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  • Title News of the Week: A Rescue; Shakespeare's Birthday; Rehousing
  • Publication Title The Illustrated London News
  • Date Saturday,  Apr. 28, 1934
  • Volume 184
  • Issue Number 4958
  • Page Number 654
  • Place of Publication London, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library Illustrated London News Ltd
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NEWS OF THE WEEK: A RESCUE; SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHDAY; REHOUSING. A DRAMATIC RESCUE IN THE CHANNEL RENDERED POSSIBLE BY AN AIR PILOT: THE STEAMER " ARIZPA " APPROACHING THE HELPLESS YACHT "CORMORANT.") THE a ARIZPA " GIVING A TOW TO THE " CORMORANT " : THE BIG AMERICAN STEAMER TAKING THE SMALL YACHT TOWARDS VENTNOR. A dramatic rescue of a yacht in distress took place off the Isle of Wight on April 22, having been made possible by the vigilance of an airman. At mid-day Flight-Lieutenant Eckeraley Maslin, piloting a Jersey Airways passenger machine from Jersey to Heston, noticed a yacht in the Channel flying distress signals He at once dropped as low as possible and, seeing the yacht was in trouble, flew to the American steamer "Arizpa" in the distance, and made her understand that her help was needed. He then flew back to the yacht, signalled to the people on board. cohtinued his flight to Heston, and notified the Admiralty. Meanwhile the "Arizpa" (5437 tons) took the yacht in tow towards Ventnor, and a tug later towed her to Sandown Bay. She turned out to be Sir Louis Dane's 24-ton "Cormorant," chartered to Mr. W. Browne, with a party of five on board. Her engines had stopped and she was leaking. , s $$ SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS AT STRATFORD: A DISTINGUISHED COMPANY LEAVING BRIDGE STREET AFTER THE UNFURLING OF THE FLAGS OF ALL NATIONS. Shakespeare's birthday, which is also St. George's Day, was celebrated as usual at Strtford-on- Avon on April 23. At dawn the bells were rung at the Church of Holy Trinity, where Shakespeare was burled; and at noon the flags of the nations, about eighty in number and including this year the Nazi Swastika, were uafurled. There followed the ilime through the town to the birthplace and thence to the tomb. A numanber of dtuL d people attended. A BLOCK OF NEW FLATS DEDICATED BY THE ARCHBISHOP OP CANTERBURY : THE PRIMATE CONDUCTING THE CEREMONY AT SOMERS TOWN. The Aschblhop of Canterbury visited Somers Town on April 23, and these dedicated the St. Nicholas Flats, a new block erected by the St. Pancras House Improvement Society. The dwellings will house forty-seven families. The Archbishop compared the maiden rescued by St Gee to Enland, suferin to-day from the danger o the great dragon of the slums. He said that for t years thi society had been putting right reat human wrong.