for HVAC equipment. It features high surge-protection ratings and a three-year, $7,500 connected equipment warranty. The company also featured its new auto-voltage DTAV40 Series defrost timers, which automatically select the appropriate voltage. These timers are applicable to air defrost and electric or hot-gas defrost systems where the defrost is terminated by a timer, temperature, or pressure switch.

Invent urn B.V. ( introduced its Aquaspot[R] product to the U.S. market. The product is primarily employed in the residential space and uses a small Titanium boiler to provide instant boiling water to the kitchen tap. It comes equipped with an IntelliProtect* feature that requires users to press the button in a certain pattern to activate the system. Once activated, the mini boiler provides hot water and does not require the main hot-water source to be employed.

Jackson Industries Inc. ( featured its lnsta-HVAC/R Patch, designed to repair holes and breaks in copper, aluminum coils, and tubing, including leaks in between coil fins and on flat and irregular-shaped surfaces, such as micro-channel coils. The pro, uct is rated at 300 psi contained pressure and up to 200[degrees]F. InstaHVAC/R Patch is compatible with all refrigerants and oils, and remains bonded through temperature cycles associated with HVACR systems. The product requires no mixing and the company claims holes can be repaired in approximately one minute.

K-Flex USA ( introduced the K-Flex Elas-tomeric Tube, a closed-cell flexible elastomeric tubular foam insulation designed for use on HVACR piping and equipment. It also showed the K-Flex Clad AL & WT and K-Flex Clad IN. The AL and WT are three-ply laminates consisting of a PVC core, aluminum foil, and a UV-protective Mylar film. The AL is applicable for outdoor applications, while the WT is designed for wash-down or cleanroom applications. The IN is ideal for industrial plans and more.

17 Legend Valve Inc. ( exhibited the HS-808 Hydraulic Separator, which eliminates the circuit-to-circuit, circuit-to-heating, or cooling-source-flow interference. The use of the HS-8o8 eliminates the necessity for closely spaced tees. In many instances, the product eliminates the need for a primary circulator and additional piping needed for such components. It includes an insulation jacket and a stainless steel screen to collect microbubbles for air elimination.


Luvata ( showed the UNILLOY[TM] high-strength copper alloy air conditioning and refrigeration tube; UNIGUARD[TM] alloy, which the company says is an effective solution against formicary corrosion and is available with all advanced heat transfer surfaces that are supplied using Luvata's state-of-the-art roll-and-weld process; and 'F-Proof' coating technology, which also addresses formicary corrosion and is available for application on all current Luvata products.

Maxitrol Co. ( highlighted its vent-limiting device, which eliminates the need to run vent piping to the outside. The device, which is intended for indoor use only, is designed for use in spaces where limiting the amount of gas escapement due to diaphragm failure is critical.

18 Metraflex Co. ( introduced the Seismic Gator in-line expansion joint, designed to protect piping spanning the building's seismic joint. Capable of [+ or -]4 inches of movement in all directions, the expansion joint is designed and engineered to combine tried and true gimbal and bellows technologies with the rugged MetraGator expansion joint. It requires guiding and significant anchoring, and is available with flange, groove, and weld connections. It has a maximum working pressure of 150 psi, and a maximum working temperature of 700[degrees]F. The company also showed its Super-flex flexible metal hose and braid-pump connector. Its stainless steel construction is engineered to last the life of the mechanical system. The Superflex pump connector is designed for applications where greater movement from building settlement and seismic activity is anticipated in a short OAL. The connector can be used for cold-water, hot-water, and steam applications, and is available in sizes from 1/2 to 2 inches, in any length.


Mitsubishi Electric Corp. ( exhibited its Carbon Series variable-frequency drive solutions, which make installation into an existing mechanical room quick and easy. Existing control wiring connects directly to the VFD, and the installation does not require mechanical modifications to piping or ductwork. The company also highlighted its F700 Series inverters for use with fans and pumps, which are built to optimize three-phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general-purpose applications.

Modine Mfg. Co. ( displayed a counterflow evaporator and its new two-row micro-channel coil. It can be used in residential and commercial indoor-coil applications.

Midsun Specialty Products Inc. ( debuted the Perfect Pitch adjustable fastening system, an adjustable fastening system that simplifies condensate and waste-piping installations by providing an easy-to-use calibrated fixture for clean, professional-looking, code-compliant installations.

Modular Framing Systems Inc. ( featured its new APS Arosio flexible duct connector, which is a system designed to be attached between the fan/blower and the discharge flange in the air-handling unit to isolate vibration and reduce noise from within the system. The airtight flexible joint is attached to the frame using Arosio stopper systems, which are screwless. The fabric is joined together at the seam using a thermal welder, which prevents leakage and tearing.

Monoxivent ( introduced its Technorail, ALU150, and ALU250 aluminum extraction rails. The Technorail can be used with fully flexible hose systems and its modular concept caters to a wide range of applications and workplace environments. The ALU150 can be used with arms, hose reels, and fully flexible hose systems. The ALU250 offers a larger cross section for higher air volume. All models include all necessary seals, clips, and brackets.

19 National Refrigerants Inc. ( displayed KleenFlush, a solvent designed to flush air conditioning and refrigeration systems. KleenFlush's powerful flushing action will pick up and remove oil and particulate contaminants inside HVAC systems. The solvent is also manufactured to remove contaminants and impurities from compressor failures and burnouts. KleenFlush also quickly flushes oil residue from line sets prior to retrofits. A starter kit includes a can actuator, hose, flush-injection tool, and a can of KleenFlush. Additional sizes are available.


NetBraze LLC ( announced its Net-Braze 15 MOD, a phos copper-brazing alloy formulated to braze copper-pipe connections. NetBraze 15 MOD can braze dissimilar metals such as copper and brass, and stainless and mild steels. The product is applicable to essentially all HVACR metal applications, except aluminum and titanium, with the use of flux. According to the company, the resulting braze produces a high-strength joint.

20 Nibco Inc. ( introduced the Coil-Connect balance and control valves, a large selection of 1/2- to 2-inch automatic and manual valve kits. They come prepackaged and labeled per the customer's instructions.


Niles Steel Tank (, a subsidiary of Bradford White, showed a maintenance-free power anode system. The system uses low-voltage, low-current electricity to create electrical potentials inside the tank that prevent corrosion. The titanium anode is nonconsumable, so it does not need to be replaced and there is no rotten egg smell.

Northwestern Ohio Foam Packaging Inc. ( displayed BarrierHL, a flexible, low-profile, under-slab insulator and vapor barrier, designed for high-load, slab-on-slab applications.

Oldcastle Enclosure Solutions ( exhibited the StayRite[TM] equipment riser. It provides secured elevation for heat pumps and air-handling equipment providing protection from condensation and nature's elements. The interlocking design allows for multiple heights in 3-inch increments.

Packard Inc. ( showcased the TitanMax contactor. It features a universal metal mounting plate, which allows for complete ease of replacement, a long electrical life (tested to 250,000 cycles), a reliable mechanical life (tested to i million cycles), and its performance is unaffected by mounting position.

Packless Industries ( displayed its vibration absorbers, which are charge lines of a/c and refrigeration systems to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping. They are constructed of deep-pitch, corrugated tubing in brass stainless steel. Also, the company showed the green-surface, ultra-slim design coaxial heat exchangers. They can be used for both water-source heat pump and water-cooled condenser applications. They are freeze resistant.

Parker Hannifin Corp. ( exhibited its solenoid valves used with R-410A and other typical refrigerants used in the HVACR industry. The product line has a synthetic-coated metal gasket, which minimizes external leaks. The valves can be brazed without disassembly. The Sporlan XSP Series [CO.sub.2] Secondary Coolant Solenoid Valves were also shown. The valves are hermetic, direct-acting valves with no gaskets, which eliminate a source of external links. The design includes tighter seating at lower pressure differentials, and extended copper connections for easier installation.

The Pate Co. ( introduced a self-leveling roof curb, which comes with 1 1/2-inch thick fiberglass insulation, a pressure-treated wood nailer strip, heavy-gauge galvanized steel, and all seams welded.

Pentair Inc. ( displayed the Aurora' model 382 SC XL split coupled vertical in-line pump. Features include a stainless steel impeller and casing wear rings.

Puroflux Corp. ( announced the launch of the PF-64H pump package system, which is designed to be used in commercial sweeper piping systems, as well as in systems utilizing nonchemical water-treatment devices. The system increases sweeper piping pressures to boost the turbulence within the basin, which in turn increases the probability of suspended particulate reaching the PF-64H. By keeping an increased volume of suspended particulate out of the condenser system, the end user will have noticeably reduced energy loss over the heat-transfer equipment, as well as decreased unscheduled maintenance.

Quick Sling LLC ( exhibited its line of swivel mounts, hanging units, stand units, and stands. The QSLG1000 is a mounted indoor HVAC hanger, which creates a stable, non-swinging platform for units weighing up to 400 pounds. The QSTD1000 is a floor-mounted indoor HVAC stand designed to quickly mount units weighing up to 500 pounds. The QSWI1000 swivel mount allows for 360 degree rotation, directing flow of heat for maximum efficiency. The unit is built to hold units weighing up to 200 pounds. The QSMS series comes in thin and wide designs, equipped to hold mini-split units ranging in size from 7.5- to 16-inches wide, weighing up to 400 pounds. The company also recently introduced its QSWB1000 mini-split wall bracket, and a line of steel and wood hanging adapters.

Rahn Industries Inc. ( introduced its Rahn-Kote[TM] coil corrosion protection. Its high titanium-dioxide content protects the coil and the coating from all spectrums of UV light including UVC. Rahn-Kote contains Fluoro Teflon, which contributes to its hydrophobic properties. It holds only 26 percent of the water of new natural aluminum, and cures to a thin, high-gloss, super-hydrophobic finish, granting long-term corrosion protection, said the company.

RectorSeal Corp. ( featured a locking refrigerant cap for outdoor condensers to help prevent teenage deaths from "huffing." The product complies with the new International Mechanical Code mandate for locking caps.

Red-White Valve Corp. ( added the new 9500 Series manual-balancing valve to its complete line of hydronic controls and balancing-valve solutions. Ranging in size from 1/2 to 2 inches, the 9500 Series has a fixed-orifice, double-regulating valve in a Y-pattern body design. It features precise flow measurement, integral memory stop, and a positive shut-off with no drip seat that eliminates the need for additional isolation valve. It is constructed of corrosion-resistant brass and is available in low-lead brass for potable water use.

Refrigeration Research Inc. ( displayed its higher-pressure BULLDOG coaxial condensers that are specifically designed for use with R-410A. They come complete with a bracket attached. The BULLDOG line of coaxial condensers is designed for 675 psi. The company also showed its higher-pressure BULLDOG discharge mufflers. They are designed for systems using R-410A. Various sizes are available for 2-25 tons.

21 Regal-Beloit Corp. ( introduced an expansion to the Fasco[R] Motors gas premix combustion blowers with the release of three new SAMM GPM blowers: 4.6, 5.8H, and 6.9. The premix blowers are designed to meet the rugged requirements of residential and commercial applications. Speeds on the SAMM GPM blowers can be adjusted via pulse with modulation (PWM) from 5-43 vdc at a wide frequency range of l00-Hz to 6-kHz input that varies the performance of the blower. The company also displayed the Marathon Special Products Bulk Fastening Power Block (BFPB), an addition to its line of power terminal blocks. The BFPB provides a series of fasteners to terminate numerous combinations of listed crimp lugs or flexible busbar to distribute power. The product features a current-carrying capacity up to 1,605 amps, a voltage rating up to 1,000 vac/vdc, high short-circuit current ratings (SCCR), and meets the requirements for use in feeder circuits. The BFPB Series can be used for a variety of applications including junction boxes and inverter panels, as well as industrial control panels for large motor, HVAC, pumping, and mining applications. The company also unveiled its Genteq Evergreen EM, the latest in the line of standard electronically commutated motor (ECM) replacements for the after-market/distribution market. The Evergreen EM was designed to replace direct-drive blower motors in residential and light commercial indoor furnaces, air handlers, and package systems that were designed with a standard ECM motor. It can also be used to retrofit permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motors in commercial building series variable air volume (VAV) boxes and packaged heat-pump systems. It is not intended to replace premium ECM constant-airflow products, such as Eon 2A, 1.0, and 2.5, said the company.


Resource Conservation Technologies ( launched its Goliath and Goliath Furnace secondary drain pans and risers, and the Titan Flexible Series secondary drain pans.

Rovanco Piping Systems ( welcomed two high-temperature conduits. The Rhinocoat High Temp Conduit ELITE is a Class A drainable, dryable, and testable conduit for high-temperature, above-or-below ground applications. The Insul-800 is a high-temperature, pre-insulate conduit system with Aerogel technology.

Sabic ( showcased its Lexan[TM], Noryl[TM], Cycolac[TM], and Geloy[TM] Resins. The Lexan polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, characterized by outstanding mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties. The Noryl classic family of modified PPE resins consists of amorphous blends of PPO polyphenylene ether resin and polystyrene. They combine the inherent benefits of PPO resin with excellent dimensional stability, good process ability, and low specific gravity. Cycolac acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) thermoplastic resin is recognized as a tailorable engineering material offering outstanding aesthetics, flow, toughness, dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance. Geloy advanced amorphous terpoly-mer of acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) resins are among the most weatherable grades in Sabic's plastic's Dortfolio.

Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc. ( displayed a number of product models--water filters, refrigerator-door gaskets, standard beaded driers with UV dye and magnetic filters (SUD8358); motor-run capacitors; troubleshooters (Magjumper MAGNL); vibration absorbers; data loggers (SL500 Series); telescope LED flashlights (FLT3M); remote-dial, vapor tension thermometers; and temperature alarms (TA44).

Setra Systems Inc. ( introduced its Sure-Set Model SSC split-core current switch, which eliminates exposure to arc flash hazards while providing a low-cost, fast, and accurate method of setting the proper current set point for the application. By eliminating the need to work on a live electrical enclosure, the Sure-Set current switch allows installation without the need for arc flash personal-protective equipment, reducing install time. Engineers or installers can preset all the Sure Set current switches used in a system prior to arriving at the job site, making the on-site install time for the current switches even shorter.

Sheet Metal Connectors Inc. ( welcomed its Complete Seal[R] spiral fittings, which feature a double-legged ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber gasket, secured in place with a 180 degree hem. The gasket creates an airtight connection, which eliminates the need to caulk and results in labor savings, as well as an aesthetically pleasing job. Installing Complete Seal fittings involves simply inserting the fitting into the spiral duct all the way up to the bead and securing it in place with self-tapping sheet-metal screws.

Sherwood Valve ( displayed its high-performance ball valve series, which use the Integra-Seal system to cap potential refrigerant leaks. It includes positive shutoff for all system access points, dual Teflon ball seals, robotically welded joints, dual 0-ring stem seals, and is rated for 700-psig service for high-pressure refrigerants.

Sikla ( showed its Framo 80--a strong, flexible, lightweight, multifunctional support system. Framo 80 allows multidirectional connection possibilities, and the innovative connection technology guarantees installation efficiency. The frames can be used as a multifunctional, non-welded support system for the modular construction of framing solutions.

Spiramir Corp. ( introduced Self-Sealing Pro, designed to cover all types of spiral fittings including elbows into Spiramir self-sealing fittings.

Spirax Sarco ( released the CS10 Clean Steam Separator with an enhanced surface finish as standard. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, the CS10 is fully traceable, ensuring steam integrity. It is designed to exceed the steam dryness value of 0.95 and features a removable internal baffle to facilitate periodic de-rouging and inspection. The CS10 is engineered in accordance with the latest standard of ASME BPE guide for the biopharmaceutical, food, and medical industries.

22 Standex-Meder Electronics ( featured a new line of low-voltage flood-prevention switches (FPS) that safeguard HVAC environments from condensate overflow buildup, and can be used in commercial and residential HVAC applications. With tee, elbow, and bracket models available to accommodate any application, each FPS model can be installed on either primary or auxiliary drain plugs, and are accessible for service. The product is compliant with UL508, applicable NEC codes, and manufactured of materials that will not rust or stick.


Super Radiator Coils ( unveiled its economizer line, which has carbon steel tubes, fins, and casing; inlet and outlet transitions integral to the unit, including rolled angle flanges to the boiler stack outlet; threaded pipe connections for water side; and counter-flow internal tube configuration. It has a fin pitch at five to six fins per inch, which can be used for natural gas or standby No. 2 oil. Serviceability features include removable access door and removable heat exchanger. The company also now offers 5-mm tubing for evapo-ratorcoils, which can be used for CO2 applications.

23 Taco Inc. ( introduced the GeoSentry Zone Valve, which is designed to enhance the overall performance of any open- or closed-loop geothermal system by proving accurate, reliable control of exchange fields. Microcircuit-based logic is utilized to control a gear-driven electronic actuator, which drives a ball-valve based body design.

TecnoPan Inc. ( exhibited several additions to its foam-injected panel enclosures, including frameless-construction enclosures and bolted-base frames. The custom enclosures can accommodate any size air-handling unit, from small, low-pressure, i-inch paneled units to massive, 4-inch, high-pressure multi-sectional units.

ThermaXX Jackets LLC ( unveiled its ThermaXX SmartJacket insulation cover for pipes, valves, and heavy equipment. The ThermaXX SmartJacket combines a removable insulation jacket with wireless technology, which measures and transmits data from each component to a remote Web portal. The product allows for remote access to the status, health, and history of the system, and sends alerts when there are changes or problems. The SmartJacket also reports on true energy and cost savings. The company predicts the product will provide a full payback in two years or less.

Thybar Corp. ( featured its new seismic and wind-load rated curbs and adapters, which can be designed to resist the forces expected from a seismic or wind-load event. A rooftop unit that resists these forces will remain firmly attached to a curb, and the curb will stay attached to a building's structure, reducing wind and water damage to the building's interior, thus maintaining functionality of the rooftop unit.

Triangle Mfg. Co. ( displayed new motor mounts designed for the HVAC industry. Manufactured to dampen vibrations, each leg of the motor mount can include rubber footings and may be configured in length and gauge to accommodate diverse fan-blade diameters. Also available are special-order steel ferrules. The company offers more than 40 sizes of belly bands to fit different motor-mount legs. These bands are shipped unassembled to help minimize costs.

24 UPonor North America ( highlighted the PEX-a pipe support, which provides continuous support of Uponor cross-linked polyethylene pipe for commercial plumbing and distribution piping applications. It enables hanger spacing to that of copper, is listed for bare-PEX plenum applications, will insulate around both pipe and PEX-a support, and is available in four different sizes.


25 VAF Filtration Systems ( introduced its LCF-Series automatic self-cleaning filter skid which provides a low-cost solution for side-stream, cooling-tower filtration. The product has a glass-filled nylon body with 316L stainless screen, component construction, and features an efficient bidirectional hydrodynamic drive for simple maintenance. The side-stream system provides an efficient method for keeping tower basins clean without interrupting the facilities process. Flushing is less than i percent of total flow. The product has various degrees of filtration from 1,500-10 microns.

