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Aram Ilich Khachaturian
Born: June 06, 1903 in Tiflis, Georgia, Russia
Died: May 01, 1978 in Moscow, Russia
Other Names: Khachaturian, Aram Illich; Khachaturian, A.; Khachaturian, Aram Ilich; Khachaturyan, Aram Ilych
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Composer
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1903-1978. Armenian composer. Professor at Gnesiny Institute, Moscow, and at Moscow Conservatory (both from 1951). Composer of three symphonies (1934, 1943, 1947), ballets Happiness (1939), Gayane (1942, included "Sabre Dance"), and Spartak (1954), symphonic suite Masquerade (1944), concertos for piano (1936), violin (1940), and cello (1946), choralworks, chamber music, some 25 film scores, and music for the Armenian national anthem.

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