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Barnholdt, Lauren: The Thing About the Truth
The Horn Book Guide. 24.1 (Spring 2013): p90. From Literature Resource Center.
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Barnholdt, Lauren The Thing About the Truth

287 pp. Simon Pulse ISBN 978-1-4424-3460-8 $16.99

(4) Switching between the buildup and the aftermath of an undisclosed incident that lands them in trouble, Kelsey and Isaac alternately detail their rocky relationship. Expelled from their previous schools, they're both looking for a fresh start, but secrets and lies from the past incite trouble. The story, though entertaining, lacks depth, particularly when readers learn details of the big blowout.

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Macgregor, Amanda M. "Barnholdt, Lauren: The Thing About the Truth." The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2013, p. 90. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 22 Apr. 2019.

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