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Kathleen M. Sully
Contemporary Authors Online. 2002. Updated: June 26, 2002
Born: 1910 in London, England
Nationality: English
Occupation: Writer
Updated:June 26, 2002

Family: Born April 14, 1910, in London, England; daughter of Albert (a mathematical engineer) and Kate (Bown) Coussell; children: three. Education: Studied dress design at Barrett Street Trade School, art at Taunton Art College and St. Alban's Art College, and attended various night colleges before enrolling at Gaddesden Teacher Training College, where she received a teaching certificate. Politics: Liberal ("if anything"). Religion: Christian ("not a church-goer"). Addresses: Home: Munys, Penmenner Rd., The Lizard, Cornwall, England.


Jobs have ranged from domestic to teacher of art and English, and include (not necessarily in order), dress model, professional swimmer and diver, cinema usherette, tracer in Admiralty, free-lance artist, bus conductor, owner of antique shop, and dress manufacturer; now full-time novelist, Cornwall, England.



  • Small Creatures (juvenile), Ward, Lock, 1946.
  • Stoney Stream (juvenile), Ward, Lock, 1946.
  • Canal in Moonlight, Davies, 1955, published as Bikka Road, Coward, 1956.
  • Canaille, Davies, 1956.
  • Through the Wall, Davies, 1957.
  • Merrily to the Grave, Davies, 1958.
  • Burden of the Seed, Davies, 1958.
  • A Man Talking to Seagull, Davies, 1959.
  • Shade of Eden, Davies, 1960.
  • Skrine, Davies, 1960.
  • The Undesired, Davies, 1961.
  • A Man on the Roof, Davies, 1961.
  • The Fractured Smile, Davies, 1965.
  • Not Tonight, Davies, 1966.
  • Dear Wolf, Davies, 1967.
  • Horizontal Image, Davies, 1968.
  • A Breeze on a Lonely Road, Davies, 1969.
  • Island in Moonlight, Davies, 1970.
  • A Look at Tadpoles, Davies, 1970.

Author of play, "The Waiting of Lester, " produced 1957.



Kathleen Sully told CA: "Main interest now and ever since I could think: Man--why and whence.... Have written since a child but stuff mostly too off-beat for publication. Interests in general: philosophy; art; realistic literature; dancing; swimming and diving; teaching; diet and health--mental and physical; why the chicken crossed the road."

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