Fauset, Crystal Bird (1893–1965)
Dictionary of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through the Ages. Ed. Anne Commire and Deborah Klezmer. Vol. 1. Detroit, MI: Yorkin Publications, 2007. p639.
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Fauset, Crystal Bird (1893–1965)

African-American politician. Born Crystal Dreda Bird, June 27, 1893, in Princess Anne, Maryland; grew up in Boston; died Mar 28, 1965, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; dau. of Benjamin (school principal) and Portia E. (Lovett) Bird; Columbia University Teachers College, BA, 1931; m. Arthur Huff Fauset (educator), June 1931 (div. 1944).

The 1st African-American woman to be elected to a state legislature, began to speak out about the concerns of the black community and race relations in general, through her association with Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) and American Friends Service Committee; joined administrative staff of Works Progress Administration (WPA) of Philadelphia and organized the Philadelphia Democratic Women's League (early 1930s); became director of black women's activities for National Democratic Committee (1936); elected to state legislature (1938); resigned to join the WPA as assistant state director of the Education and Recreation Program (1939); was named special consultant to the director of Office of Civilian Defense (1941); helped establish the United Nations Council of Philadelphia (1945) and served as an officer until 1950; attended the founding of the UN in San Francisco (1950). Awarded Meritorious Service Medal from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1939 and 1955).

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