The VMC Group ( welcomed TeleCurb, an on-demand seismic curb. TeleCurb can telescope to custom fit most 3-12 ton HVAC units ranging in length from 65 7/8 inches to 96 7/8 inches and width from 37 1/4 inches to 59 7/8 inches. It can be configured in made-to-stock or made-to-order quantities.

26 xylem Inc. ( debuted the Bell & Gossett[R] Series e-90 in-line centrifugal pump specifically designed for the commercial HVAC market. Featuring a high-hydraulic efficiency and closed-coupled design, the new e-90 can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. It is available in eight sizes providing wide hydraulic coverage up to 300-gpm flow. This pump uses an industry standard 56J motor in 1/3 to 3 hp four-pole speeds and 1/2- to 5-hp two-pole speeds. The company also announced the addition of the Bell & Gossett BPX brazed plate heat exchangers to its line of large plate heat exchangers. The manufacturer said the 3- and 4-inch brazed plate heat exchangers, models BP432, BP433, BP434, and BP435, are ideal for large hydronic heating applications, refrigerant evaporators, condensers with large chillers, and many other applications requiring flow rates up to 800 gpm. The BPX brazed plate heat exchangers use stainless steel plates and are vacuum brazed together to form a durable product that withstands both high pressures and high temperatures. All four models have a design pressure of 435 psig, and min/max design temperature of 31o/45o.F. Also launched, was a Bell & Gossett submersible, high-temperature sump pump, which is designed to handle applications where liquids are too hot for conventionally built submersible pumps, such as wastewater coming from high-temperature processes like boiler blow down and hot-water rinses in the commercial plumbing market; and the Bell & Gossett ecocire[R] wireless, which is designed for plumbing systems without a recirculation line.


ZSI Inc. ( featured its Cush-A-Therm-Clamp, which provides a crush-resistant, airtight seal for chilled refrigeration or mechanical pipe lines that require continuous insulation. The product also creates an economical, hermetically sealed, energy-saving vapor barrier, and comes with all hardware necessary for a clean and professional-looking installation. Its closed-cell structure is ideal for liquid-cooling lines to prevent condensation and save energy.

Contractor Services + Software

AboutTime Technologies LLC ( exhibited FormsXPress, a module designed to digitize unique business forms. FormsXPress allows the user to capture custom data by building form templates for nearly any type of information the user wishes to gather. The forms can be associated to a specific employee, job, location, task, or asset, and can be printed or saved as a PDF file. In addition, the user can add rich content to the form, including pictures, audio, GPS information, and digital signatures, which can then be sent wirelessly back to the office.

BAS Service & Graphics LLC ( introduced Project Builder Plus (PBP) Sky-Spark Work-Flow Enhancement software, an application that speeds up SkySpark folio database creation, modification, and data-mapping processes from one unified interface for multiple projects. With PBP, it is possible to work on SkySpark projects offline and push changes back to SkySpark from a workstation. In addition, the tag package enables the user to assemble multiple tags into one to simplify the tagging process.

BCA Technologies Inc. ( showed the latest version of its Web-based Protoparts eRep software, which allows manufacturers' customers to log in from the manufacturer's website and select, configure prices, quote, generate submittals, and order complex and simple products. New features include a dashboard for sales managers that allow users to process multiple requests faster and easier.

Blaldader ( displayed its bantam pants with tool-bearing exterior utility pockets and kneepad pockets designed for functionality and efficiency on the job. Blaklader's kneepad system includes a Cordure kneepad pocket attached to the pants. The ultra-durable material keeps kneepads in place without wrapping around and constricting blood flow. Bellowed rear pockets, side pockets on both legs, and tuck-away utility pockets are all designed for maximum storage and accessibility while working.

Carrier Corp. (, a part of United Technologies Corp., introduced the latest version of its Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) software, incorporating new calculators and simulation models. Among the enhancements is the ability to model new plant configurations using air-to-water and water-to-water heat-pump chillers as well as service water heating (SHW) systems, and automatic calculation of ventilation airflows per ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 and minimum equipment efficiencies per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2.010. HAP version 4.7 expands plant-modeling features to support green building designs. Three new plant types are offered--chilled-water/hot-water changeover plants using air-to-water or water-to-water reversible-heat-pump chillers; dedicated hot-water plants using air-to-water or water-to-water heat pumps; and hybrid hot-water plants, which combine hot-water boilers with air-to-water or water-to-water heat pumps.

CCSI Ltd. ( showcased several upgrades to its Visual-AHU software, a Windows-based sales and production system specially designed for air-handling unit manufacturers. Updates include upgrades to Autodesk Inventor integration, Revit, Eurovent unit certification, and Visual AHU Manufacturing programs.

Clearwater Systems Corp. ( launched a fully integrated and comprehensive in-house service organization for Dolphin WaterCare[R], a non-chemical, water-treatment solution that provides control of biological activity, scale, and corrosion. Dolphin WaterCare provides maximum water efficiency and efficient heat transfer. The service organization consists of a network of regionally deployed, factory-trained technicians with expertise in both water chemistry and HVACR equipment, as well as an expanding fleet of fully equipped Dolphin WaterCare service vehicles.

Data-Basics Inc. ( displayed its DBAnalytics software, which provides business users the ability to track key performance indicators for their organization and measure how the company is performing against predetermined goals and measures. The user can define, measure, monitor, and track the company's performance with informative and interactive management dashboards that run in any Internet browser in the office or field.

Davisware Inc. ( showcased its Global Field Solutions, a combination of Global One Fleet GPS in tandem with Remote Field Service Automation software. As a fully integrated field-service solution, the product was designed to optimize routing, lower fuel costs, increase service-call potential, capture signatures electronically for billing purposes, boost customer satisfaction, and increase profitability with more immediate cash flow. Global Field Solutions provides optimized call assignment and reduces, on average, fuel costs by 20 percent, vehicle downtime by 25 percent, overtime costs by one hour per week, insurance costs by 15 percent, maintenance costs by to percent, invoicing costs by 40 percent, and duplicate credit card entry by 50 percent. It also adds two service calls per week for each technician and provides the opportunity to be payment card industry (PCI) compliant for credit card processing in the field.

DelftRed Simulation Technology ( introduced its Plandroid air conditioning design software, a program that allows the user to design two-dimensional domestic or light-commercial air conditioning systems. The software works from real catalogues and can automatically generate quotes, determine load calculations, size ducts, generate reports, and calculate airflow through its click-and-drag visual software.

Dexter & Chaney ( released its Spectrum Project Management (SPM) software, which unifies project finances, operations, and documentation in a single Web-based product. SPM combines detailed job-cost financials with real-time field operations data and features a built-in document and workflow management system that ties the information together. The software is completely Web-based and can be accessed from any device with a Web browser, providing the usability and mobility needed by field technicians without sacrificing the analytics and detail needed back at the office.

Diversified Pure Chem ( updated its R-22 Buyback program, which involves a contractor consolidating used R-22 into supplied 1/2-ton or 240-pound cylinders with the company picking up the refrigerant, paying the freight, and reimbursing the contractor directly.

Dow Chemical Co. ( introduced Fluidfile[TM] software, which makes choosing the right fluid easier and more convenient for experienced professionals and first-time system designers. Fluidfile enables fast and efficient evaluation of the properties and performance of Dow Chemical's heat-transfer fluids, and calculates properties for one fluid, or compares multiple fluids at once. It uses actual system conditions in the user's preferred units of measure.

ebm-papst Inc. ( unveiled version 2.1 of its EC-Control system, a PC-based software program that allows HVAC professionals to commission, configure, monitor, and adjust their fan arrays with Ethernet, USB, or Bluetooth connections.

Elite Software Development Inc. ( showcased CHVAC version 8, which calculates the maximum heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings using the latest ASHRAE procedures. CHVAC allows an unlimited number of rooms, which can be grouped into as many as loo air-handling systems. The software automatically looks up all cooling load and correction factors necessary for computing loads and can take into account weather data from more than 1,900 cities in 75 countries. New features in version 8 include the EnergyPro energy-analysis program, plenum-room temperature-difference calculation, sloped-ceiling area calculator, load-preview window, new lighting load selections, and new equipment load selections.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( launched its AC & Heating Connect website, designed for HVAC contractors, homeowners, and facility managers. The site provides useful tools for improving business and communicating with customers, and is a dual resource site where both parties may access unbiased information. The goal of AC & Heating Connect is to help homeowners, facility managers, and contractors find common ground in terminology, technology, and regulations that will lead to mutually trusted and informed decisions about investments in HVAC equipment and solutions. AC & Heating Connect gives contractors industry insights; tools to share with customers, such as an HVAC glossary; the benefits of high-efficiency systems; and diagrams of how their HVAC systems work.

The site also provides information for facility managers who are responsible for making heating and cooling decisions in facilities such as small office buildings, retail stores, and rental properties where a/c and heating equipment decisions can affect bottom-line business results.

HVAC Solution Inc. ( introduced several new features to the latest version of its HVAC Solution Pro software, which is designed to allow the user to drag and drop objects to design air systems, hydronic and steam systems, and control schematics. New software features include the Autodesk Revit add-in and Elite software, as well as the capability to recognize Taco, Trane Trace, and Watts Radiant programs.

27 Iconics Inc. ( announced the avail-ability of version 10.8 of Energy AnalytiX[R] and Facility AnalytiX[R] software solutions, which are designed and certified for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server operating systems. The AnalytiX[R] software suite continuously monitors and analyzes energy cost, consumption, and the discharge of carbon into the environment. Facility AnalytiX[R] is a fault-detection and diagnostic software solution that provides continuous commissioning capabilities for any building automation or large campus real estate project. Energy AnalytiX[R] delivers information that facility managers need to reduce and manage utility costs, and minimize their carbon footprints.


28 IES Ltd. ( exhibited its latest IESVE 2012 software, which includes significant enhancements to its ApacheHVAC module with more efficient system-network editing tools, flexible import/export functions for the HVAC library, and expanded waterside capabilities that allow the user to model an even broader range of chilled- and hot-water equipment configurations. These and other upgrades build upon the power and flexibility of ApacheHVAC for detailed modelling of HVAC systems as part of the whole-building design process. In addition to added waterside capabilities, ApacheHVAC has been given a facelift with a new interface including new component graphics, redesigned toolbars, and easy-to-use, drag-and-drop features. New drawing tools and improved import-and-export functions offer engineers the ability to create and save their own customized systems libraries.


Infor Global Solutions ( displayed the latest version of its Inform Service Management Business software. The integrated-data solution provides company-wide access to critical information, including contacts, work orders, scheduling and dispatch information, service contracts and history, warranty management information, and more.

Intergraph Cadworx & Analysis Solutions ( introduced the 2013 release of its Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional software. The three-dimensional piping design software allows for quick and easy creation of fully intelligent plant models.

Jonas Software ( exhibited its Web-based Premier construction accounting software, which is a cloud-based program hosted in Microsoft Azure that is accessible from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. The software package includes general ledger, bank management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, AIA style, T&M billing, change orders, time entry, subcontract management, and document storage options.

Lynxspring Inc. ( announced a software enhancement called JENEsys[R] Harmony, an embedded software tool that automates the integration of any discoverable BACnet or LonWorks building control device. JENEsys Harmony is designed for contractors and building owners who want to reduce project labor costs associated with commissioning and engineering complex, multi-vendor, and legacy devices.

Metraflex Co. ( exhibited the Delegated Design service to engineers and contractors, helping them design their piping system to meet all submittal requirements. Metratlex uses CAEPipe[R] finite element-analysis software to analyze complex piping layouts for movement, stresses, and anchor loads. It supplies all the materials and calculations required to meet submittal requirements, which may include stress analysis, design calculations, anchor details, guide details, material certificates, and welding certificates. The company said virtually every Metraflex product is available in Revit and other computer-aided design file formats for download. Rev-it files can be downloaded as complete product families, or individual files. Files can also be downloaded in 2-D formats, and in a variety of file formats compatible with popular software applications.

Mobile FieldPro Inc. ( introduced GPS tracking and image-capture capabilities to its workflow management software, which can generate work orders and maintenance tickets, and wirelessly dispatch them to field technicians. The software can also track job statuses, generate custom reports, eliminate paperwork, and improve productivity by wirelessly connecting field technicians to the office.

Noesis Energy ( debuted a free, cloud-based energy management platform serving commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. It is used by facility and energy managers, energy consultants, and energy retailers. The site provides energy analysis, benchmarking, and reporting tools for tracking energy performance. The company also sells its Noesis Data Service (NDS) product to end users who need help collecting and reporting their energy data. Since July of 2012 the site has accumulated 6,300 registered users that are now tracking over 20,000 facilities.

Owens Corning ( showcased its suite of new technology offerings including the recently launched interactive Division 22/23 Mechanical Manufacturer's Guide eBook for mechanical engineers and building specifiers. A Web-based resource center has been established to access product information, and the Architectural and Engineering Information Center provides commercial building professionals with access to information, including product literature, case studies, guide specifications, online AIA and CES training courses, and more.

Polar Technology ( introduced TrakRef[R], a proprietary and comprehensive refrigerant management program. As explained by the company, the product is designed to provide comprehensive and transparent tracking and management of refrigerants throughout their entire lifecycles. This includes from the time of purchase to deployment throughout maintenance cycles, through recovery and reclamation, to their final destruction at the end of the lifecycle. When the program is incorporated among the participating points in the supply chain, more of the original refrigerant is kept within the supply chain, ownership of the refrigerant can be accounted for, and regulatory compliance is inherently managed. It is available in three customized versions for contractors, distributors, and system owners.

ProfitZoom ( exhibited the latest version of its integrated business profit-management software, which included several major enhancements improving overall usability. The system includes a field-service module, allowing field technician activities to be tracked and synchronized automatically with the company's server.

Real WinWin Inc. ( launched RebateAccess[TM] to provide the HVAC industry with real-time insight into the complex world of utility rebates. Each year, as mandated by individual state governments, utilities collect billions of dollars from rate payers and redistribute those funds in the form of rebates to help lower the cost of energy-efficient capital improvements. Energy-efficiency rebates typically help offset 10-15 percent or more of the cost of high-efficiency equipment as compared to standard units, said the company. RebateAccess provides manufacturers, design engineers, and contractors with real-time rebate estimates across hundreds of North American utility rebate programs. Included in the initial launch are air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, unitary and packaged systems, and water-source heat pumps.

Service Automation Inc. ( introduced updates to its latest version of SAWIN Pro Enterprise Integrated Windows software, a fully integrated software solution for service contractors that includes service dispatch, service agreements, job cost and installation estimates, wireless-mobile services, paging and text messaging, street mapping and routing, accounting and payroll services, and more.

Service Skeds ( featured its mobile-dispatch system designed for both home and commercial service industries. Service Skeds features a live dispatch board, customer management, invoicing, reporting, job management, accounting integration, maps, and GPS tracking. The software stores information in the cloud, allowing the user the flexibility to manage their business remotely. The software is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

29 ShuBee ( showcased its ShuBee[R] Shoe Covers with the option of a company logo to help homeowners and clients remember the servicing contractor. The product was designed for service professionals and offers an opening that will slip easily over footwear up to a size 18 work boot. The cloth-like material protects clients' homes from dirt, debris, and other dry particles.


SKF ( highlighted its Machine Health Reporting program (MHRP) to make predictive maintenance work for small to medium-size facilities. The MHRP is a partnership offering that can help an industrial plant enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive predictive-maintenance program without the need to invest in condition-monitoring equipment or specialized data-analysis training. Typical applications include motors, pumps, fans, and compressors. SKF instructs maintenance personnel on how to use an SKF handheld data collector to capture vibration data during normal duties. Collected data is transmitted to SKF via the Internet then analyzed by a certified reliability engineer who identifies problems and recommends actions to avoid unplanned downtime.

SmartCom/Infergence ( featured a 3G modem gateway called ComLINK. This wireless gateway collects data and organizes a network to handle integration needs for new or retrofit Machine-to-Machine technology (M2M) or energy monitoring applications. The gateway can be used primarily to route electric meter data or other similar devices over a wireless connection to cloud applications. The SMARTCom network also gives businesses the flexibility to communicate with thermostats virtually anywhere.

SmartFleet ( introduced its GPS Fleet Tracking VP390 and VP400 software. The product provides an efficient solution for tracking and managing fleet, regardless of size. Key features of the VP390 include minute-by-minute tracking, geofence alerts, intelligent dispatch capability, starter disable, wireless door lock and unlock, interactive voice response, and more. The VP400 allows minute-by-minute tracking, idle-time alerts, stop alerts, acceleration and deceleration alerts, and more.

Tecsys Inc. ( showed its TECSYS SMART set of software tools for distributors. TECSYS SMART enables distribution organizations to reduce cost, complexity, and time required to implement and use software applications. These tools provide a proven approach that takes as much as 6o percent out of the time and cost associated with the software implementation process, and at the same time maximizes the use of the full capabilities of the software application, ultimately translating into a significant return on investment for businesses.

ToolWatch Corp. ( displayed the latest version of its ToolWatch Enterprise software, which manages tools, equipment, materials, and consumables. The cloud-based application securely stores critical information on all of a company's warehouse and field-operation assets in one centralized database. The software facilitates reduced tool costs, automated management of materials, more consistent equipment service management, and more accurate job costs and billing.

Tridium ( showcased its Niagara Release 3.7 framework, which includes built-in mobile support, updated graphics, enhanced security features, and new Web access features. The release includes built-in mobile support for some of the more commonly used features like property sheets, scheduling, alarm management, and charting.

Triple Crown Products ( exhibited a customizable shirt series. The Triple Crown Performance polo is customizable, allowing contractors to choose their own color combination and include a company logo. The shirts are moisture-wicking, as well as stain, fade, and wrinkle resistant. Three collar styles are available and pockets can be added. The shirts come standard as short-sleeved and can be upgraded to long sleeve. Matching hats, pullovers, jackets, and a bevy of other work clothing is available from the company.

Vertical Market Software ( released its fifth generation of Field Mobile Data software designed for tablets, including iPad and Android devices.

The application turns the technician's paperwork order into an electronic order and allows him or her to time stamp when travel starts, when jobs start, and when jobs are complete. They are also able to enter parts used, flat-rate codes, work-done codes, comments of what was done or observed, and service-history inquiries. If needed, invoices or work tickets can be printed or emailed to the customer.

Victaulic Co. ( showcased its Virtual Truck Loading software that extends building information modeling (BIM) coordination to the trucking process to maximize the efficiency of job site delivery. The patent-pending Virtual Truck Loading software nests spools of piping onto trucks, extending BIM coordination to the transportation phase of construction, allowing the user to gain efficiencies in the fabrication shop including the elimination of double-handling of prefabricated parts. By virtually laying out trucks in advance, fabrication work can be sequenced accordingly, reducing the handling of materials.

