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Poem, 2013
American Writer ( 1976 -)
The Carolina Quarterly. 63.1 (Spring 2013): p20.

   Arkansas, I am trying to be
   a moral person, to buy their
   gifts from the registries, though
   I find tablecloths mundane.
   I am trying to remember what
   the Taoists say about the empty
   stomach being a poor political
   advisor. Last week, in Berryville,
   outside the Cosmic Cavern, a six-
   year-old girl lost her arms
   to a mad hog as a freight train
   shot by spitting stars of coal.
   And I am trying to remember
   the name of the man next-door--
   the spastic artist--who built
   with metal and paper, the Home-
   Built Razorback Hog, in what
   he believed to be her honor.
   He had a side business in sensory
   deprivation tanks, in Healing
   the Inner Child! We found this
   out only afterwards. He paraded
   the float in front of SnakeWorld,
   claiming the earth as chubby,
   stunted, a cartoon in need
   of a meal. The girl ate
   with her face from a split
   watermelon. The seeds
   were ignored. 
Source Citation   (MLA 8th Edition)
Frank, Matthew Gavin. "Home-Built." The Carolina Quarterly, vol. 63, no. 1, 2013, p. 20. Academic OneFile, Accessed 23 May 2018.

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