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Barnholdt, Lauren: Right of Way
The Horn Book Guide. 25.1 (Spring 2014): p100. From Literature Resource Center.
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Barnholdt, Lauren Right of Way

308 pp. Simon Pulse ISBN 978-1-4424-5127-8 $16.99

(4) Peyton and Jace had a brief but intense long-distance fling. They reunite at a Florida wedding, and Jace offers to drive her home to Connecticut. Fluid back-and-forth narration with flashbacks explains what caused their quick end (it isn't very interesting), and why Peyton is actually plotting to run away (much more compelling). A conceptually similar companion to Two-Way Street.

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Hedeen, Katrina. "Barnholdt, Lauren: Right of Way." The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2014, p. 100. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 22 Apr. 2019.

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