WennSoft ( debuted its MobileTech 2013 software, which gives field technicians the ability to receive, modify, and update their schedules via phone, laptop, or tablet, enabling seamless updates between technicians and dispatch. The software offers access to customer information and service history for specific equipment or locations, the ability to secure signatures for completed work, the option to print or email a call summary report from the field, and the ability to track expenses and billable time. The software is available for Windows 7, iOS 5.o, iOS 6.0, and Android 3.1 and above.

HVAC Commercial Equipment

Addison ( introduced its semi-custom packaged cooling systems PR-series, which is designed to be highly energy efficient in both operation and construction, and is compatible with many different load-size variations. Air-cooled air conditioner, air-source heat pump, water-source heat pump, and geothermal water-source heat pump units are available. It is said to be ideal for treatment of 100 percent outside air, with units being available with optional digital scroll compressors, hot refrigerant-gas reheat, and energy conservation wheels.

Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. ( showcased its energy recover Air-to-Air Controllable Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (AAHX). The ACT-AAHX recovers energy from the conditioned exhaust airstream and transfers it to the supply airstream to reduce heating or cooling plant loads. The captured Btu can save thousands of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs, and payback is typically under eight months, said the company. The ACT-AAHX features an integrated pivot that allows the unit to shift from summer-favorable tilt to a winter-favorable tilt so that energy can be recovered year-round.

AeroSys Inc. ( exhibited its Aer-oPak[TM] through-the-wall package units. The AP-Series comes in 1-2 1/2 tons. The ducted units are designed for multifamily apartments, condos, and other high-occupancy buildings. Available configurations include electric cooling-electric heat (APE), electric cooling-gas heat (APG), and heat pump (APH).

Airrex USA LLC ( displayed three new portable a/c models--the HSC-12., the HSC-18 Plus, and the HSC-24 Plus. All of the spot coolers operate in air temperature from 72[degrees]-113[degrees]F and use R-410A. They have a changeable two-way duct and grille, digital controllers with programmable timers, high/low fan speeds, and auto restart. The HSC-12 uses a vinyl-chloride air filter and has a 12,000-Btu cooling capacity. The plus models use aluminum air filters. The HSC-18 Plus has a 16,800-Btu cooling capacity and the HSC-24 Plus has a 23,500-Btu cooling capacity.

Ajax Boiler Inc. ( introduced the Triton Series[TM] high-efficiency boiler, which can be used for space heating and processing hot water. Features include thermal efficiencies of up to 86 percent, fully modulating up to 7:1 turndown, and a sealed combustion chamber.

Applied Comfort Products Inc. ( featured the Applied Comfort New Yorker, a top-mounted hydronic air conditioner. The energy-efficient unit features noise-canceling materials, a high static-pressure blower designed for ducted and hydronic systems, and electronic touchpad controls that can be switched out for a remote wall thermostat and EMS connection.

AQC Dust Collecting Systems ( exhibited its MINIFLO downflow horizontal cartridge collectors for several point-of-use applications. The product is a standalone, pleated, single-cartridge dust collector which is ideal for welding fumes and fine grinding dusts. Features include a 14-gauge steel cabinet, an access door with quickturn knobs for easy access to the high-efficiency filter cartridge, and a 6-gallon dust storage bin with two grab handles.

Automation Tech Inc. ( displayed its patent-pending Pearl Trap proactive water treatment and analysis solution for use in boiler and cooling-water applications. According to the company, the Pearl Trap is an electromechanical watchdog piped inline on the condensate return system, using conductivity, pH, and temperature to evaluate the quality of water passing through it. When that water quality reaches an unacceptable or undesirable state, the water is diverted from the normal condensate return. The unit thus protects the system from contaminants, maintains peak efficiency by treating contamination factors early, and provides for less downtime.

Bard Mfg. Co. Inc. ( showed the I-TEC[TM] classroom climate system. The corrosion-resistant hydrophilic finned coils resist bacterial growth and shed water quickly, eliminating potential IAQ issues. It has an anti-huffing lock on the refrigerant port and a floating compressor platform absorbs vibration caused by unit cycling. The heavyweight cover and discharge muffler help eliminate refrigerant circuit noise. The eco-friendly, high-performance insulation is made of recycled denim.

30 Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. ( introduced its high-performance MegaBlue condensate pump, 1.5L MultiTank, and pump-mounting feet. The pump uses patented rotary-diaphragm technology and is compatible with the complete Blue Diamond range of sensing options. It has been engineered to ensure that current consumption, vibration, and sound are minimal. The MultiTank also includes sensors that eliminate the use of moving floats, which can become stuck.


Bosch Thermotechnology ( showcased the Generation 2 heat pump to cool and heat residential buildings using open or closed geothermal heat transfer. Supply-and-return air connections can be configured in one of eight configurations without opening the refrigeration circuit.

Bryan Steam LLC ( exhibited its high-efficiency Triple-Flex [TM] Series of hot-water condensing boilers, which deliver a minimum of 90 percent operating efficiency with 160[degrees]F return and 18o[degrees]F supply at maximum input.

Canarm Ltd. ( welcomed the IDB Series inline duct blowers, a forward-curved inline duct blower. It can be used as part of an HVAC system and has durable galvanize-steel construction, and is ideal for indoor applications. The variable-pitch motor pulley permits field adjustment (typically [+ or -]15 percent) to match air delivery needs, and the quiet-forward curved blowers operate at half the rpm of other inline solutions.

Carrier Corp. (, a part of United Technologies Corp., has expanded its variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) offerings to include heat-recovery models under the name Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i. The new generation of VRF units delivers innovative technology that optimizes and balances each component in the system to enhance reliability and efficiency. Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i VRF systems have multiple inverter-driven compressors that are compatible with Puron[R] refrigerant (R-410A). SHRM-i three-pipe heat-recovery VRF systems can be used in applications that require simultaneous heating and cooling, said the company. The manufacturer also introduced Capacity RECOVERY capability on Carrier Evergreen[R] 19XR, 19XRV, and 23XRV water-cooled chillers to ensure full cooling capability to mission-critical facilities. With the Capacity RECOVERY central plant water-cooled chillers, units can quickly regain full cooling capacity after an unexpected power loss. As part of the overall integrated design, Carrier Evergreen chillers use the AccuMeter[TM] device to help achieve fast capacity-recovery times; the technology can start and recover a unit to full load in as little as two minutes, said the company. Carrier's AdvanTE3C Optimized Central Plant solution brings energy-saving district-cooling design to individual buildings with a combination of controls and equipment solutions that can save up to 50 percent cooling energy, up to 45 percent heating energy with optional heat recovery chiller, or up to 75 percent cooling energy and 8o percent interior fan energy with optional heat recovery and active chilled beams compared to a ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G baseline design. AdvanTE3C Optimized Central Plant solutions are available in a wide operating range with capacities from 550-2,200 tons. The product is also offered in redundancy, and with heat-recovery options.

Cleaver-Brooks Inc. ( introduced the Clearfire[R]-LC, a large-capacity condensing boiler capable of 4-12 MBtuh. It comes in six different sizes and offers full condensing with up to 98 percent efficiency and 5:1 turndown. There is no minimum return water temperature for maximum efficiency and reliability. The company also showcased its ProFire-MTH burner system, which has a design ideal for use with applications where low emissions are required and flue gas recirculation (FGR) is impractical or inaccessible. The system features a rugged surface-stabilized, premix-combustion element, which ensures quiet combustion, and offers an inverted configuration in lieu of standard configuration to meet space requirements.

CoLmac Industries Inc. ( showed its air-source heat pumps for water heating (HPA) and water-source heat pumps for water heating (HPW). Hydronic-loop water, return-chilled water, condenser or cooling-tower water, geothermal loops or wells, and industrial-process water are a few of the possible heat sources that can be utilized by the HPW heat pump. HPA heat pumps can be applied wherever there is a need for large amounts of hot water and there is a source of warm air available.

Cool-A-Zone ( displayed its CoolBox and CoolBox Jr. units for outdoor climate control. The portable units use evaporative cooling technology, utilizing water-soaked cooling pads, to lower the ambient air temperature from 10[degrees]-25[degrees]F depending on the climate. The CoolBox cools up to 1,050 square feet, while CoolBox Jr. cools up to 500 square feet. According to the company, the units run on less than si a day and are quiet and lightweight. Simply fill with water, plug in, and cool. The digital control panel allows for run-time settings, output-temperature control, fan speed, and low-water warning. The units are said to be ideal for outdoor events, restaurant patios, industrial applications, and disaster relief.

CosmoGas Heating Systems ( introduced the Mydens 75oT and wooT condensing floor standing boilers. The units feature modulation ranges up to 20:1, are fully modulating, and offer efficiencies up to 98 percent. Both units operate at a unit power of 250,000 Btuh. Also released was the AGUAdens 75oT and i000T condensing floor-standing water heater. The unit is equipped with three or four CRV heat exchangers, is fully modulating, includes an outdoor reset, and operates at 250,000 Btuh, with a turndown ratio up to 20:1.

Eaton Corp. ( unveiled the H-Max-Series variable-frequency drive, which is engineered to increase energy savings, lower utility costs, and reduce emissions in commercial buildings, the company said. By electronically controlling the power supplied to a motor, adjustable-frequency drives dynamically adjust the motor's speed to closely match system power requirements. Features include an energy control algorithm, advanced dc capacitors, new-generation insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and a real-time clock. Since the drives can be tuned to actual energy needs, tapering system requirements during off hours, weekends, and holidays allows a customer to see significant cost savings, said the company.

ebm-papst Inc. ( introduced a complete line of energy-saving motors for supermarket display cases, bottle coolers, and vending machines. The line of motors features programmable speed controls and low-profile designs. It also launched the HyBlade 300-800 mm Premium Axial Fans, which employ strong, lightweight aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced plastics.

Evaporcool ( exhibited a new evaporative precooling system with a BACnet-capable controller and easy-maintenance features. The Evaporcool SmartSpray Controller can now connect to a customer's building management system using BACnet or Modbus technologies to show real-time performance and status. The new EZ Frame design includes a removable top panel with removable outside screen and filter media to greatly speed up the occasional need for maintenance.

Florida Bosch Group ( showed the LOV model, one piece of its Water2Air Series, with a compact condensing-unit case that is designed to fit most commercial replacement projects. It is outfitted with compressor, blower motor, and heat-transfer technologies.

31 Fujitsu General America Inc. ( displayed the Airstage VR-II, a heat-recovery system that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling operation. Energy efficiency doubles when the system provides 50 percent cooling and 50 percent heating at the same time, the company said. The VR-II inverter compressor control allows for speed control as low as 0.1-Hz steps. Flexible piping and refrigerant branch unit are options.


32 Grundfos Pumps Corp. ( debuted the MAGNA3 energy-optimized, variable-speed, wet-rotor circulator. It is a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM)-based circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to learn the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand. It features a permanent magnet motor design and is designed for commercial hydronic applications. The AUTOADAPT[TM] function automatically and continuously adjusts circulator performance and the FLOWADAPT[TM] control mode reduces the need for pump throttling valves.


Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley ( featured the MACH 'n' Roll fabricated system to meet domestic hot-water and hydronic-heating needs when space is at a premium. It features the MACH[R] condensing boiler paired with a condensing water-heating system.

Hays Cleveland (, a division of UniControl Inc., exhibited the Burner-Ironic, a burner control unit with integrated leakage test and flame-monitoring system. It is a modular combustion management system for burners from 300 kW.

Heatex America ( introduced the H2, a crossflow heat exchanger. It features a new surface pattern which leads to better control of turbulence, optimized bar spacers, and a smaller frame, which equals a larger plate surface. The product lends itself well to providing higher efficiency.

HG Spec Inc. ( showcased its latest CondenSAFE condensate neutralizer. The unit is divided into three sections, each capable of housing a media bag that can be marked with an installation date. The unit's design allows the user to only use and pay for the media that is needed, depending on the condensate flow rate of the appliance. The CS4P model comes with an integrated pump and alarm panel to prevent overflows.

HTP Inc. ( welcomed the Phoenix Plus high-efficiency, stainless steel indoor/outdoor gas-fired water heater, which features up to a 10:1 turndown ratio and comes in four Btuh sizes: 199K, 260K, 320K, and 399K. The products feature built-in redundancy with a dual-combustion system, a small footprint, and indoor/outdoor installation. HTP also rolled out its Mod Con Double Stack, with a true 10:1 turndown ratio, built-in redundancy, and pre-piped reverse return.

i-Lift Equipment Ltd. ( unveiled a portable, spot air conditioner that is not only compact but also easy to use due to no required installation. The product is designed and manufactured with an advanced rotary-sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread, and highly efficient heat transmitter and exchanger. It has two speed options to provide custom-controlled cooling, from 6,100-27,000 Btuh.

Industrial Combustion ( introduced the MTH series burner, designed for process heating applications such as thermal fluid systems and hot-oil heating. It features a low-pressure, drop-firing head design and low blower-motor horsepower requirement with up to a 5:1 turndown rate. It comes in to different types with anywhere from 2.5-16 MMBtuh and has hinged air housing for easy access to internal components.

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp. ( exhibited the Clean Fuel Systems-CFS Series, which are fuel-conditioning systems for cleaning up diesel. The systems provide clean fuel for reliable starting and dependable operation for back-up, emergency-diesel engines. The units are available for fuel tank sizes up to 6o,000 gallons.

Kelley ( flaunted its Fusion [TM] HVLS Fans. The high-volume, low-speed fans are designed to provide an energy-efficient solution for large spaces. The patented airfoils produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows to the floor and outward in all directions. In the cooler months, the Fusion fan can operate in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level, creating a warmer mix of air throughout the facility. Working with the HVAC system, Kelley fans help regulate temperature from ceiling to floor, which can allow a facility to raise its thermostat setting 3-5[degrees]F.

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( showcased a new multi-zone, duct-free, split heat-pump system that provides heating and cooling for up to eight separate zones, while increasing overall capacity by up to 50 percent compared to previous LG multi-zone models. The new MULTI F MAX system (LMU540HV) increases capacity to a nominal capacity of up to 54,000 Btuh, from the previous multi-zoned system capacity of up to 36,000 Btuh. Adding branch distribution to the MULTI F product family also effectively doubles the number of potential temperature-control zones available.

Lochinvar LLC ( launched its ARMOR wall-mount water heater, with inputs of 125,000 and 199,999 Btuh. It features 96 percent thermal efficiency and 5:1 turndown. In addition, Lochinvar's CREST condensing boiler is now available with inputs up to 5 MMBtuh. Orders are currently being accepted for the new 5 MMBtuh (FBN5000) and 4 MMBtuh (FBN4000) models. Lochinvar is now offering Lock-Temp[R] Stainless Steel Storage Tanks in three new models with 60-, 80-, and 119-gallon capacities. The Lock-Temp Stainless Steel Storage Tank is a fully welded and passivated stainless steel storage tank for potable water.

Marley Engineered Products ( exhibited its new architectural programmable wall heaters, which feature five-day/two-day programming, building management system connection, security lockout function, and right-out-of-the-box set-up. Designed for commercial and residential applications, these zoned heaters provide instant heat wherever occupants are located and feature precise heat output within 1.5[degrees]F of set temperature. Other features include simple touch-screen navigation and programming, remote control to make adjustments anywhere in the room, two-piece construction, and premium-grade stainless steel with seamlessly finished lines and contours.

Mars Air Systems ( welcomed its Series 2 line of air curtains, which has been redesigned, re-engineered, and revamped. The Series 2 product line includes slimmer units, updated colors, and a sleek new design for everything from a drive-thru window to a lobby entrance to warehouse loading dock doors. Series 2 products protect any size window or door opening by conserving energy and helping to maintain temperatures inside a building.

Mits Airconditioning Inc./Aermec S.P.A. ( introduced its NRP units which represent the company's entrance into the multipurpose heat-pump market. The unit allows simultaneous production of cooled and hot water and meets all cooling, heating, and domestic hot water (DHW) production needs. The NRP uses water inside the building instead of refrigerant. NRP heat pumps are suitable for 4-pipe systems (simultaneously requesting hot and cold air), and 2-pipe systems + DHW (simultaneous heating and DHW production; simultaneous cooling and DHW production).

Modine Mfg. Co. ( displayed the [Effinity.sup.93] [R] high-efficiency condensing unit heater. Four sizes have been added; they range between 55,000-110,000 Btu and are dual-certified for residential or commercial use. Blowers are available on models 215-310.

Also, Modine displayed the redesigned Airdale Classmate. It has a patented CF[TM] micro-channel condenser coil, which allows for more efficient cooling while using less space and refrigerant.

Motivair Corp. ( released the Chilled Door Rack cooling system, which targets the critical cooling requirements of today's modern server-rack designs. The system features an active door that is mounted directly to the rear panel of any standard server rack by a patented runner system, which is capable of moving up to 45 kW per rack. The door can be mounted to the back of any standard OEM server rack.

Multiaqua Inc. ( highlighted its new Heat Recovery Chiller (HRC) for simultaneous heating and cooling. Featuring a variable-speed compressor, the chiller is available in 5- and 10-ton sizes.

Multistack ( showed its HS family heat pump, water heater, and [CO.sub.2]-based transcritical heat-pump water heater. The water heaters are available in a standalone, non-modular configuration and feature single-and dual-compressor configuration, depending on the capacity. The [CO.sub.2]-based transcritical heat-pump water heater is 120[degrees]F AT-capable on the hot water side.

Port-A-Cool LLC ( exhibited its Hurricane portable evaporative-cooling unit, which utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads and water to naturally cool up to 3,500 square feet and lower temperatures up to 30[degrees]F. The unit's design provides 67-gallon water capacity and 14,500 cfm, in a 36-inch evaporative cooler. It requires 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation. Additional features include a digital control panel with buttons for operation and status displays.

Power Flame Inc. ( unveiled The Power Flame [R] water-tube boiler packages, which are designed for commercial or industrial gas/oil-fired water-tube boilers. The windbox-style burners are available in the Vector and ultra-low [NO.subx] CSB models; and the gun-style burners are available in the Cmax, Ultra Cmax, and Nova-plus models. PLC or microprocessor-based, state-of-the-art controls are available along with industrial-grade fuel components and accessories.

Recuperator USA ( displayed its Series A and F Plate Heat Exchangers. The equipment features crossflow in a wide range of sizes, up to 6o,000-cfm air flows, with or without bypass and dampers. The devices feature low pressure drop and are available in aluminum, acrylic-protected aluminum, or stainless steel.

Riello Burners North America ( showcased its RLS 300-800/3-EV MX Series dual-fuel low-[NO.sub.x] burners and the RX Series premix gas burners. The low-[NO.sub.x] burner can be used in applications such as hot-water boilers and industrial steam generators, and features an alternatively modulating function due to the PID logic regulator. The RX Series allows users to achieve low-polluting emissions and achieve high-modulating turndown rate.

Rinnai Corp. ( introduced its Tankless Rack System, which makes multi-unit condensing tankless water heater installation easier and more flexible. It is available in free-standing or wall-mounted options for indoor or outdoor applications.

Schebler Co. ( exhibited its Sequence Draft Control[TM] design service, which provides a complete engineered venting-system solution. The integrated system monitors and adjusts stack and exhaust outlet pressure for each appliance to ensure proper operation and optimal performance.

