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Barnholdt, Lauren: Girl Meets Ghost: The Harder the Fall
The Horn Book Guide. 25.1 (Spring 2014): p68. From Literature Resource Center.
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Barnholdt, Lauren Girl Meets Ghost: The Harder the Fall

229 pp. Simon/Aladdin ISBN 978-1-4424-4247-6 $15.99

(3) Twelve-year-old Kendall, a medium who helps ghosts cross over, becomes close to the family of recently deceased teen Lyra, at the expense of her own relationships. In this sequel, Barnholdt more successfully connects the different plot lines involving Kendall and develops the characters more fully. Tween readers will appreciate Kendall's rambling tangents in colloquialisms and her references to pop culture.

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Barnes, Lana. "Barnholdt, Lauren: Girl Meets Ghost: The Harder the Fall." The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2014, p. 68. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 22 Apr. 2019.

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