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Can Eco Friendly Fashion And Luxury Co-Exist? Loyalty and Heart Thinks So
PRWeb Newswire. (June 12, 2013): From Business Collection.
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New York, New York (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

The bold American luxury brand, Loyalty and Heart takes an audacious stance with its 2013 spring/summer eco friendly fashion line. Since its first inception L&H has blurred the line between environmental sustainability & high-end fashion. The L&H logo represents unyielding principles that transcend the very fabric that bears its symbol. The imagery on their clothing creatively captures urban style, luxury and artistic expression. What makes the L&H brand so uniquely Eco-Friendly is its ability to merge two worlds, which, historically have been on opposite sides of the spectrum. L&H brings together "green" concepts by using eco-friendly inks and materials, with the demand for obtainable high-end fashion. Loyalty and Heart is proving that being eco-friendly and fashionable is no longer an oxymoron.

The newly released Loyalty and Heart 2013 spring/summer line consists of three collections: Loyalty and Heart, Lion's Den and L&H New York. Each creative piece has its own unique name and personality. The most sought after collection, the Lion's Den Collection is graphically driven with powerful imagery that caters to anyone with a love for artistic edge. The creative, yet symbolic use of a stylish lion clearly establishes the identity of the brand. L&H New York carries a cool sophistication communicated through urban type and quality fabrics. Birthed in NYC, names like The Soho and The Metropolitan reflects the brands deep connection to the city it was birthed in. The style and feel of the L&H brand is a perfect representation of New York City swag and responsible luxury. Found on-line at and coming to select boutiques throughout the U.S., loyalists of L&H are captivated by this unique experience.

About Loyalty and Heart:

In 2010 the L&H brand was born on the backdrop of the city. Since, style, luxury and eco-friendly manufacturing has been embedded into their DNA. Loyalty and Heart is uplifting the fashion industry by using eco-friendly materials to produce a high-end product. The brand epitomizes Bold American Luxury by providing products that are both luxurious and environmentally safe. Staying true to their core values with every step of their journey has helped them to create a company that is new and exciting, and a brand that is a refreshing and unique contribution to the fashion world. Founders Jason Roberts and Donell Mills started the company with just a few designs. News about Loyalty and Heart spread quickly and people began attaching themselves to its shirts, concepts and philosophy. This led to them launching a full online boutique earlier this year which proved to be perfect timing. What's next for L&H? Well, they continue to building their brand organically so customers have a connection as well as a unique experience with Loyalty and Heart. Jason Roberts states "It's important to us that the message the brand communicates is just as important as wearing it." If looking good and wearing eco friendly fashion with a unique message are things that are important to you then a Loyalty and Heart design is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Jason Roberts please call 347.753.4929 or reach him by email at jasonroberts(at)loyaltyandheart(dot)com

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