Service Tech Cooling Towers ( highlighted its field-erected concrete cooling towers. The concrete tower can be adapted to fit a facility's existing basin. If the facility is in a seismic or hurricane zone, the Service Tech units are said to be easily and economically adaptable to high winds and seismic loading. The concrete towers boast an average life cycle of 50 years. The company also said its combination of cast-in-place and tilt-wall methods makes its concrete cooling-tower line price competitive. Concrete tower applications include university HVAC, hospital complexes, chemical, petrochemical, refineries, and power plants.

Smardt Chiller Group Inc. ( featured its new thermosyphon-free cooling technology for data centers. With this technology, liquid refrigerant is taken to its vapor state, then migrates naturally to the condenser where it is cooled by the ambient cold air. Back in its liquid form, it returns to the chiller to start the process over again. The refrigerant cycles on its own without having to operate the compressors. Free-cooling configurations include single and dual circuit, evap-condensing, and condenserless/split.

SPX Cooling Technologies ( introduced its MH fluid cooler, which utilizes a combination of fill media and prime surface coil(s) to offer improved performance over conventional closed-circuit coolers. Utilizing a hybrid design, the cooler combines the functionality of a cooling tower and a heat exchanger in one piece of equipment. With higher capacity per footprint than other closed-circuit designs, the fluid cooler works well in applications with space restrictions.

Sterling HVAC Products ( showcased Xcelon, a make-up air unit. It joins the efficiencies of condensing hydronic boilers with air distribution--all controlled by an integrated control platform.

33 Superior Radiant Products ( welcomed the Series AM adaptive modulating infrared tube heater, which combines the benefits of a fully modulating infrared heater with the company's 100 percent efficient reflector for maximum efficiency. It fully modulates gas and air, has a modulating differential of 40 percent, and is self-regulating with no fixed points, adapting to demand regardless of conditions.


Temtrol ( released the Baldor Super-E motors, which are balanced to vibration levels at half the allowable National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) limits. The keyless shaft, combined with a compression fan-mounting system, allows for easier assembly and maintenance, and contributes to a more balanced system.

ThermaSys Corp. ( highlighted its micro-channel coil condensers for comfort cooling applications. The aluminum furnace-brazed coils feature integrated construction. The extruded micro-channel tubes put a higher percentage of refrigerant in contact with the walls for optimum refrigerant heat transfer. Smaller internal volumes require less refrigerant. The aluminum construction provides better corrosion resistance, eliminates formicary corrosion, and enables longer unit life. It also provides lighter weight. The coils are UL listed for R-410A pressures.

Trane (, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, showcased several products, including the Trane Advantage VRF-variable-refrigerant systems, featuring variable-speed compressor technology, which offer individualized solutions for improved temperature control and occupant comfort in an energy-efficient package. Variable-speed compressor technology closely matches energy use to the demands of the building, heating and cooling only the areas that require it. The latest Trane IntelliPak[TM] I unitary rooftop systems, available in 20-130 tons, optimize energy efficiency and performance to deliver maximum customer value. Full-load, energy-efficiency ratios (EERs) range from 10-14.2. The Trane[TM] Series S[TM] CenTraVac[TM] chiller features AdaptiSpeed[TM] technology. It is designed with replacement and retrofit applications in mind. The Trane Axiom[TM] variable-speed, water-source heat pumps include vertical configurations, as well as the newly released horizontal units.

34 WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. ( introduced the Envisionz Compact Series geothermal heat pump. It can be used for boiler/tower applications and the replacement of aging water-source heat pumps. Available in 0.756-ton capacities, the Envisionz Compact design includes the Aurora generation of communicating controls and coaxial heat exchangers that are oversized and convoluted with a copper inner tube and steel outer tube for maximum heat transfer at normal and low-water flow rates, minimizing pressure drop. The Envision[TM] Series Low Sill Console is designed for rooms without ductwork, such as hotels and classrooms. The unit's single-speed, R-410A rotary compressor features the capability of extreme loop temperature operation. A coaxial heat exchanger, oversized and convoluted with a copper inner tube and steel outer tube, is designed for maximum heat transfer at normal and low water-flow rates to minimize pressure drop. The Compressor Control Module (CCM) comes standard on the Low Sill Console, offering a more reliable replacement for electromechanical systems. An optional, full-featured Versatec Microprocessor Control with expanded unit sensors is also available.

Wessels Co. ( highlighted the WessView, a diaphragm integrity monitor which allows for maintenance troubleshooting of any diaphragm tank. The device allows for fast, accurate assessment of the expansion tank's integrity by changing color from white to red if the diaphragm is compromised.

35 Wilo USA LLC ( welcomed the Wilo Stratos GIGA, a high-efficiency inline circulator. It can be used in hot-water heating systems, closed-cooling circuits, industrial-circulation systems, and air conditioning systems. It has single-stage, low-pressure, inline-centrifugal pump heads to 167 feet, flows to 275 gpm, is available in glanded construction, mechanical shaft seal, flanged connections, and features a compact and space-saving design.


WoodMaster/Northwest Mfg. Inc. ( displayed commercial boilers as part of its Woodmaster Corn mercial Series for commercial customers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-qualified Flex Fuel line for the home.

Zehnder Rittling ( introduced its forced-air convectors, which are designed for buildings with high-perimeter heat loss, such as locations with a substantial amount of glass. The convectors feature quiet operation, a variety of mounting styles, and a slim-line design to provide flexibility. The company also showcased its new Caroline radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels, which feature high- and even-surface temperature, due to the thermal conductivity of their graphite layer. This high-performance system can be easily integrated into new or existing grid and suspended ceilings.

HVAC Residential Equipment

CellarCool ( introduced packaged systems for the wine cellar. Available in a split horizontal-mounted and split vertical-mounted configuration, these units are created to hide in the void space of the wine rack. Both configurations have adjustable fan-speed control and a black finish. There are detachable-access panels to redirect airflow and a 55[degrees]F temperature differential. The systems are primarily used in ductless applications, but can be ducted up to 8-feet away.

CellarPro Cooling Systems ( showed its CellarPro Air Handler Series designed to be entirely ducted for wine cellars from 1,750-2,500 cubic feet. The system can be installed horizontally, vertically, or as a split system. Each unit features a heater, variable-speed fans with ducting up to loo equivalent feet, and an optional humidifier.

ClimateMaster Inc. ( featured its Trilogy- 40 series, which the company said is the first series of geothermal heat pumps certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to exceed 40 EER at ground-loop (GLHP) conditions. The unit utilizes variable-speed technology to provide a wide range of heating and cooling capacities, with the ability to match loads to as low as 30 percent of maximum. In addition, patent-pending Q-Mode-technology produces year-round domestic hot water on demand, even when space conditioning is not required.

CosmoGas Heating Systems ( introduced its Mydens zzoM condensing wall-mounted boiler. Only 19 inches in size, the system is fully modulating, offers efficiency up to 98 percent, features a turndown ratio up to 5a, and is built of titanium stainless steel. The company also released Mydens 399T and 500T condensing floor standing boilers, which are equipped with two CRV heat exchangers made of titanium stainless steel that work in cascade mode with unit power at 300,000 Btuh and 250,000 Btuh, respectively. The AGUAdens 220M condensing wall-mounted water heater features condensation technology, is fully modulating, and features an outdoor reset.

Eco Solar Technologies ( showcased its Solar Cool[TM] solar air conditioning unit. The Solar Cool is a high-efficiency, two-stage air conditioning system integrated with a solar-thermal panel. Solar Cool's thermal panels generate heat, which reduces electricity usage. The solar-thermal air conditioner systems are available in both packaged and split system configurations in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton units.

First Co. Products ( introduced its WHSC Series 14 SEER through-the-wall condensing units. By using state-of-the-art components like electronically commutated motors (ECM), high-efficiency compressors, and enhanced coil technology, the WHSC Series condensing unit achieves 14 SEER when combined with First Co.'s matching high-efficiency air handler.

Frigidaire ( displayed a packaged terminal air conditioner with heat pump and electric back-up heat strip, offered in both seacoast- and normal-coated protection.

Heat Controller Inc. ( displayed a number of new product lines, including a 95 percent two-stage gas furnace with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) variable-speed blower motor. The 95 percent single-stage gas furnace has two heat exchangers, a hot-surface igniter, and onboard diagnostics. The 92 percent single-stage gas furnace has integrated furnace control with onboard diagnostics and easy-to-change filter. The 80 percent non-condensing gas furnace features a hot-surface igniter, in-shot burner, and tubular heat exchanger. The dry R-22 heat pump is designed to replace existing R-22 systems. The HMG air handler is multi-positional and has a micro-channel A-coil. The HCG variable-speed air handler features an ECM blower motor and the blower cabinet is insulated. The HMB modular air handler is a flexible option when space is an issue, said the company. The FMG wall-mount air handler is available as the FMG-FiE with permanent-split capacitor (PSC) blower motor and flowrater, rated at 13 SEER, and the FMG-XiE with ECM blower motor and TXV. The RSG condensing units feature a scroll compressor and full-metal louvered jacket. The Builders Series condensing units contain rotary compressors and PSC motors. The dry R-22 condensers come with dry nitrogen charge that's exhausted before charging with R-22. The HRG heat pumps are available in 1.3 and 14 SEER models.

HTP Inc. ( introduced the Phoenix Light Duty water heater, which features a 3:1 turndown ratio and 25,000-76,000 Btuh. It comes in three tank sizes: 45, 6o, and 8o gallons.

King Electric Mfg. ( launched a hydronic wall-mount heating unit for bedroom and bathroom applications. The unit uses hot water from the hot-water tank, passes it through radiant heat plates, and returns the hot water to the tank. Inside the heater, a squirrel-cage fan draws room-temperature air across the plates. The H Series has four models that range in capacity from 1,000-10,500 Btu.

Kingtec Group USA Inc. ( displayed its Kz5Z-4 solar-powered air conditioner unit. The K25Z-4 is a 16,000-Btu piece of renewable-energy technology that is capable of running at 18.8 EER. King-tec K25Z-4's eco-friendly, energy-efficient design can save homeowners money while allowing the unit to operate off the grid during power outages or brownouts.

Laars Heating System Co. ( introduced a wall-mounted, modulating-condensing Mascot II boiler, which offers high efficiency, ease of use, and versatility in a small, ioo-pound package. The low NOx, 95 percent AFUE, sealed-combustion, fully modulating system is available as a 125-MBtuh input boiler or combination boiler and water heater. Energy Star-qualified, it has a built-in condensate trap and auto air-elimination vent. Full access is available to both the gas valve and control panel at the same time. Also included is a unique, sealed condensate trap that does not need to be primed at startup. It allows for zero-clearance installation with the option of multiple boiler staging to handle larger-sized heating loads and common venting.

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( introduced Art Cool Premier, an ultra high-efficiency, duct-free, split solution with a SEER rating of up to 28 for the 9,000-Btuh model and up to 26 for the 12,000-Btuh model. Art Cool Premier features optimized, four-way swing airflow, allowing for a six-step vertical vane, five-step horizontal louver, and a 16 degree horizontal current to disperse air effectively in any environment. The company also debuted Art Cool-Gallery with Inverter, which is a duct-free, residential, single-zone heat-pump system that is available in 9,000- and 12,000-Btuh models. With a picture frame design that can be personalized with artwork or photography, the Art Cool Gallery with Inverter features SEER ratings up to 16.

Maxitrol Co. ( displayed its Selectra Series 14+ electronic gas flame modulation systems, designed primarily for make-up air heating, as components for direct-fired equipment. The system is specified for new equipment installation and may be installed on existing equipment in the field. It consists of modulator or modulator-regulator valves and amplifiers featuring low-fire start, freeze thermostat, mild-weather thermostat, and integral temperature selection.

Mepco ( highlighted its Type SC Sentinel Condensate Pump, whose complete compact assembly returns condensate to boiler feed receivers or directly to boilers. The pump provides condensate recovery from comfort heating systems or low-pressure steam processes. It runs with a 3,450-rpm motor.

Mirage Appliances Inc. ( showcased its Magnum 20 wall-mounted air conditioner, which features ACT (Absolut Cleaning Technology) filters. The unit uses R-41oA refrigerant, which does not contribute to ozone depletion. The unit operates up to 20 SEER.

Modine Mfg. Co. ( highlighted its Geofinity residential line of geothermal heat pumps. The heat pumps are available in water-to-water, water-to-air, and water-to-air/water combination unit. The Orb controller, which is now standard on almost every Geofinity unit, provides real-time data on the system, whether onsite or via email or website.

Navien America Inc. ( showed the NPE Navien Premium condensing-gas tankless water heater which utilizes a 1/2-inch gas line and z-inch PVC venting. It is designed to operate to io,000 feet in altitude.

Needo ( is a new brand by Zoppas Industries offering a high-end electric-radiator system. According to the company, the product is designed to provide optimum heat transfer, an even distribution of heat across the entire surface of the radiator, and a rapid-and-even rise in temperature. The key to its operation is a two-phase heat-transfer system that enables the radiator to recover the energy produced by evaporation of the fluid embedded in the core and obtain a quick rise in temperature. The radiator is available in several lines, designed to appeal to different aesthetic tastes, with each line offered in horizontal and vertical models, as well as multiple colors. A choice of three wireless controllers enables the user to control one radiator, up to 20 radiators on one zone, or up to 20 radiators on up to 20 zones.

NY Thermal Inc. ( featured its Trinity TX high-efficiency stainless steel condensing boiler. The unit comes in a combination version which provides both space heating and domestic hot water (DHW). It features full capacity in heating and DEW mode, quick-connecting components for servicing, and a patented Ferritic SS ASME heat exchanger. Models are available from 46,000-151,000 Btuh.

Phoenix Mfg. Inc. ( displayed the EcoKool, an evaporative cooler for a condenser. The unit addresses the loss of efficiency due to excessive heat by creating an ideal environment for an air conditioner to operate in, like climate control for an a/c unit, claimed the company. Features include 93 percent high-efficiency rigid media and a drift eliminator, which ensures the condenser coil remains dry and free from water deposits. The Power Clean System evacuates mineral-laden water from the reservoir.

Quietside/Samsung ( exhibited the Max mini-split air conditioner, a single-zone, hardwired unit. The Smart Inverter technology automatically adjusts power to cope with any variances, ensuring the user experiences minimal temperature fluctuation.

Rinnai Corp. ( showcased the Q Premier Boiler, which combines the efficiency of a Rinnai heating-only boiler with a 24-gallon charged, indirect tank, bringing the best of both technologies into a single unit. The company also showed its Timer Controller and Grundfos Pump and Timer Kit exclusively for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. The system uses Rinnai Circ-Logic-technology, which allows homeowners to set recirculation patterns to coincide with household usage patterns.

Runtal North America Inc. ( unveiled its electric-panel radiators (baseboard style). This patent-pending technology features high outputs and low surface temperatures, and may be used to heat the entire house for those with electric-heating systems, or zoned heating for those with hydronic or warm-air-heating systems. The electric baseboard panels are available in lengths ranging from 3-10 feet, in increments of i foot in both 208- and 240-V configurations, and may be ordered in more than loo colors. A 12.0-V version is also available.

Stelpro Design Inc. ( introduced its redesigned ASCH portable heaters. The heaters are designed for construction sites, areas requiring temporary and efficient heating, or for those looking for an affordable heater for their garages or workshops.

Stiebel Eltron Inc. ( exhibited its CNS-E heater. The European-design electric convention heater is wall mounted and can replace baseboards in retrofit situations, or is ideal in situations where builders and owners are looking for a space-saving alternative to baseboards. Available in sizes from 500-2,400 W, CNS-E heaters have a built-in thermostat and work through natural convection ensuring draft-free operation. As they are fan-less, CNS-E heaters are totally silent in operation. Multiple units can be placed strategically in larger spaces and their temperature settings can be adjusted individually for maximum comfort control. The slimline modern design uses the chimney effect to accomplish significant heating in a compact package.

WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. ( spotlighted the 7 Series heat pump. The 7 Series 700A11 is a variable-capacity geothermal unit and surpasses both 41 energy efficiency ratio (EER) and 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP). The 700A11 utilizes WaterFurnace's InfiniSpeed technology, a soft-start, variable-capacity compressor, in concert with a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) blower and variable-speed loop pump. The company also exhibited the 5 Series high-temperature hydronic heat pump. Capable of 150T water output, the 5 Series 502W12. uses two high-efficiency Copeland Scroll[TM] compressors. Features include compressor blankets, double-isolation mounting plates, a discharge muffler, and two brazed-plate heat exchangers.

Weil-McLain ( launched its companion water heater (CWH) with a WM97+ boiler, which maximizes savings during low-demand periods. The company also introduced the GV90+ cast iron gas boiler that can vent with PVC piping. Up to 92 percent AFUE efficient, the boiler features a durable cast-iron primary heat exchanger and a condensing, stainless steel, secondary heat exchanger. Also on display was the Aqua-Plus line of indirect-fired water heaters, which feature a compact size and no additional exhaust flues or fuel piping to consider.

Wilo USA LLC ( welcomed the Wilo WQB, a multistage booster pump, which operates at 67dB. It can be used in household boosting, light commercial boosting, water conditioning, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, and reverse osmosis. The WQB has built-in dry-running protection, automatically starts and stops as taps are opened or closed, thermal-overload protection, is self-priming, offers constant pressure and flow, and includes automatic and manual reset.

IAQ + Ventilation

Air Innovations Inc. ( launched HEPAirX[R], a packaged, ventilating room air purifier available as a window or through-wall model that features 99.97 percent or 95 percent HEPA air conditioning and heating. Product applications include clean rooms (for compound mixing or clean, temperature-controlled storage); in-plant offices (to protect occupants from airborne contaminants in a factory or parts during instrument cleaning); enclosures (for animal research cages or other sensitive equipment); and healthcare (for individual rooms such as bedrooms, offices, waiting rooms, and exam rooms).

Air Products and Controls Inc. ( showcased its line of contractor-friendly carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and combination smoke-and-CO alarms. Model APC-120V-CO-S combination alarm is a 120-V, hard-wired application with battery backup that protects even in the event of a power outage, while the Model APC-9V-CO-S combination alarm features single-station convenience with no wires and includes a 9-volt battery. Model APC-9V-CO is a CO alarm that features a red LED power indicator and includes a 9-volt battery.

Air Quality Doctor ( exhibited a patented IAQ unit that combines five IAQ devices into one centralized system. The AQD300 is a fully automated system that includes air-to-air heat-recovery ventilator, whole-house mechanical dehumidification, and enthalpy-humidification system with free heating and cooling. The product also includes whole-house air filtration with a HEPA filter; ultraviolet lights; and a whole-house, bathroom-exhaust system. The components also have the capability to communicate with each other.

Aire Technologies Inc. ( displayed a fire/smoke damper and a smoke damper. Both dampers are available in three leakage classes: Class I (ultra-low leakage), Class II (low leakage), and Class III (leakage). The combination fire-and-smoke dampers are rated for 1 1/2 hours or three hours. The smoke dampers are factory-installed in a sleeve and are available with an externally or internally mounted actuator.

