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Nicholas Hagger
Born: 1939 in London, England
Nationality: British
Occupation: Writer
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Born May 22, 1939, in London, England; son of Cyril Francis Osborne (a local government officer) and Norah Harrison (Broadley) Hagger; married Caroline Virginia Mary Nixon, September 16, 1961 (marriage ended September 16, 1971); married Madeline Ann Johnson, February 22, 1974; children: (first marriage) Nadia Alethea Hagger Gibbons; (second marriage) Matthew Osborne, Anthony Osborne. Education: Worcester College, Oxford, M.A. (with honors), 1961. Politics: "Conservative (just)." Religion: "Church of England and Methodist upbringing, now Universalist and independent of all religions." Avocational Interests: Observation of nature, human nature, and the universe; astronomy; ancient history, numismatics, travel, watching sports. Addresses: Home: Buckhurst Hill, England; Charlestown near St. Austell, England; website: (including contact page).


Gregory, Rowcliffe & Co. (solicitors), London, England, articled clerk, 1957-58; British Council, London, lecturer in English at University of Baghdad, 1961-62, Professor at Tokyo University of Education, Keio University, and lecturer at Tokyo University, all 1963-67, lecturer at University of Libya, 1968-70; schoolteacher in London, England, 1971-73, senior English teacher and department head, 1973-85; founder of Oak-Tree Group of Schools: Oaklands School, Loughton, England, principal, 1982--. Coopersale Hall School, principal, 1989--; Normanhurst School, principal, 1996--; Braeside School, principal, 2015--. Oak-Tree Books Ltd., editorial director, 1984-86. Otley Hall, Suffolk, England, owner of the historical house, 1997-2004.



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Feature writer, The Times (London), 1970-72. Man of letters/author of 50 books including books in literature, history, philosophy, and four other disciplines. In literature, author of more than 1,200 short stories, 2,000 poems, 2 epic poems, 5 verse plays, 2 masques, 2 travelogues and 3 autobiographies. Contributor to magazines. Appearances on radio and TV, including 25 live broadcasts to the U.S. in 2007 regarding the founding of America. In 2016 awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for Literature. Archive of papers and manuscripts as a Special Collection held in the Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex (catalogue can be viewed online).


Selected Letters: letters by Nicholas Hagger during the last 50 years.



Nicholas Hagger told CA: "The thread that runs through my life and writings is my successful search for a metaphysical reality that used to be found within Christianity in the seventeenth century, but is now more likely to be found in Eastern religions, and the fresh approach this knowledge can give Western culture.

"I very soon realized that my quest required a cross-disciplinary approach. With my young wife (and later, my daughter), I set out to experience other religions and cultures. By taking overseas university jobs through the agency of the British Council, I lived first in Iraq under Islam, and then in Japan, where so many poets have taught, where I was a Professor. I visited many countries in the Far East, including China, where I was the first Westerner to discover the Cultural Revolution during a visit in 1966. Then I moved to Libya to visit the Roman ruins of Sabratha and Leptis Magna, and I found myself an eyewitness of the Gaddafi Revolution. I worked for British Intelligence, dealing with nationalists, and I saw the limitations of nationalism at first hand.

"Back in London in the early 1970s, I abandoned university teaching and renewed my mystical life. To extend my experience and plunge myself into life--and to make time for my intelligence work as I describe in My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood--I volunteered to teach in a school for educationally subnormal, deprived boys, some of whom appear in my stories. I found I could write more while teaching in schools than in universities. With a new wife and family, I left the intelligence world and became a Head of English in London for 11 years. In the 1980s I found my way back to my boyhood Essex, where I bought and took charge of Oaklands, a small school by Epping Forest I had once attended. I founded Coopersale Hall in 1989 out of the waiting list for Oaklands, and it is now the largest and most thriving school of its kind in West Essex. I acquired Normanhurst in 1997 and Braeside in 2015. I started with university students in the early 1960s and tracked the problems of literacy back through secondary school to primary school in the 1980s. Then I tackled the problems at their source and found my approach hugely popular among parents.

"In 1997 I acquired Otley Hall, Suffolk, a historic house, where Bartholomew Gosnold is thought to have planned his voyage to the New World in 1602, when he named Martha's Vineyard, and in 1606/7, when he founded the Jamestown Settlement. I opened Otley Hall to the public and had 40,000 visitors, including many Americans. I sold it in 2004 to cope with increasingly heavy writing commitments.

"I now employ about 330 staff in four institutions. Liberated from teaching, I am able to write every day, either in Essex or in Cornwall, and I am now working on my 51st book.

In my 1,200 short stories, I try to be visual and go for an image in fresh language. Many of my stories are epiphanies or revelations of being. As Blake knew, everything has its contrary, and I yoke together heterogeneous opposites in images, then try to reconcile them within an underlying harmony or pattern. I try to capture moments of great joy and suffering and suggest they have an underlying unity. In my 2,000 poems (including over 300 classical odes) I have attempted a whole vision of Western culture. The contents/titles of all my stories and poems can be viewed on my website.

