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Frederick H. Sheldon
Born: United States
Nationality: American
Occupation: Scientist
Updated:Jan. 1, 2008
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Education: Yale Univ, BS, 1974, MS, 1981, PhD (biol), 1986. Professional Experience: GEORGE H LOWERY JR PROF NATURAL SCI, LA STATE UNIV, 2005-; La State Univ Coun Res grant, 2004; I W & C B Pennington Found grant, 2004; DIR, LA STATE UNIV MUS NATURAL SCI, 2001-; CUR GENETIC RESOURCES, LA STATE UNIV MUS NATURAL SCI, 2000-; ADJ PROF, DEPT BIOL, LA STATE UNIV, 2000-; assoc ed, Auk, 1999-2003; assoc cur & adj assoc prof, La State Univ, 1994-2000; adj asst prof, Dept Biol, Univ Pa, 1991-1993; NSF grant, 1990-1993, 1995-2007; vis lectr, Univ Kebangsaan, Malaysia, Sabah, 1989; Nat Geog Soc grant, 1989; from asst cur to assoc cur birds, Acad Natural Sci, Philadelphia, 1987-1993; asst res prof, San Francisco State Univ, 1986-1987; dir, Western Found Vert Zool Field Prog, Malaysia, 1981-1983; field ornithologist, Yale Univ, 1976-1978; microbiol lab technician, NY Univ, 1975-1976. Memberships: Am Ornithologists Union (vpres, 2002-2003, treas, 1993-2000); Brit Ornithologists Club; Orient Bird Club; Soc Molecular Biol & Evol; Soc Study Evol; Soc Syst Biologists; Willi Hennig Soc. Research Statement & Publications: Molecular systematics and ornithology; evolution and systematics of birds; natural history of the birds of the malay archipelago; reconstruction of phylogenies of bird families and use of phylogeny as a framework for the study of the evolution of modern-day ecology, behavior, and distribution; published more than 25 articles. Mailing Address: Mus Nat Sci, La State Univ, Foster Hall 119, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3216. Fax: 225-578-3075. E-Mail:

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