Airia Brands Inc. ( introduced a new core in its MAX Series heat-recovery ventilator, which recovers 85 percent of heat energy in residential applications. The patented aluminum core efficiently transfers heat from outgoing stale air to incoming fresh air, resulting in better IAQ and a more energy-efficient home.

American Coolair Corp. ( displayed its MXF mixed-flow duct fans, which are a hybrid design that combines the volume-flow capabilities of an axial fan with the pressure capabilities of a centrifugal fan. They are designed to operate in all environments, including elevated temperatures and contaminated air. The company also highlighted its new Type VA Vanax fans, which are true-vane axial fans designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Atco Rubber Products Inc. ( announced that all of its products are available with Owens Corning[TM] EcoTouch[TM] insulation for flexible duct.

Best Living Systems LLC ( showed its MERV 7 PerfectFit Filters[TM]. These filters have a sturdy, internal frame that helps eliminate warping and removes cardboard from the mold equation, according to the company. The filter eliminates bio-nesting and blow-by, and meets ASHRAE rated standards. Disposable every 90 days, the company recommends the filters be changed four times a year. Contractors can purchase the filters in packs of four. Standard sizes are available, some unusual sizes available upon request.

Big Ass Fan Co. ( introduced its Element line in which, during warm months, the additional air movement of the large-diameter fans creates a cooling sensation, while in winter, with a roof solar-thermal system heating a building, fans redirect warm air from the ceiling to the thermostat level.

BlueShield Technologies ( displayed its Bio-Defender Series air-filtration kit and evaporator coil and condenser kit. The Bio-Defender Series consists of an LED light module and OxiTitan antimicrobial spray. The LED light module has a frequency tuned to a specific wavelength that is not UV, does not emit ozone, and provides more than 50,000 hours of life, said the manufacturer. The antimicrobial spray liquid is applied to an HVAC filter or an evaporator coil and the LED light activates the coating, creating an electrostatically charged environment that traps and kills bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and mold; removes odors; and disassembles toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), according to the company. The OxiTitan spray forms a permanent bond and is said to be eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and crystal clear.

Broan-NuTone LLC ( introduced its latest Energy Star-qualified Broan and NuTone LoProfile Fans. Designed for retrofit applications and multifamily new construction, the LoProfile Fans can be installed between 2-by-4-inch wall studs. The fans include a 4-inch oval duct connector and a transition for 4-inch oval to 3-inch round ducts. The fan operates at 80 cfm.

Brune ( launched its B500 Professional portable humidifier. The unit is mobile by steerable casters. It has the option for direct water supply and a high-output capacity for areas up to 4,200 square feet. It uses normal tap water and provides for quiet operation via its five-step automatic fan. The B500 has a self-diagnosing system display for maintenance and troubleshooting malfunctions and, according to the company, the unit enables simple service and maintenance through its modular design. The UV sterilization and limescale-conversion cartridge reduces bacteria growth and avoids limescale deposits in the humidifier or on the property. The wireless sensor control has a range of up to 300 feet.

Canarm Ltd. ( showcased its DFRC Series in-line duct fans, which are available in 4-, 5-, 6-, 8-, and 10-inch diameters. The series provides airflows up to 88o cfm and features a high-quality external rotor motor and backward inclined blade for effective airflow, even under higher static pressures. The company also welcomed its XBL belt-drive wall fans, which it says are ideal for factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, greenhouses, and more. It is available in 24-, 30-, 36-, 42-, and 48-inch blade diameters, features a heavy-gauge steel fan panel with deep-spun orifice and flared venturi to maximize efficiency, and has a durable baked-on, textured polyethylene powder-coat finish.

Carel Industries S.p.A. ( introduced optiMist, an evaporative cooling and humidifying system. OptiMist atomizes water in fine droplets which, while spontaneously evaporating, removes heat from the humid and cooled air. It uses a vane pump to pressurize the water, subsequently atomizing it through special nozzles. The optiMist ensures an overall energy savings in the air-handling unit of 69 kW for every 220 pounds per hour of evaporated water, with low consumption and pressure drop.

Dectron Inc. ( displayed its eco-tron, a custom unit which can be used for refrigeration, energy recovery, desiccant humidification, air purification, and air-treatment solutions. It can be fully customized or semi-customized, one piece or modular, and comes in 500-250,000 cfm.

Delta Products Corp. ( exhibited its BreezSmart ventilation fan, which features fully automated and adjustable ventilation for green construction. The SMT130M bathroom fan with motion sensor produces 130 cfm, while using W. The company also highlighted its BreezSignature G2 series fans in a no-cfm model, which features improved energy efficiency, adjustable motion, and humidity-sensing technology. The new BreezGreenBuilder G2 ventilation fan includes an LED lighting option and is designed for easy installation.

Desert Aire Corp. ( introduced its enhanced Q-Pump[TM] water-source heat pump (WSHP) dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), which will lower energy consumption during the heat-pump mode of operation. The unit can now condition 0[degrees]F entering air to 70[degrees] leaving air temperature without the use of any form of pre-heat, post-heat, or energy wheel (based on a 45[degrees] entering water temperature or greater). The company also announced that its Aura[TM] Series outdoor installation, air-cooled dehumidifiers are now available in 20-, 25-, and 30-ton sizes. This system allows engineers to separate the latent load of the building and deliver conditioned air to the space, which will optimize the performance of the building's heating and cooling systems.

Ductmate Industries Inc. ( showcased PolyArmor[TM] polyester duct-liner insulation. The hypoallergenic polyester material is webbed into a thermal blanket with an FSK facing to resist damage during system installation and operation. Standard thickness and length sizes are 1-inch-(R-5) by-loo-feet, 1.5-inches-(R-6) by-50-feet, and 2.-inches-(R-8) by-50-feet.

Ductsox Corp. (, a subsidiary of Rite-Hite Corp., expanded its SkeleCore[TM] in-duct, cylindrical-tensioning system into a new product line with the additions of the SkeleCore[TM] Fabric Tensioning System (FTS) and the Skel-eCore[TM] Internal Hoop System (IHS). The SkeleCore FTS allows installing contractors to field-adjust the textile tautness and roundness with a turn of a wrench for wrinkle-free aesthetics. The system consists of cylindrical tensioning rings attached circumferentially to the fabric via sewn-in clips at the inlet, end cap, and connections; fabric-supporting internal rings spaced every 6 feet; and SkeleCore's 3/4-inch-diameter lightweight-aluminum backbone tube. The SkeleCore IHS is shipped in 20-foot sections. The 360 degree hoops are spaced 5-feet apart and attached to the fabric at the 4-, 8- and 12-o'clock positions.

E Instruments Intl. LLC ( rolled out its AQ Expert, a portable IAQ monitor intended for use in hospitals, buildings, schools, labs, airports, clean rooms, and more. It provides monitoring and data logging for these spaces, has up to 11 customizable parameters, and allows for real-time continuous data logging. The PC software and USB hardware is included. It has a large internal memory and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Optional handheld probe can be used for testing. There is an active, internal sampling pump that offers wireless communications with computers and remote printers.

Ebac Industrial Products Inc. ( introduced the DD700 and DD1200 desiccant dehumidifiers. Both use two EC fans, are variable speed, and feature an electronic thermostat.

ebm-papst Inc. ( showed the AxiTop diffuser, the ACmaxx, GreenTech EC company fans for ac power systems, a broad range of EC Centrifugal Fans, a series of Plenum Fans, and a large EC axial fan--the 1,250 mm W3GZ50. The AxiTop comes for 800 and 910 mm axial fans. The W3GZ50 offers a direct-drive motor and its blades produce more than 38,000 cfm.

Envirco ( displayed the MAC 10 LE-DC fan-filter unit, which uses a proprietary baffling system and backward inclined fan to improve energy efficiency. The unit also features electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology with an internal microprocessor to increase performance and deliver long motor life. These fan filter units can be used in a variety of critical clean-air applications.

Flexiva Ventilation Systems ( introduced the Isiltak, a connection device between the flexible duct and the main steel-ventilation duct, the connection points, fans, and air-handling units. The connection allows contractors to screw on the ductwork and lock it into place over the plastic without the assistance of cable ties or aluminum tape. It is soon to be UL listed, according to the company.

GE Measurement and Control Solutions ( highlighted its Ventostat[R] wall-mount [CO.sub.2], humidity, and temperature transmitters for demand-controlled ventilation, which prevent energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining IAQ. The Telaire 8000 Ventostat Series is available in a number of configurations. The T8loo uses a single-channel sensor using patented ABC Logic for lifetime calibration. Single-channel sensors are used in spaces where there is not full-time occupation (most applications). The T8200 uses a dual-channel optical system and three-point calibration process for enhanced stability, accuracy, and reliability.

Healthway ( featured its systems, including the 2000 SC self-contained air-cleaning system, 2000 IL inline air-cleaning system, 1200 SC self-contained air-cleaning system, and 700 CM cleaning-mount air-cleaning system. They feature Healthway's patented DFS (disinfecting filtration system) technology, which is said to break through the cell structure of viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi, trapping and killing them. The patented V-bank filter increases surface area and provides high dust-loading capacity. The company says it provides filtration of 99.99 percent down to a size of 0.002 microns.

Imperial Mfg. Group ( showed its XPH Solace heat-recovery ventilator Series. The series is specified for residential usage and features the DuoTrol balancing system that, according to the company, reduces motor speed to balance the unit and help it consume less energy. It has a 6-inch-diameter collar system for simple installation and a range of controls to make operating the system simple for contractors and end users. It comes in XPH 1.5 and 2.0 models. The former is 49 pounds and the latter is 59 pounds. Both models have a crossflow heat exchanger and operate on 120 vac.

KE Fibertec NA Inc. ( displayed its CradleVent [R] fabric duct system that is certified as a manufacturing-to-recycling ventilation duct. It was approved as cradle-to-cradle certified by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) Institute in Hamburg, Germany. Once it is no longer usable, the manufacturer takes the fabric product back for disassembly and recycling, so as not to waste any materials. Initially the textile-based ventilation duct will be available in white Trevira CS fabric. The company has plans for more colors to follow.

Koch Filter Corp. ( welcomed the Koch ICF Series of industrial cartridge filters for gas turbines and environmental dust collection. They feature high-efficiency MERV II-15 media, high-moisture resistance, multiple media options for different environments, durable construction, replaces OEM filters, multiple core and end-cap options, and uniform pleat seating.

36 LG Electronics USA Inc. ( exhibited the Dynamic V8 VL Series air cleaner, which features a long filter life that can reduce a wide range of particulate and gas-phase contaminants, including: ultra-fine particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and biological contaminants. With near-HEPA filter performance, the air cleaner is designed for variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) systems and does not emit ion or ozone pollutants. The MERV 15-plus rated air cleaner was designed with a flat-loading curve to prevent degradation of airflow as the filter gets dirty. This also means that the maintenance cycle of the V8 is typically measured in years, not months.


37 MacroAir Technologies Inc. ( featured its AirElite fan line. The line is designed for high-end or customer-facing applications. AirElite integrates its 1/2-hp motor, electronics, and controls within a housing compartment. The fans are said to have a low-profile installation, high carrier frequency, and customizable colors.


Modine Mfg. Co. ( showed the Atheriore 7 1/2-15 ton packaged rooftop-ventilation unit, which offers MERV 16 filtration, up to loo percent outside-air ventilation, and factory-installed Modine Controls System. The unit integrates PF[TM] micro-channel condenser technology and provides a high-efficiency gas-heating option with Conservicore[R] technology.

NanoFiltration Tecnnologies LP ( exhibited its winged fiber media for aerosol filtration products. This new patented winged fiber provides the surface area of microfibers with the strength, flexibility, and processability of standard fibers, the company says. The fiber is macro in size but provides nanofiber performance through its unique geometric design. The fibers are produced using standard bi-component, spunbond technology. In addition, the winged fibers are hydroentangled, washed, and electrostatically charged. The resulting media provides high particle-capture efficiencies, low pressure drop, and expanded dust-holding capacity. The company, in conjunction with HEPA Corp., also featured the new LEAF- (low energy air filtration) series HEPA filters that utilize the new winged-fiber media. The HEPA filters are said to have a minimum 99.97 percent efficiency at 0.30 microns and are available in aluminum separator pack style with all standard frame options--aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, and wood.

Ostberg Americas Inc. ( showcased its HERU Heat & Energy Recovery Unit. Designed for supply and exhaust air ventilation combined with energy recovery, it is equipped with fine mesh filters--with a MERV rating of 13--for both exhaust and supply air.

Patterson Fan Co. Inc. ( released the High-5 High Volume Ceiling Fan. After nearly two years in development, the modular fan has multiple speeds which allow for cooling in the summer and destratification in winter. It comes with a five-year unconditional warranty and is available in sizes of 18 and 24 feet.

Primex Mfg. Ltd. ( introduced The Terminator, a rigid, molded plastic housing created to terminate HVAC ductwork. It attaches quickly to a stud or a joist and leaves a level, circular opening that fits ducting and grilles without adjustments or shimming.

RenewAire LLC ( displayed the 90-Series energy-recovery ventilators. The unit may be mounted in any orientation and in heated or unheated locations. The airflow range is 40-110 cfm. The EV90 has a painted case, low-voltage controls, and line cord. The GR90 has a galvanized case, line voltage, and no line cord. The company also showed its CA Outdoor Series commercial energy-recovery ventilators. Its ventilation type is static plate, heat, and humidity transfer. It has insulated sheet-metal cabinets with energy-exchange cores and filters. A blower is not included and must be specified to meet the job requirements. Three models are available. Depending on the model, the typical airflow range is 500-2,220 cfm up to 1,000-4,400 cfm.

Reversomatic Mfg. Ltd. ( exhibited its Deluxe Series self-balancing HRV/ERV. The product boasts a patent-pending design featuring automatic electronic air balancing. Three models are available: an HRV with an aluminum core, an HRV with a polypropylene core, and an ERV with an enthalpy core.

38 Rosenberg USA Inc. ( launched its explosion-proof evaporator fans for use in areas where there is danger of explosive atmospheres. They are available in sizes of 400 mm, 450 mm, and 500 mm, offering airflow from 3,000-6,500 cfm. Rosenberg also introduced its ECOFIT motorized, backward-curved impellers, which deliver low noise and highly efficient air cooling in uninterruptible power supply (UPS), able-frequency drive, and other rectifier or inverter units. Both ac and electronically commutated (EC) models are available. These fans are ideal for air conditioning, supplemental cooling, rack, or in-row equipment cooling. They feature a rated life expectancy L10 with a minimum 50,000 hours of operation at air temperatures up to 158[degreesF]. IP44 protection is standard.


Rotobrush Intl. LLC ( showcased its aiR+ XP duct-brush system, which features a more powerful vacuum than its predecessor, the aiR+. The aiR+ XP's brush system rotates at 450 rpm to loosen debris from the inside walls of air ducts before vacuuming up the debris. It is safe to use in every type of duct application, including flexible ductwork.

Seiho Intl. Inc. ( introduced the JSP Adjustable Plastic Grille, a square plate that can be pressed in for adjusting the airflow at four different positions, three in the open position, and one closed. It offers architectural styling for low-flow supply and exhaust applications, is designed for ceiling and wall mounting, and is ideal for use in high-humidity indoor installations, such as bathrooms, showers, and dish-washing areas. It also introduced the KX aluminum vent cap, which is ideal for residential ventilation applications such as storage rooms, attics, basements, and bathroom and kitchen exhaust. Insect screens can be added as an option.

SenseAir AB ( launched a high-performance platinum coating, EQC (eternal quality coating). The coating is used in the measurement cell and increases optic performance using the infrared-gas measurement method. EQC is designed to reduce the environmental load of the manufacturing process, while improving accuracy and stability under varying temperature and humidity conditions, and in polluted air. The company also highlighted its new [CO.sub.2] Engine[R] K33 LP low-power module, which is designed for high-volume production with full traceability by sensor serial number on all manufacturing processes and key components.

Seresco Technologies Inc. ( showed Protocol NP Series, a commercial dehumidifier series that utilizes glycol. Also new is the PDH program, a one-hour tutorial on total natatorium design for engineers that need professional development hour (PDH), state continuing-education credits.

Smart Fog Inc. ( displayed its TSioo Aerodynamic HVAC In-Duct NonWetting Humidifier, which features mathematically generated algorithms that maintain constant relative humidity 24/7 with no fluctuations. Its flexible and modular design means the system can adapt to any duct and does not require drains, droplet screens, or specialized insulation.

Steril-Aire Inc. ( featured its new Fast Install Tower (FIT), which provides a quick, easy installation of Steril-Aire single-ended UVC Emitter[TM] lengths from 12-42 inches. FIT is designed for medium-to-large air-handling units typically found in commercial and industrial applications, and is an optimal solution for those installations with space constraints, staggered banks, and facilities where HVAC downtime is a critical concern.

39 Strobic Air Corp. ( introduced the Smart System control panel to complement the company's Tri-Stack Critical Life Safety Exhaust Systems. The Smart System maintains safe ventilation levels while minimizing facility energy costs. The product measures fan performance, allowing it to safely control fan speed while never dropping below a minimum outlet velocity and stack height. It also reduces sound levels in off-peak loading and logs performance data for more than five years.


40 Titus ( showcased the Temperature and Ambience Optimizer, a type of chilled beam displacement ventilation unit for buildings where air quality is a concern. The unit has a hybrid design that blends attributes and features of multiple systems into one, employing displacement, chilled beam, and radiation principles. Designed for use in educational facilities and theaters, TAO allows the supply of ioo percent outside air, operates at a near-minimum ventilation rate for classrooms, and reduces energy consumption by using cooling and heating coils. It also helps reduce energy consumption by taking advantage of the low-temperature, high-efficiency boilers, and maximizes the economizer operation of the HVAC system. Some of the features include customizable cabinets in a variety of wood finishes and colors.


Trane (, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, showed the Trane Intelligent Variable Air systems, which are efficient systems for a building's HVAC needs, saving energy, installation costs, and time, the company said. Customers can monitor efficiency with user-friendly dashboards that help to maintain peak performance for the life of the system. Also shown were Trane high-efficiency terminal devices. They offer flexible configurations. The terminal devices with electrically commutated motors (ECM) and single-zone variable air volume (VAV) capabilities deliver reduced maintenance costs; greater efficiency; and improved acoustics, comfort, and IAQ, said the manufacturer.

Triatomic Environmental Inc. ( introduced its Mini UV, a UV light for ductless mini-split a/c systems. The design of the Mini UV features miniature-shielded UV lamps that are 9-inches long and 3/8 inch in diameter--small enough to fit in tight spaces, granting mini splits the ability to A use a light disinfection system.

Universal Air Filter ( highlighted a high-efficiency pleated media for applications requiring MERV 11-15 ratings and low-pressure drop.

