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Sunday Times (London, England). (June 2, 2013): News: p19.
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Byline: Matt Bingham

SLEEPBOT Free; Android, iPhone Are you so attached to your smartphone that you sleep with it? That's the way to get the best out of this app, as it uses the motion sensors to log your movements during the night, but will need to be between the sheets, or under the pillow, to get a reading. It can also log any snoring, and claims it can rouse you at the best moment possible. As with all the apps listed here except Sleep Diary, you should expect to lose half the battery charge overnight because the handset must be "awake" while you're not.

Data is saved with any notes you add - whether you took any medication, awoke feeling good or lousy and so on - to help you work out what's best for a good kip. As an electronic ear, SleepBot could be more sensitive, but the movement tracker worked like a dream. Sorry. Sensibly, the app lets you turn off phone functions (you don't want to be woken by emails) and the smart alarm can be set to go off during, say, a half-hour period in which the app detects that you are close to waking naturally.

SNORELAB [pounds sterling]2.49; iPhone As a sound recorder, SnoreLab picks up far more than SleepBot - and you don't have to cuddle up to it either. Left on a bedside table with the iPhone's microphone pointing towards you, it displays the night's noises as a graph and, best of all, can play back the loudest moments. Not only can this shame a snorer into seeking help; it will also detect any ambient sounds that might be disrupting your sleep. As with SleepBot, you can add notes to each night's data. It tracks how many hours of shuteye you're getting each night too.

SLEEP DIARY Free; iPhone Sleep Diary comes with the approval of the NHS - it's one of the health apps endorsed at Reply to a few questions before turning off the light and again when you awake. Once you have two weeks' worth of answers, it generates a graph and other data that you can export and email to your GP. Lucky GP.

IBIS SLEEP ART Free; iPhone For a bit of fun, use this to generate a visual representation of your night's sleep. As with SleepBot, you'll need to keep the phone with you in bed - as it's sponsored by the Ibis hotel chain, perhaps you are assumed to be alone - so it can take your movements and breathing noises and display them next morning in the form of an abstract painting. More usefully, it's an alarm too.

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