I have written two long epic poems: Overlord: The Triumph of Light, An Epic Poem based on the Events of 1944-1945 (41,000 lines of blank verse), which has an American hero, Eisenhower, and follows his pursuit of Hitler after D-Day in 1944-1945--I have thus been able to rework the Jamesian theme of the American in Europe, giving it a historical dimension; and Armageddon: The Triumph of Universal Order, An Epic Poem on the War on Terror and of Holy-War Crusaders (25,000 lines of blank verse), which has George W. Bush as its hero from 9/11 through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and his conflict with bin Laden, who had nuclear suitcase bombs. I have gone back to the epic tradition of Homer (who also wrote two epic poems), Virgil, Dante, Milton, and Pound, who I visited in 1970.

"My aim in all my writing is to show a panoramic canvas and reflect this Age and its intellectual conflicts in terms of the harmonious mystic vision of the Fire or Light of St. Augustine, Dante, and Eliot. I hope to make people more aware in a literary way of the universal Fire or Light, which has been known to every generation and culture throughout recorded history, and which everyone can potentially know. My sensibility is European rather than exclusively English. My ideal human being has had a unitive vision of the universe, instinctively understands the Theory of Everything and is filled with spiritual beauty and a deep sense of cosmic purpose. I have tackled the biggest themes of the Age: bewildering discoveries in the universe, scientific advances, progress from nation-state to a universal state, the division between East and West, the New Age's challenge to Christianity, the spread of mysticism and Eastern religion, the challenge to rationalism and a purely social view of man. All the development of the Age can be found in my work.

"As my website shows ( my 50 books are within 7 disciplines: literature; mysticism; history; comparative religion; philosophy; international politics and statecraft; and culture. I see these as 7 bands in one rainbow, all united within my philosophy of Universalism. Universalism regards the universe as a unity with one source, the One, and sees humankind as a unified whole and therefore each discipline as a unified whole that is interconnected with all other disciplines within the One:

• My literary Universalism reflects this view of the universe in 2,000 poems, including more than 300 classical odes about the European cultural tradition, 2 poetic epics (on the Second World War and the War on Terror), 5 verse plays, 2 masques, more than 1,200 short stories, 2 travelogues and 3 autobiographies; and I have identified the fundamental theme of world literature in A New Philosophy of Literature.

• In my mystical Universalism I have recorded all the known experiences of the Fire or Light in all the world's cultures in The Light of Civilization, and have described my own 93 experiences of the Light (and listed them in appendices) in my two most recent autobiographies My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood and My Double Life 2: A Rainbow over the Hills.

• In my historical Universalism I see history as a whole and have shown 25 civilizations each going through 61 stages in The Fire and the Stones and The Rise and Fall of Civilizations. The civilizations all begin with a mystical vision and end in secularism. The North-American civilization is the youngest of the 25 and has reached stage 15, the same stage the Roman civilization reached when the Roman Empire began. I have written an American trilogy: The Secret Founding of America, The Secret American Dream, and The Secret American Destiny.

• My religious Universalism regards all the world's religions as a whole with a common essence, the Light, and this perspective can be found in The Fire and the Stones and The Light of Civilization.

• My philosophical Universalism is set out in The Universe and the Light, The One and the Many and most recently in The New Philosophy of Universalism, which relates an up-to-date view of all the sciences to metaphysical reality. My philosophy sees humankind in relation to the universe as did the ancient Greeks, and turns away from the narrow logic and linguistic analysis of early-20th-century philosophy. I follow in the footsteps of the American philosopher Whitehead.

• My political Universalism can be found in my works of international politics and statecraft such as The World Government and most recently in World State and its companion volume World Constitution. In these works I have continued a tradition of calling for a democratic world state that was begun after 1945 by Truman, Einstein, Churchill, Eisenhower, Gandhi, Russell, J.F. Kennedy, and Gorbachev. A world state would solve all our current international problems by declaring war illegal, abolishing nuclear weapons, combating famine, disease and poverty and addressing the world's financial and environmental problems--regarding humankind as a whole.

• In my cultural Universalism in The One and the Many and The Secret American Destiny I restore the metaphysical perspective to world culture and see it as a whole. I called for a Metaphysical Revolution at the launch of my first two books in 1991 and have repeated my call on many occasions since.

"I am very aware of having a world role. I have acted as a bridge between the UK and the US in focusing on the founding of America from Otley Hall. I have acted as a bridge between the UK and Europe in my Classical Odes and my first masque The Dream of Europa, which celebrates Europe's 70 years of peace. My two poetic epics and works such as Peace for our Time show the horrors and misery of war in Europe and the Middle East since the year of my birth in 1939. (As a boy I lived under Hitler's flying bombs in Churchill's constituency.) In 2016 I was awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for Literature in Manila, and I have presented a solution to the world's problems in World State and have championed world peace. As I describe in Peace for our Time I was asked to visit President Assad on a peace mission for Syria but he fell ill just before I was due to go in. I see beyond nationalism to all humankind's living together in peace and prosperity without the 72 wars currently being fought which the UN has been unable to prevent, and the 14,900 nuclear weapons. All humankind is spiritually equal and I am conscious of trying to create through my books a better world which can be enjoyed by our schoolchildren and grandchildren."

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