UV Resources ( introduced the X-Plus extended UV-C lamp base, which can be mounted from the exterior of any HVAC system, air handler, plenum, or duct. The NEMA-rated fixture expands the number of surface and airstream applications that can benefit from UV-C energy. The inexpensive, single-ended fixture accommodates lamps up to 6o inches in length and offers important safety features that can include a shatterproof lamp, lockable access cover, and two power interlocks that limit UV exposure and prevent electrical shock. Suitable for new or retrofit applications, the lightweight and adaptable X-Plus fixture can be easily installed in most light commercial, commercial, industrial, and high-security applications.

Van-Packer Co. Inc. ( showed Model GZ two-hour, fire-rated, zero-clearance grease duct. It can be used for the removal of smoke and grease-laden vapor from commercial, industrial, institutional, and similar cooking applications where continuous operating temperatures are 500[degrees]F (260[degrees]C) or less, and for intermittent temperatures not exceeding 2,000[degrees]F (1,093[degrees]C). The grease ducts are intended to be part of a complete grease-duct system which connects the hood or grease extractor with the outdoors by means of an exhauster or blower system.

Vents-US ( featured a hanging bucket fan that redirects conditioned air at the ceiling to where it is needed at the floor. The product is available in three sizes and is effective in many commercial, educational, or industrial buildings with ceilings of 15-30 feet. The company also exhibited new custom covers called fan cozies to enhance the look of building interiors. Vents-US claims available colors and prints are almost endless and logos can also be added.

41 Wine Guardian ( launched a newly designed humidifier to assist in the preservation and protection of residential and commercial wine collections. Available as integrated or freestanding models, Wine Guardian humidifiers include digital controls; evaporative drip-pad systems; built-in fans; and commercial grade and lightweight, corrosion-resistant components. The freestanding humidifier also can be used with competitive wine-cooling systems.


Ziehl-Abegg AG ( showed its ZAplus, described as an intelligent fan system using multifunctional air-static blades.

Refrigeration + Ice Machines

Dynatemp Intl. ( featured R-421A, an HFC blend, non-ozone depleting, long-term replacement refrigerant for R-22. R-421A can replace R-22 without unit modification and does not contain hydrocarbons such as butane, isopentane, or isobutene. No change of oil is necessary, as it is usable with mineral, alkylbenzene (AB), or polyol ester (POE) oils. R-421A is comparable to R-22's performance-temperature range and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Embraco ( introduced a full range of hydrocarbon compressors with low-temperature cooling capacities from 520-4,780 Btuh and high-temperature capacities from 4,700-10,125 Btuh. These compressors are UL-recognized and have nearly no global warming potential (GWP) or ozone depletion potential (ODP). The company also featured its micro-compressor technology, which allows portable cooling for miniaturized applications. Small and lightweight (about the size of a 12-ounce soda can and weighing 1.4 kg), these micro-compressors are able to operate in any position because they are loo percent oil-free. Also on display were Fullmotion variable-capacity compressors, which are designed for wine coolers and light commercial applications.

42 Emerson Climate Technologies ( displayed its new line of semi-hermetic compressors. The reciprocating compressors utilize [CO.sub.2] as its refrigerant, virtually eliminating its global warming potential (GWP), said the company. This new design is currently available in 12-, 15-and 28-hp sizes, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications, such as grocery stores and supermarkets. The company has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognition for the line of compressors.


Functional Devices Inc. ( highlighted its evaporator fan controllers for walk-in coolers and freezers. To save money, the evaporator fan controllers monitor the temperature on the intake and exhaust of the evaporator fan unit. When the temperature of the exhaust is lower than that of the intake, the fans will run at normal speed; when the temperature of the exhaust is equal to the intake temperature, the controllers will reduce the speed of the fans to save energy.

Keeprite Refrigeration ( announced a revamping of the company's website to deliver content and support materials to mobile devices.

Lordan (A.C.S.) Ltd. ( showed its Lord FiVe compact, lightweight coil pattern with a 5-mm diameter tube. The Lord FiVe's compact design allows it to fit into small areas while providing high heating and cooling outputs. The coil is suitable with refrigerant applications and can be customized to operate with a range of specialized heavy-duty precision cooling or industrial cooling applications.

Nidec Motor Corp. ( introduced the high-efficiency 56 frame variable-speed condenser. The condenser was developed for the supermarket/commercial refrigeration markets and is designed to work with both split system and self-contained refrigeration systems. The motor has a built-in integrated motor and drive system featuring electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology (permanent brushless magnet). Features include integrated electronics for quick retrofit, active power factor correction (PFC), active thermal protection, sensorless feedback giving precise rpm without encoder, and 6-kV surge protection.

Nu-Calgon ( featured the newest addition to the Rxii-flush' family: Rxii-flush[R] Liquid. The product is a non-pressurized liquid air conditioning and refrigeration system flush (4300-30) that is ideal for flushing line sets, burnouts, and other flushing requirements, said the company. It has an enhanced chemistry for stronger flushing, optimal boiling point, leaves no residue, is nonflammable, and nontoxic, said the company. The 4300-38 kit includes Rxii-flush Liquid, Rxii-flush Liquid tank, Rxii-flush 24-inch hose, and Rxii-flush gun.

OEM Tube Assemblies ( exhibited its copper filter driers, which are [CO.sub.2] compatible. Utilizing precise components manufactured in house, the company can assemble a simple or complex subassembly for the customer.

43 Parker Hannifin Corp. ( showcased the Sporlan Secondary Fluid Control package (SFV) for use in secondary glycol refrigeration systems. Features include a fully modulating stepper motor valve and advanced adaptive algorithms. The valve and controller combination can improve shelf life of product due to a reduction in thermal shock, which can occur as a result of major temperature fluctuations, said the company. It matches glycol mass flow to the requirements of each case, which results in an overall reduction in glycol pump speed and energy consumption. The company also displayed the CO Series copper filter drier. The CO Series product offering has been designed to withstand the extreme pressure of transcritical carbon-dioxide (R-744) systems while providing complete system protection in a compact design. It can handle a maximum rated pressure of 2,250 psig. A patent-pending design uses an outer sleeve to provide the high pressure rating, reducing weight of the product. The filter driers can be used in vending-machine and beverage-dispensing equipment applications. Also displayed by the company were a range of Parker Sporlan valves and controllers rated for transcritical [CO.sub.2] high-pressure systems. The line includes five gas-cooler valves for racks 7-200 tons (25 to 700 kW) in capacity. The valves offer the flexibility to be applied in flash gas bypass applications as well. An interface board/valve positioner is paired with the valves, along with an optional battery-backup module.


Quality Thermistor Inc. ( exhibited its Hydroguard IP68 Series of waterproof sensors, which combine a precision thermistor with a durable waterproof housing. The temperature sensor is ideal for use with discharge lines, evaporator fins, evaporator coils, and cabinet temperature applications, as it provides durable performance during harsh freeze-thaw cycles. Less installation time and enhanced performance of the sensors can also be improved by clipping the IP68 sensor to various sizes of copper tubing, using optional clips.

Refco Mfg. Ltd. ( featured the Enviro, a one-knob operation refrigerant-recovery machine. It allows for recovery of all popular CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants using an oilless, air-cooled compressor. The Enviro is equipped with a self-purging mode as well as a built-in filter, which is easy to clean and replace.

44 Refrigeration Technologies ( introduced two organic, acid-based, ice machine cleaners under the Viper name. The cleaners have received NSF, Kosher, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification. They are biodegradable and emit no odors or fumes. The cleaners are supplied in two versions, maximum strength and nickel safe.


RefTec Intl. Systems LLC ( displayed the BullDog recovery/recycle/reclaim unit. Available in three sizes, the unit processes R-22, R-134a, R-41oA, R-11, R-123, and other common refrigerants with the same unit. It processes gas at speeds of 600 pounds per hour. Features include zero cross-contamination of compressor oil to gas, portable design so it fits through standard 36-inch doorways, and single power source for unit and controls. The 80 percent tank-full float switch and 12-foot float cable ensure cylinders are not being overfilled.

Refrigerant Solutions Ltd. ( launched the refrigerant RS-5o (R-442A). The refrigerant is a non-ozone depleting and nonflammable replacement for R-22 in medium- and low-temperature refrigeration applications. RS-50 can be used to replace R-404A in both new and existing equipment and the mass flow of RS-50 is lower than R-404A and R-507, thus a reduction in the opening of the expansion device may be required, the manufacturer said.

45 Regal-Beloit Corp. ( showed the Morrill Motors[R] ARKTIC 59 motor for walk-in coolers and freezers. It is a constant-speed, brush-less dc motor with an operating speed range of 500-1,800 rpm and offered in 1/15 hp. This lower-hp electronically commutated motor (ECM) is similar in performance, mounting, and input connections to the ARKTIC 59 1/20 motor. It is a drop-in replacement for 3.3-inch shaded pole and permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motors, with a second operating point for lower energy consumption. Morrill Motors Inc. has begun distributing the ELCO ECM HC motor and fan, an ECM solution for commercial refrigeration settings. The motor is typically used in all commercial refrigeration applications such as can or bottle coolers, drink dispenser, display cases, or water coolers. Marathon Electric[R] Motors introduced the 56-Frame SyMAX-i permanent magnet motor design with integrated electronic control for commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and other direct-drive fan and blower applications. The SyMAX-i offers variable-speed operation that is controllable with I/O options, enabling the user to optimize application airflow performance. The SyMAX-i has an operating speed range from 400-1,800 rpm.


Robinair ( introduced the RG3000 Cube, a compact and lightweight refrigerant-recovery machine from PROMAX. It is designed for liquid and vapor recovery of commonly used CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants including R-41oA. Equipped with a high-pressure shift-off switch, the machine automatically shuts off if pressure rises above 550 psi, helping to prevent pressure building in a tank or the machine. The high-efficiency, crossflow, airflow design allows for more efficient refrigerant recovery leading to shorter cycle times, the company said. The company also displayed a refrigerant recovery, recycle, evacuate, and recharge machine. It can be used for multiple refrigerants. The portable machine's microprocessor-controlled functions prompt the user through programming and signal preventive maintenance. The float chamber auto adjusts from liquid to vapor. The lockout panel prevents mixing of refrigerants. The heavy-duty filter drier removes moisture and acid from the refrigerant; it can handle 300 pounds between changeovers. The PROMAr[R] Cube[TM] refrigerant-recovery machine is capable of recovering both liquid and vapor refrigerant. The machine has a 1/3-hp, single-cylinder oilless compressor.

46 Tecumseh Products Co. ( welcomed the Celseon[R] Low Profile indoor air-cooled, fractional-horsepower condensing units and evaporative condensate condensing units. The air-cooled, fractional-horsepower condensing units are nearly a full inch shorter than previous Celseon[R] AE models, so they can easily replace the majority of original equipment condensing units. The evaporative condensate units employ a hot-gas condensation loop to remove condensate in refrigeration equipment or locations where external piping to a drain is undesirable or impractical. A precision-molded polypropylene fan assembly can be serviced by removing two threaded fasteners. Tecumseh also showcased its Generation III (Gen III) outdoor air-cooled condensing units, which can be used for commercial refrigeration applications such as walk-in coolers and freezers, in end-use markets such as restaurants, fast-food operations, and cafeterias. Base condensing-unit models are packed with features such as filter driers, a suction-line accumulator, an oversized receiver tank, pressure controls, service valves, defrost timer, and a crank-case heater. Heated receivers, as well as fixed and adjustable condenser fan controls, are offered as available options.

47 Torad Engineering LLC ( unveiled its multi-fluid injection valve. The fluid-valve design provides capacity unloading and vapor/fluid injection to its spool compressor technology. The multi function fluid valve allows the spool compressor to meet the feature and functional demands for 2.5-100-hp compressors in both air conditioning and refrigeration markets. As an unloading device, the compressor capacity can be varied depending on system load. As an economizer valve, gas from an economizer circuit can be returned to the compressor for improved system efficiency, said the company. Torad also showcased its Spool Compressor, which offers a simple design, high-displacement density; along with a scalable design. The compressor is capable of variable-speed operation and will be available in open, semi-hermetic, and hermetic configurations for its 5-300 hp designs. The design includes four main components: rotor, main housing, gate, and bearing housings. The components make up a single rotating-spool assembly for the compressor. The reliability features include tolerant of liquid flood-back and no axial load assists in bearing longevity.

Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems Inc. ( displayed its replacement coil for reach-in refrigeration units. According to the company, the coil was designed from the service tech's perspective with the restaurant's bottom line in mind. The cabinet-mounted coil is said to be state of the art. The fully prepped coil makes installation easy as there is no need for additional piping or external time defrost. The coil can be adapted to almost any refrigeration base, piping, lt, refrigerant, and airflow. Each component was engineered for easy isolation and replacement, resulting in less cost and downtime for the customer.

Universal Enterprises Inc. ( introduced the DRS= digital refrigerant scale, which measures weight in both metric and English units, is programmable, and has a built-in alarm to indicate a programmed threshold has been exceeded.

Vinotemp Intl. ( showed its 4510HZD customizable wine-cooling system. The self-contained cooling system features patented humidity modulator technology to help maintain ideal humidity levels, eliminating the need for an external humidifier. It has a quiet condenser fan with high-speed settings and standard rear exhaust. Temperature control is adjustable from 50[degrees]-65[degrees]F. The optional built-in, temperature-activated outlet is compatible with cellar heaters (heater not included). The adjustable evaporator fan allows for ducted installation.

Weiss Instruments ( displayed its XW60K demand defrost and energy-saving controller. Designed for medium- and low-temperature walk-in applications, it features up to four negative temperature coefficient (NTC) probe inputs and/or product probes. The controller has four relay outputs for liquid line solenoid valve, defrost, evaporator fan, and either light, alarm, or auxiliary (such as a door heater). Defrost can be managed in three modes: real-time clock (specific times of day), interval time (typically every four to six hours), and on-demand. Using pull-down time along with the temperature differential between the evaporator and return-air probes, the control determines when there is too much ice on the coil and then initiates defrost.

Residential Controls

Aerco Intl. ( exhibited its advanced Water Heater Management System (WHM) as part of its line of tank-less water heaters. Standard on Aerco's C-More unit controllers, the WHM is designed to optimize operating efficiencies, dim mate standby losses, increase system reliability through reduced cycling, and track daily domestic hot-water demands.

Alan Mfg. Inc. ( showcased its Wireless Zone Control Dampers which allow the installation of affordable zoning. Once the damper is installed into the ductwork, it can then be plugged in. The damper is beneficial in open areas that have multiple diffusers and one thermostat. Instead of using a thermostat to control the comfort level in each zone, the user can open or close specific dampers with a wireless remote control.

48 Braeburn Systems LLC ( announced that its entire line of programmable thermostats now meets the Energy Aware guidelines, which are energy-efficiency requirements designated by NEMA DC-3-Annex-A. Products include building value models, economy models, and premier models, and all are compatible with virtually all residential and light commercial HVAC equipment.


ClimateTalk Alliance ( featured the release of ClimateTalk version 2.0, unveiling new standards for zoning and water heaters. The two application profiles enable digital communication, plug-and-play installation, and interoperability of new devices on the existing Clima-teTalk network, which previously supported HVAC systems. Version 2.0 is backward compatible with version i.o devices and includes capabilities for expanded node count and support for up to five zones or water heaters on a single network. The network architecture has also been advanced to support the next phase of development, including wireless nodes and solutions leveraging industry standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth[R], and Zigbee[R] protocols.

49 ecobee Inc. ( announced the beta launch of Home a value-added service that provides customers with personalized insights into their home's energy efficiency. Home IQ takes thousands of data points, automatically collected through a customer's ecobee thermostat, and uses advanced math and physics to create a model that learns about the customer's home. Home IQ is integrated into each customer's ecobee Web portal and displays the customer's rating (a relative assessment of a home's energy performance), their estimated monthly energy savings, monthly heating and cooling summaries, details on performance-influencing factors such as the weather and average set point. HVAC runtime reports, and more.


Emerson Climate Technologies ( introduced the Emerson Inspire[TM] Universal 4-Wire Thermostat System. The new model 1HDEZ-1521 will upgrade single-stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems using the existing four wires. The equipment control works on most HVAC systems up to 4 heat and 2 cool including heat pump with dual fuel. Installation features include Quick Connect terminals, color-coded LED prompts, and a reusable plug-in configuration tool.

EWC Controls Inc. ( showcased the Ultra-Talk[TM] UT-3000 communicating zone system. It has true proportional fan control, reducing the need for bypass dampers, said the company. Features include a built-in staging capacity, auto-configure installation for all systems, IAQ function relay, and one-zone mode. The system is built on the ClimateTalk open protocol. A supply-air sensor is included.

Friedrich Air Conditioning ( highlighted its Fried-richLink[TM] for use with Kahl room air conditioners, which allows users to turn units off or on, adjust the temperature, set a custom seven-day schedule, or group two or more units for central air-like control from any location. A separate Wi-Fi adapter (KWIFI) allows users to control, and even program, a Kiihl air conditioner from a smartphone, computer, or tablet when the Wi-Fi adapter is installed on the unit. The Wi-Fi adapter simply plugs into a USB port on the unit's control panel, which is easily accessible behind the unit's removable front panel. The adapter allows the unit to send and receive information over a wireless connection.

Ivar S.p.A. ( rolled out the Equi-calor[R], a thermal-regulation system. This Italian product is a wireless system consisting of multiple devices. The power to the system is supplied by standard or rechargeable batteries. The system is programmable and consists of one or more zone chrono-thermostats and one or more actuators, which are directly installed on the radiator valves instead of the thermostatic heads.

50 Jackson Systems LLC ( displayed the T-32-TS low-cost touch-screen thermostat, which can be programmable or non-programmable. It can be installed with remote sensors for temperature averaging and outdoor temperature display, and it can be installed with I single- and multi-stage equipment, including gas/electric, heat pumps, and dual-fuel systems. The large display is easy to read and programming is intuitive. Designed for residential or commercial use, its dual power makes it very easy to install, and the thermostat does not have to be removed from the subbase to change the batteries.


Meitav-tec Ltd. ( launched the PYRO-X deicing system controller, which offers driveways, walkways, paths, stairs, roof, and gutter deicing solutions that prevent the formation of snow and ice. The controllers can be installed both with hydronic and electrical heating systems. The modularity of the PYRO system makes it an ideal solution for end users to choose the right configuration for their property needs.

Nest Labs Inc. ( introduced the second-generation Nest Learning thermostat, which is 20 percent thinner than the original and is encased by a premium, solid, stainless steel ring that reflects the wall colors around it. The display is also more streamlined, as the sensor grille has been replaced by a smooth lens. The press connectors have also been upgraded to make inserting heating and cooling wires even faster, and the screw holes have been moved to the top and bottom to make installation simpler. The new thermostat is compatible with 95 percent of low-voltage heating and cooling systems, including second-stage cooling, third-stage heating, dual fuel, emergency heat, and whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Network Thermostat ( offered the Net/X RP32 WiFi thermostat for homes and small buildings. Using any browser, the Net/X allows users to program daily schedules and vacations. The thermostat features energy-efficient algorithms, selectable-temperature recovery, email and text message alerts, keypad lockout, integrated Weatherbug data, and graphical forecasts. The WiFi Wizard allows simple connection to a home's existing network. The company also featured its new UP32-WiFi thermostat for commercial applications, which supports a total of sensors with up to six indoor remote sensors, an outdoor sensor, and three auxiliary sensors.

Pridiom Group LLC ( unveiled its PFC-M123HX and PFCM183HX Multi-Zone Floor/Ceiling Mounts, and PCM123FIX and PCM183HX Multi-Zone Cassettes. The PFCM123HX offers 12,100 Btu of cooling, 12,200 Btu of heating, and a capacity of 344 cfm. The PFCM183HX offers 17,000 Btu of cooling, 24,000 Btu of heating, and a range up to 471 cfm. The PCM123HX operates at 11,700 Btu of cooling, 11,500 Btu of heating, and up to 341 cfm. PCM183HX offers 17,500 Btu for cooling, 21,000 Btu for heating, and up to 441.5 cfm. Each unit features Aqua-Krome coil coating and a wireless remote control.

Rehau Inc. ( featured the REHAU Smart Controls system, designed for residential to mid-range commercial buildings. The control facilitates intelligent integration and optimization of a building's HVAC system components. The controls can be operated via a Web-enabled device, and provide a turnkey solution for remote-controlled HVAC system activities as simple as turning up the thermostat, or as complex as reconfiguring multizone set points to accommodate changing seasonal conditions. A powerful and highly flexible database software platform enables virtually unlimited options for controlling complex, integrated HVAC systems.

Season Technologies Intl. Co. Ltd. ( displayed its Touch Thermostat STL-too and STL-zoo. The STL 100 is a digital thermostat for HVAC systems which can be used to control items such as air conditioners, heating systems, electrical heaters, and heat pumps. It is designed with built-in Wi-Fi support, offering smartphone and tablet control. The STL-200 is a smart thermostat for HVAC systems with the latest 32-bit MCU. It aims to improve consumer experience in control of home air conditioning systems via a smartphone. The thermostat is built with an embedded Wi-Fi module and capacitive color touch screen. It includes a 3.5-inch LCD display, includes seven-day programming, and offers intelligent temperature recommendation for energy saving.

Solaira Heating Technologies ( exhibited its SMaRT iQ Series control. The control is engineered as a standalone wireless system to manage independent heating appliances. The basis is a power module that is wired to each heater zone in the network.

51 Taco Inc. ( highlighted the FuelMizer boiler reset control, an outdoor reset switching relay with a microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply-water temperature of a single boiler based on outdoor temperature. The FuelMizer is ideal for retrofits and is capable of controlling a system or zone-valve circulator, as well as overriding outdoor resets when a domestic hot-water tank calls for heat.


Zonefirst ( showed Model RDB round bypass and zone damper, a combination zone damper and barometric-bypass damper. The bottom half of the damper is hinged and weighted to swing open when the air pressure builds to over 0.3-inch static pressure when the zone damper is closed, relieving excess air into the closed zone. The bypass damper can be mounted in both a horizontal and vertical position. In any vertical-type position, the airflow and direction of the bypass must be moving up in order for the blade to be effective, said the company. Zonefirst also displayed the round take-off collar and damper for ductboard Model RTD. The combination take-off collar and zone dampers spin into the duct-board hole and has spiral-formed flange holding the take-off to the inside and outside of the ductboard holding the damper in place. Five models and 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-inch sizes are available. The manufacturer displayed is MASTERZONE[TM] ClimateTalk[TM]- zone control panel, Model MCT. It is a two- and three-zone communicating, all-in-one zone control panel The MCT works with ClimateTalk-specific communicating devices as well as conventional HVAC equipment. The digital menu-driven display simplifies system setup and eliminates DIP switches and adjustable dials to set timings and temperatures. The zone control panel controls only the new plug-in zone motors that use modular cards, supplied with each damper.

52 Zurn Industries LLC ( welcomed hy-PE-RTube- radiant floor heating solutions leveraging Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance (PE-RT) technology from The Dow Chemical Co. Hy-PE-RTube is produced using DOWLEX[TM] 2344 resin from Dow to improve ease of installation with its flexible design, which allows the pipe to resist recoil and lay flat when installed. In addition, hy-PE-RTube offers excellent high-temperature, corrosion-and-stress-crack resistance and increased flow properties. The product is suitable for other hydronic heating and cooling applications such as snow-melt applications and turf conditioning.


Testing + Monitoring

Aerco Intl. Inc. ( demonstrated its OnAER Remote Monitoring Service. OnAER continuously monitors systems and alerts customers and reps via email to a fault occurrence or decline in equipment performance.

Aerionics Inc. ( highlighted its 6-Series of detectors and controllers. The series includes the CM-6 for carbon monoxide, the GD-6 for combustible gas and hydrogen, and the TX-6 for toxic gases. All units have adjustable dual-output relays and 4-20 mA analog output. The alarm levels for each unit meets and exceeds limits for both short- and long-term exposure set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All units can be stand-alone, with the Macurco DVP-izo Panel or with a BAS.

Bacharach Inc. ( introduced the Fyrite residential combustion analyzers. The InTech model is a residential combustion analyzer that delivers quick, accurate measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide (CO), stack temperature, and ambient temperature. A high-contrast LCD graphic display makes results easy to see in any environment. The Insight Plus model is a five-in-one steady-state combustion analyzer that includes a room air, CO test instrument, a flue-gas CO tester, dual-channel digital thermometer, and a digital manometer. Designed for residential and commercial use, the Insight Plus can display measurement results for up to ro different fuels.

Building Automation Products Inc. ( featured its Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) service, which allows users to monitor wireless sensors/transmitters from any of the popular Web browsers. The WAM website is password protected, provides full administrative control, and works with any BAPI wireless sensor/transmitter to monitor parameters including temperature, humidity, doors, and motion. Alert parameters such as high and low temperature or humidity limits can be added to each sensor through the website with alert notifications sent out to selectable recipients via email, text, phone call, or voice mail.

CleanAlert ( launched the FILTER-SCAN [R] air filter clog detector, which determines when the air filter should be changed or serviced by continuously monitoring the differential pressure in the HVAC system. It issues an alert when the air pressure in the system changes by a predetermined amount and works with all single-speed, multispeed, and most variable air volume (VAV) HVAC systems. The FILTERSCAN can be powered by 24-V conduit, AA batteries, or an ac adaptor. An optional wireless remote receiver is available for those situations when the monitor is not easily accessible. It can be mounted upstream, downstream, or differentially across the filter.

CopperWatcher ( highlighted its CopperWatcher Model CW-3, a device to link any air conditioning system to a building's existing burglar-alarm system. The CopperWatcher model CW-3 copper-theft deterrent monitors all systems from 230-480 V, single or three phase. The product monitors refrigerant pressure and voltage in two separate locations. It will not trigger a false alarm, cannot be bypassed, and provides continuous protection, even during a power failure.

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (www. introduced its LPT Series of transmitters that come standard with a water/dust-tight, corrosion-resistant enclosure with a hinged secured door. The LPT is an economical, single-sensor, analog transmitter available with either a CO or nitrogen dioxide ([NO.sub.2]) sensor, which is ideal for vehicle-exhaust applications. Also highlighted were the CXT explosion-proof standalone transmitters, which are designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions found in blast chillers and deep freezers.

CTS Cincinnati Test Systems (www.cincinnati-test. corn) shared its TracerMate CS Charging System, a precision bench-top or wall-mount charge instrument designed for maximum-performance and minimal-space requirements. It utilizes advanced algorithms to produce fast and accurate results. The device includes single, dual, and triple test ports and stores results from the last 5,000 tests using on-board memory. The system is pre-programmed to interface with most gas-detection devices and instruments.

Dent Instruments ( displayed its PowerScout 3 Plus Ethernet power meter, which uses Modbus TCP and BACnet IP over the Ethernet rather than an RS-485 connection. The power meter can be switched between Modbus and BACnet, allowing the existing Ethernet network to communicate faster than before. Remote communications using port forwarding mean that a single RTU can use the Internet to extend its reach to PowerScout meters at remote sites. Designed for new construction or building recommissioning, PowerScout meters require no external power and can work on voltage services ranging from 80-600 V.

Distech Controls Inc. ( debuted six new models of its Allure EC-Smart-Vue Series communicating room sensor, now with integrated [CO.sub.2] and motion sensors. The sensor is designed to interface with Distech Controls' BACnet[R] ECB Series and Lonworke[R] ECL Series controllers. It includes a backlit display and icon-driven menu. The EC-Smart-Vue is suitable for VAV, fan coil, rooftop, heat pump, and unit vent-room control applications.

E+E Elektronik Corp. ( highlighted its new EEi6o humidity/temperature transmitter, which is suitable for all types of installations, said the company. It can be mounted without opening the lid, and its underfiller provides protection of solder contacts. Its electronics are stable at high humidity and are protected from construction site contamination. Its probe electronics are fully encapsulated for component protection.

Echo Process Instrumentation Inc. ( exhibited the Arrow Hunter PLUS hand-held, clamp-on, portable transit-time flow meter. Able to measure clean- or dirty-liquid flow in metal or plastic pipes with any liners from 3/8- to 118-inch diameters, it uses Dual DSP technology and can measure a wide velocity range. With Arrow Hunter Plus, it is possible to measure any flow application, from low-flow chemical feeds to large concrete-lined, raw-sewage pipes. Easy to install and calibrate, it has an intuitive, quick-start programming menu that asks a few questions and then calibrates the meter. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, it uses only two transducers to measure flow.

Ecom America Ltd. ( welcomed the EN2-F, a compact portable emission analyzer with remote that is housed in a carry-on sized case. It hosts up to four electrochemical sensors ([0.sub.2], CO, NO, and [NO.sub.2]), data logging with memory card, averaging tests, USB interface, onboard printer, 15-foot standard sample line, and a CO purge pump. It also features a wireless remote.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( highlighted the Therm-O-Disc Inc. water flow sensor, model 80FS, and relative humidity sensor, model 2.1RHS. Model 8oFS allows cooling units to measure and communicate system capacity by continually monitoring both temperature and flow velocity of water. The Water Flow Sensor utilizes technology that enables consistent measurement close to elbows, as near as three-pipe diameters. This allows compact system design and provides high confidence with in-flow disturbances. The electronic design offers ModBus communication to control set points and enhance diagnostics capabilities. Model 21RHS allows rooftop units to reduce the amount of on-time energy usage by monitoring both temperature and humidity in the airflow. The flat-faced sensor ensures a well-distributed and thorough sampling of the air's condition. The humidity sensor is designed to be compatible with many different systems. Product options include analog or digital outputs, various supply-voltage ranges up to 36 vdc, and output signal choices of both voltage and current.

Extech Instruments Corp. ( introduced the AN300 Series and the AN500. The AN300 Series is a large vane CFM/CMM thermo-anemometer that measures air velocity and flow, and has a built-in thermistor for air temperature. It features an optional airflow cone kit. The series also offers two other models--ANN320 and AN320. Both have the added features of measuring rh, wet bulb, and dew point. The AN320 will also measure [CO.sub.2]. The AN500 is a hot wire CFM/CMM thermo-anemometer. It features a telescoping probe with automatic temperature compensation. The probe extends up to 7 feet with a cable.

Flir Systems Inc. ( showed the i-Series, which contains three different cameras and is the latest in the company's line of thermal imaging tools. The i3 series is what the company considers a full thermal camera for the entry-level toolbox. It is available in 3,600 pixels. The i5 and i7 models are available in 10,000 and 19,600 pixels respectively. The i-Series features a focus-free lens for one-handed operation. Its design allows for toolbox storage as well as a 2-meter drop. The cameras can also store up to 5,000 JPEG image files, and all of the temperature measurements gathered directly onto the camera's SD card are available for future analysis, downloads, and reports.

Fluke Corp. ( introduced the CNX Wireless System, a set of test tools that wirelessly connects multiple measurement modules and sends simultaneous readings to a master device up to 20 meters away. The rugged, customizable tool set allows users to choose various measurement modules based on their specific troubleshooting scenario. Also introduced was the 805 Vibration Meter, a portable multifunction vibration screening tool that provides quantifiable information on the bearing, and overall health of motors and other rotating equipment.

General Tools & Instruments Co. LLC ( highlighted its digital refrigerant leak detector (RLD400), which features a semiconductor sensor lifespan of more than 300 hours of operation or 10 years normal use. Three sensitivity simultaneous measurement. Selected cells can be installed for low CO and low NO with resolution down to only 0.1 ppm.

MSA ( introduced the ZGard S Sensor, which is designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and combustible gases in air. These sensors employ solid-state, electrochemical, or catalytic sensors, which generate a representative output signal proportional to the calibrated operating range. All Z Gard S Sensors are available with two output versions, a 4-20 mA analog output, or an addressable RS-485 digital signal. Z-Gard Sensors with 4-20 mA can be installed as standalone sensors or common commercial equipment, induding PLC, DCS, or building automation systems.

55 Nova Plumbing Technologies ( highlighted its pre-assembled, 1-inch, stainless steel manifolds and I-inch, modular, polymer manifolds for use in radiant and hydronic applications. Each manifold system has a variety of adapters, end caps, flow meters, valves, and fitting assemblies. It comes fully assembled and ready for installation. Manifolds are available in two- through 12-loop configurations and are stocked in the company's Minnesota warehouse.


Onset Computer Corp. ( announced the HOBO UXioo Series next-generation family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments. These data loggers deliver higher accuracy, larger measurement capacity, and more LCD display features to make environmental data collection faster and easier than ever, said the company. The loggers feature an easy-to-view LCD display that visually confirms logger operation and battery status, eliminating the need to connect the logger to a PC to see the information. A large-memory capacity enables users to deploy the loggers for longer periods with fewer site visits.

Refco Mfg. Ltd. ( introduced its Digimon-SE and Digimon-4 digital manifolds. The SE is a two- and four-way manifold with analog and digital display with a pressure gauge from 14-87o psi, and two precise K-Type temperature sensors. The Digimon-4 model features four outputs.

Rotronic Instrument Corp. ( debuted the CPii handheld multimeter that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity, and temperature. Equipped with the hygrometer-in-f humidity sensor, it also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature. Using the HW4-Light software that comes with the device, it can be set as required, and data can be downloaded, saved, and analyzed. The C1311 features an 18,000 data-point memory for CO2, humidity, and temperature values; maximum, minimum, and average-value display; adjustable audible CO2 alarm; and mini-USB interface.

Scaleblaster Inc. ( welcomed a residential water conditioner to solve hard-water problems. The Model SB-75 computerized control and signal cable utilizes an induction coil wrapped externally around the pipe on the incoming water supply line to produce a wave current and an inaudible signal that causes turbulence in water molecules. The product removes lime-scale deposits without requiring salt, chemicals, or maintenance. It also helps extend the life of water heaters and heating elements.

Sensirion Inc. ( recently added new differential pressure sensors to its SDP600 series. The SDP6oi and SDP6u sensors are differential pressure sensors specifically calibrated for measuring mass flow in a bypass configuration. A bypass configuration is highly suitable for applications where individually adapted flow channels are necessary or where small differential pressures must be measured with very high precision. It is an ideal solution for HVAC applications, which often involve measuring large flow volumes.

SensoScientific ( showcased a new Wi-Fi product line. The line not only includes a Web-embedded Wi-Fi platform that provides for precise measurement and data logging of temperature and humidity, but also allows customers to measure any process or condition with an accurate Wi-Fi transmitter. The company developed an integrated, universal transmitter that is capable of reading psi, gpm, pH, flow rate, rpm, voltage, amperage, current, and more. The Wi-Fi transmitters' firmware works with different wireless communication systems. The system is built to mix and match both 900 MHz and Wi-Fi 802.11 g/b, battery-operated sensors. In locations without wireless infrastructure, the firmware can provide an integrated solution or a stand-alone system.

Summit Technology Inc. ( featured its new PowerSight meters. The PS2500 power logger features four current and three voltage channels, while the PS3500 power analyzer is designed for handheld studies and long-term data logging. Both provide a solution for the process of performing power studies, from setup to data gathering, to issuing a comprehensive final report. Each unit communicates wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth, and real-time waveforms, phases, and harmonic spectra can be displayed on a nearby PC.

SuperCool ( exhibited its SuperCool.[TM] Slide Rule, a R-22 and R-410A charging and duct calculator that performs superheat, subcooling, and duct calculations all on one tool. The slide rule also calculates proper airflow through both heating and air conditioning units. Fixed meter-device charging is provided for R-22 and R-410A. TXV charging is also provided for R-22 and R-410A. The slide rule also includes an insulated metal duct/ductboard conversion chart, round and rectangular duct-sizing guidelines, system airflow diagnostics, pressure corrections, wet bulb conversion chart, and more.

Superior Signal Co. LLC ( displayed the AccuTrale VPE-GN ultrasonic leak detector with a 9 1/2-inch gooseneck. The unit is sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using a technology called heterodyning, it translates the sound to a lower frequency which human ears can interpret, said the manufacturer. The device maintains the original sound characteristics, making it possible to distinguish leaks from other background sounds. The leak detector is designed to pinpoint leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, acknowledging present air, vacuum, refrigerant, or gas leaks.

Taco Inc. ( exhibited the SmartPlus hot-water circulator. When set to smart mode, the SmartPlus circulator records each time hot water is called for during a seven-day period and then duplicates the pattern the following week. The SmartPlus can also be set to pulse mode, operating for 150 seconds every 10 minutes, maintaining hot water for all fixtures, and also shifts to vacation mode if hot water isn't used for 36 hours.

Test Products Intl. ( showed its TPI 9070. This smart-vibration meter allows for condition-based monitoring. Vibration values are displayed with color-coded alarm levels for ISO values and bearing damage. It comes in a waterproof case and averages 1,500 measurements or 50 hours of normal-usage battery life. The built-in accelerometer comes with stinger. An optional long stinger and magnetic mount is available.

Testo AG ( showcased the testo 316-3, a refrigerant-leak detector that includes a sensor head, transport case, calibration certificate, batteries, and a filter. It has one-button operation and the high/low sensitivity adjustment allows users to pinpoint the leak source. The company also showcased the testo 310 and testo 320. The 310 is a residential combustion analyzer with a built-in condensate trap. The 320 is a high-definition combustion analyzer for both residential and commercial applications. There are many features with the 320, but one of its main differentiators is its full-color, high-definition screen.

TIF (, a brand of SPX Service Solutions, flaunted the TIF3880X inspection camera. It has a 5.5-mm camera diameter, helping technicians inspect small, hard-to-reach areas normally not accessible when using a large entry-point camera. The micro camera transmits images and videos to the removable wireless camera. Images and video are recorded on the included SD card and can be viewed on the camera display or transferred to a computer. The magnetic display mount allows for hands-free viewing.

Universal Enterprises Inc. ( introduced the DMGioo and DMGzoo vacuum gauges which offer in-field calibration, and oil-contamination sensors. Also introduced were the DT221 (a digital temperature tester), the DT222 (a dual-input temperature tester), and the 1N F165 and INFI95 infrared thermometers.

Vaisala Inc. ( featured INTERCAPI HMDW8o Series humidity and temperature transmitters, which collect basic humidity and temperature information needed for a variety of HVAC applications. The HMDW80 Series includes basic transmitters for walls and ventilation ducts as well as 1P65-classified transmitters for wash-down areas and other humid spaces. The series also contains transmitters that measure temperature only, as well as transmitters with an optional display. The transmitters also provide calculated humidity parameters of dew point, wet bulb, and enthalpy, in addition to the direct-outpu parameters.

56 Veris Industries ( introduced the H11D self-learning, self-calibrating current switch with LCD display, simplified installation, and trouble-free reading of present current and trip points. The Hid) provides calibration-free status for both under and overcurrent. The company also featured its Aerospond- wireless sensors. The HWX and TWX for individual or combination wireless humidity and temperature sensors utilize a building's existing wireless network, along with a wireless gateway or JACE controller to transmit monitored humidity and temperature condition data into the facility's building control system, greatly reducing installation labor costs, said the company.

Webster Engineering & Mfg. Co. LLC ( showcased TempATrim, which precisely monitors and manages the fuel/air ratio in a burner. It reduces the need for seasonal tuning of burners, and has feed-forward control for smooth, accurate operation.

Wessels Tank Co. ( highlighted the WessView, a diaphragm integrity monitor, which allows for maintenance troubleshooting of any diaphragm tank. The device allows for fast, accurate assessment of the expansion tank's integrity by changing color from white to red if the diaphragm is compromised.

Winters Instruments ( debuted the PFE sprinkler gauge, which is specifically designed for fire-sprinkler systems. It is suitable for air and water media and is in a corrosion-resistant case. It offers a dual-scale (psi/kpa) and single-scale (psi) pressure readings.


Airware Inc. ( presented the SynCal System for recommissioning installed gas sensors wirelessly via infrared without the need for standard calibration gases. The system recalibrates a given sensor, eliminates drift in sensor readings, and keeps installed sensors accurate over time. The company's Calibration Master Model CM-1 works with Airware's Absorption Biased-based NDIR gas sensors to eliminate the need of standard gases typically used for the recalibration processes.

57 AmiraLin Innovations LLC ( introduced a magnetic strap that retrofits to existing gauges to allow service technicians to position them in a safe and efficient manner while working on HVAC equipment. The HVAC Strap is a patent-pending device created by a technician that enables gauges to be conveniently hung on any metal service. The magnet has a special coating to prevent scratches to equipment. The straps can also be customized to include logos and advertising messages.


Atlantic Chemical & Equipment Co. ( highlighted the ACESeal AC/R and HVAC/R leak solutions, which seals small (up to 300 microns) leaks in condensers, evaporators, and refrigerant lines. The AC/R can handle up to 1.5 tons while the HVAC/R can handle up to 5 tons. The AceSeal is not a polymer-based sealant, so no drying agent is required. In addition, it does not require evacuation of refrigerant to input sealant, and the sealant blends with oil/refrigerant mix to travel to the leak. The oil and refrigerant escape through the lead while larger molecules in the sealant bond together to seal.

Attexor Clinch Systems SA ( has developed a new stand-alone machine, the SPOT CLINCH 4006 P50 MAS, which joins varying thicknesses of sheet metal at a rate up to 100 joints per minute.

Burr Oak Tool Inc. ( displayed the Oak Triumph electric hairpin bender, which it says is 70 percent more productive than previous models, has a smaller factory footprint, provides quicker tooling changes, and produces straighter legs and more consistent leg lengths. It can produce eight tubes per cycle for all diameters, seven seconds per cycle for 6-inch length, and eight seconds per cycle for 35-inch length. It features a touchscreen interface for easy length changes.

Complift (, a division of Jarvis Industries Inc., exhibited its Residential #2 lift, which lifts and lowers residential compressors that are too heavy to lift by hand. It can also be used for units that are too tall to reach. It has a 1,000-pound load capacity and can be assembled and disassembled without tools. The lift includes a trolley, hoist, and will straddle a truck bed. The hoist measures 10-feet tall to the bottom of the 8-foot beam.

Duro Dyne Corp. ( showed the high-speed multihead pinspot-ter. It offers full production capacity from 1/2-inch pins on light-gauge material through 10-foot sheets of 16-gauge material pinned with 2-inch pins at 6-inch centers at 5o feet per minute. The newly designed pin feed system accommodates 1/2- to 2-inch pins with no change of bowls required. The Ambidextrous Control Console with umbilical cord allows operation from either side of the fabrication line, to accommodate L-to-R and R-to-L work flow. The open-air design allows the operator a full view of material as it passes through the line.

Fieldpiece Instruments ( introduced multiple new products, including the SMAN4. This four-port, wireless digital manifold has a 3/8-inch port for evacuations and recovery The four ports allow technicians to evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant, and dial in the charge at one time without having to hook and unhook any hoses. The SMAN4 wirelessly receives live indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb, then automatically calculates real-time target superheat, and displays both the target superheat and actual superheat on the large, backlit display. The [SOX.sub.3] Combustion Check provides all the essential measurements needed to tune most combustion equipment. It directly measures percent 02 and flue temperature, and calculates percent CO2, percent excess air, and combustion efficiency. The DDSMi Draft Simulator creates a controlled vacuum to test pressure switches, so technicians can tell exactly when a pressure switch doses and opens. This either proves that the switch is within specification, or identifies if the switch is starting to fail.

58 General Tools & Instruments Co. LLC ( showcased its new iBorescope (DCiSi), which allows contractors and technicians to wirelessly view, capture, and save high-definition inspection images and video on any iPad or iPhone. The company also exhibited a digital refrigerant-leak detector (RLD400). The device is built to detect all commercially available HFC, HFO, HC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerant gases, including many new ozone layer friendly blends, such as R-22 and R-1234yf.


GM Fleet and Commercial ( had several of its 2013 commercial vehicles on display with configurations demonstrating how the vans can be utilized specifically for the HVACR industry.

Goodway Tech nolo gies Corp. ( displayed the CC-400HF VSA I system for cleaning thick FIVACR evapo-rator and condenser coils. The CoilPro[R]-HiFlo[TM]-system delivers 400 psi cleaning power at 3 gpm flow rate. It comes with a variety of wand attachments so the user can utilize the right one for the application. The CC-400HF includes the HiFlo coil cleaner, including [2-foot hose, spray gun, 3-foot sectional, 3/8-inch diameter stainless steel condenser wand, 18-inch wand, two nozzles (foaming and flat spray), and a 1-gallon bottle of CoilShine.

Goss Inc. ( highlighted its Torcholder (part no. MP-1,30). The Torcholder fits on a tank cylinder on different spots of the tank, depending on usage. It can sit at the bottom of the tank to keep the torch and tank standing upright, can go higher to protect hands from hot solder, and can be slid even higher to be a portable and safe stand.

Grinnell Products (, a Tyco Intl. company, showcased its installation-ready grooved coupling called the GRINNELL Rapid Installation Pivot-bolt (GRIP) Figure 740 Coupling. The product allows for quick installation and easy visual confirmation of the gasket seal, the company said.

59 hilmor ( launched six tools, debuting the compact swage tool, the dual readout thermometer with thermocouple clamps, an aluminum manifold, a compact bender, a quick-engage flare and swage, and an electronic gauge with vacuum sensor. The compact swage tool is operable with just one hand and can swage anywhere from 5/8-inch to 15/8-inch tubing. The dual readout thermometer with thermocouple clamps can be attached to any manifold using the hook provided and features two digital temperature readouts so calculating superheat and subcool no longer requires multiple tools. The aluminum manifold has a forged aluminum body with rubberized handles, protective gauge boots, replaceable stainless steel valve stems, and a pressure indicator ring that allows users to mark a spot with a marker. The compact bender allows technicians to achieve precise bends up to go degrees on 1/4-inch to 78-inch tubing with a quick-release mechanism allowing it to be done with one hand. The quick-engage flare and swage tool has a spring-loaded block featuring clothespin-like clamp action to immediately secure tubes ready for flaring or swaging. With ball detents, the yoke can be quickly aligned. The electronic gauge with vacuum sensor is a hybrid gauge with both analog and digital readouts with lights color coordinated to the selected refrigerant. It also features a micron gauge, self calibration, and is accurate to within percent.


Knapheide Mfg. Co. ( displayed the Simpleco[R] storage block. These blocks are constructed of plastic side panels and the shelves are made of powder-coated, 20-gauge galvanneal steel. Each block includes a top- and middle-divider shelf, as well as a bottom tray, that accepts Sortime boxes. The blocks are mounted in the back of service vehicles to create a hanging shelving system. This configuration leaves the floor space empty for hauling and storage.

60 Knipex Tools ( introduced its Cobra Quick Set Pliers, which combine the features of automatic-adjusting pump pliers with traditional push-button pump pliers. Distinguished by a blue button and measuring to inches in length, the Cobra Quick Set Pliers feature a 2-inch gripping capacity and perform well in confined or hard-to-reach areas where access to the nut or bolt is difficult. The pliers are ideal for use during repetitive work. A built-in shifting mechanism allows the operator to smoothly and easily adjust the tool to the correct capacity when access to the push button is limited. The tool adjusts easily with one or two hands.

Mestek Inc. ( introduced its EZ Connector corner and screws. The corners feed from all IPI/Engel automated corner-insertion/crimping machines with new presser blocks with simple modification, plus the "tear drop" connector serves as a pilot guide for assembly. The screws come in 3/4-inch rugged, 1 1/2-inch rugged, and i-inch cutter. The company also highlighted its EZ Hanger System, which works with all three duct-suspension methods--steel straps, steel-wire trapeze, and threaded rod. Laboratory tests say the EZ Hanger can hold an 18 gauge duct to 2,800 pounds (with #to self-tapping screw) or 1,400 pounds with no screw.

MrPex Systems Inc. ( introduced its SmartClip System to make attaching PEX tubing to wire mesh easy and comfortable. The tool is adjustable to the height of the user and is used to fasten varying sizes of Smart-Clips to the wire mesh. Once the clips are in place, the tubing can be easily put in place.

Nibco Inc. ( displayed the Press Forward, a set of tools, valves, and fittings as a single-source package, which saves time on the job. With Press Forward, systems can be dry-fit before crimping, and there are no leaks from inadequate solder joints. It also features flame-free installation and can be used for wet installations when pressed for time.

North Alabama Pipe Corp. (, a division of Anvil Intl., displayed its Big Cut and Quick Cut machines. The Big cut machine cuts 2 1/2- to 16-inch pipe sizes up to 25-feet long, while the Quick Cut machine cuts 2- to 8-inch pipe sizes up to 25-feet long. Features for both machines include adjustable torch guide for bevel cutting, air plasma system for fast and clean pipe cutoff, heavy-duty frame and rollers, power head to rotate pipe, torch holder on measuring track, and can cut bent pipe.

Nu-Calgon ( displayed the TriClean 2X coil cleaner. It is tailored for the annual cleaning of residential and light commercial outdoor air conditioning coils. The metal-safe, low-foaming biodegradable formula rapidly emulsifies dirt and grime so the system continues to run efficiently. One bottle cleans up to three 5-ton coils. The company also showed its Eco-Lyme, an environmentally friendly 11111 descaler that can be used in applications such as cooling towers, evaporative coolers, boilers, processing equipment, and more. It has a low-foaming chemistry and is odorless.

Parker Hannifin Corp. ( featured its eco-friendly insulation tape for use with hot pipes up to 325[degrees]F. Premium Hi-Temp Cork Insulation Tape is rated for insulating hot piping in confined areas in refrigerators and freezers, heat pumps, and solar applications. Premium Hi-Temp Cork Insulation Tape can be used on cool pipes down to -20[degrees] (-29[degrees]C). The product can mold around valves and fittings, eliminating the need for precast insulation forms. The tape does not contain asphalt or any volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it easier to dispose of and less messy in application, the manufacturer said.

Ridgid ( showed Model 238-P powered soil-pipe cutter. It cuts cast-iron soil pipe quickly and easily in tight spaces. The cutter is designed to cut up to 8-inch soil pipe when driven by an impact driver or 4 inches with the included ratchet. It is 11.5 inches in length, has a removable handle, and low-profile cutter wheels. The articulating outward-facing chain hooks lay on the pipe to simplify latching. Two-directional operation allows scoring of the pipe for a clean cut.

Ritchie Engineering Co. Inc., Yellow Jacket Products Division ( spotlighted its Model 60991 mini-split tool kit, which addresses many of the special requirements found in mini-split installation manuals. The kit includes a heat-pump manifold; 60-inch PLUS II hoses (RYB), 1/4-inch with 1/4-inch flare fittings; 60-inch PLUS II hose (blue), 1/4-inch female flare on manifold connection and 5/16-inch female flare angled on service end; eccentric-cone flare tool; hex key set; 45-degree R-41oA coupler, 5/16-inch female quick coupler by 1/4-inch male flare; 5/16-inch vacuum/ charge valve with side port; adjustable metric torque wrench; tube cutter and deburring tool; and 16-inch tool bag.

61 Shurtape Technologies LLC ( highlighted a solvent-free house-wrap tape option to prevent air and moisture infiltration. HW300 features a water-based (emulsion) acrylic, cold-temperature adhesive to provide a permanent hold. In addition to being utilized with all types of house wrap/sheathing insulation or vapor barrier materials it can be used in HVAC applications in tight spaces such as crawl spaces. HV300 is UV-resistant and can be applied in temperature ranges from 14[degrees] to 176[degrees]F, as well as in humid conditions.


Spectronics Corp. ( introduced two LED leak-detection flashlights. The Opti-max 400 features power comparable to high-intensity, 150-W lamps and an inspection range of up to 25 feet. In addition, the Opti-Lux 400 is a rechargeable flashlight with the same features as the Optimax. The rechargeable battery provides four hours of continuous use between charges. The LED bulb on both lights is good for 100,000 hours.

SpeedClean ( showcased the FlowJet[TM]. With chemical injection, the unit makes quick work of cleaning debris and grime from micro-channel, thick-condenser, and evaporator coils. It connects to a water source to deliver a continuous spray of water and cleaning chemical to wash dirty coils without damaging sensitive fins. The optional Wonder Wand lets the user clean coils from the inside out. The redesigned Model CJ-125 CoilJet[R] has a powerful 125-psi spray which cleans debris and grime without hurting the condenser or evaporator coils. The rechargeable battery-powered unit does not require garden hoses or pump sprays. The Coillet delivers a powerful spray of water and cleaning chemical from the included tanks to wash the coils without damaging the sensitive fins. The portable size lets the user clean coils from the front or back.

62 Sumner Mfg. Co. Inc. ( introduced its lightweight, portable, and easily assembled all-aluminum GI-12T Gantry Lift, which has a lift capacity of up to 2 metric tons (4,400 pounds). It is available in four Imperial sizes (8,10,12, and 15 foot) and three metric sizes (3, 4, and 5 meters). The GH2T features A-frame legs that lock in open or closed position utilizing a push-button release and casters with foot brake that lock at 90 degree angles. The new design of the A-frame assembly eliminates the need for a locking crossbar to hold legs in the open position. The GH2T lift consists of two A-frames, a crossbeam, and attaching hardware.


Uniweld Products Inc. ( introduced its line of premium tubing cutters, a series of five cutters that can all handle copper, brass, and aluminum tubing in sizes for Wi inch (UTC701) to z% inches (UTC705). Uniweld also unveiled the Spirit manifold, which has a lightweight, extruded, aluminum body and easy-grip handles. It also has a double 0-ring piston valve, easy-access front-hose holders, and large 3 V8-inch steel case gauges with color-coded protective boots.

Venture Tape GTA-NHT Inc. ( featured its white line-set tape, which is UV resistant, mold resistant, weatherproof, and designed for foam-pipe insulation. The company also highlighted VentureGrip spray adhesives, which include general-purpose adhesive, low volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesive, water-based contact adhesive, and non-flammable contact adhesive. These industrial-strength adhesives contain no ozone-depleting substances and are designed for either temporary or permanent bonding applications.

63 Veto Pro Pac LLC (, introduced their first backpack tool bag to help HVAC technicians carry hand tools, meters, gauges, and other technological devices safely up ladders and across long distances. The TECH PAC-1 features 47 vertically tiered pockets inside and out, and a patented center panel design with ample room for hand tools, meters, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers, and other bulkier items such as manifold gauges and hoses. The new tool bag is designed to maintain a sate work environment while servicing equipment that is either located on rooftops or in industrial buildings where walking long distances is required.

Victor Technologies Intl. Inc. ( welcomed its Turbo Torch deluxe portable torch kit, which includes a tool bag, self-lighting PL-3T tip, ergonomic torch handler, STK-R regulator, a 12-foot hose, hose clamp, 1 (PL-PL-4T tip, PL-812 heat shield, and Viper SX solder.

64 Watts Water Technologies ( unveiled the Triton[TM] plastic-pipe joining system. It uses radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic technology to dramatically improve pipe joining and testing times, in turn increasing job site productivity. Using TRITON, 3/4-inch plastic pipe can be fused in approximately 40 seconds, and welds are ready for pressure testing immediately. The pipe joining system includes three components--a control unit, fusers, and fittings--which operate together to create durable outside diameter welds offering unobstructed flow and decreased pressure drop. The control unit creates a high-frequency radio signal that is delivered to the handheld fuser. The fuser produces an electromagnetic field. When the fuser is placed around the Triton fitting, the electromagnetic field causes a reaction that fuses the plastic into a durable, hermetic weld. The manufacturer also showed the PolyStar[TM] advanced poly-pylene piping system. Polystar piping and fittings are made using a type of random copolymer polypylene (PPR) material (PP-RCT), a high-crystallinity resin. An added layer of fiberglass provides additional strength and insulation. Multiple welding options can be used including electrofusion, socket welding, and butt welding. Three classes of pipe are available for varying applications and requirements.


WD-40 Co. ( showcased its new Specialist line designed specifically for the industry. The line includes a rust-release penetrant spray, protective white-lithium grease, long-term corrosion inhibitor, rust-remover soak, and water-resistant silicone lubricant.

WiringPro ( introduced its MT-70 Micro-Torch, GT-7o Industrial Torch, and 25-000 Ratchet Action Crimp Tool Kit. The MT-70 is a self-igniting, butane-powered heat tool. It is designed for soldering and heat-shrink applications, operates at 1,300[degrees]C, and can operate for 60 minutes with a full charge. The GT-70 is a self-contained, butane-powered, heavy-duty, general, industrial torch. The tool is used to braze with special alloy-welding rods; heat and bend thin metals; loosen rusted bolts; pop dents out of metal; shrink and terminate heavy-wall, adhesive-lined tubing, solder, and desolder; and more. It features a self-igniting piezo electric ignition and operates at 1,300".

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