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  • Title Intelligence profiles of the following Communist Party, USA members associated with civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.: Stanley Levison; Harry Wachtel; Clarence Jones; Bayard Rustin
  • Classification Level Secret
  • Imprint [United States: Federal Bureau Of Investigation, 1968]
  • Declassified Date August 30, 2001
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  • Source Library Federal Bureau of Investigation
SU NIT ED STrATES W- f1:A'TNE'u~NT T1-~S'1'IC!, FEDERAL BUREHAU OF IN VESTI GATION it Reply, Please. Refer to WASHINGTON, D.c. 20535 FilcAo.February 8, 1968 1-,.RT IN LUTIM KINGp JR. The following information has been furnished by confidential sources oil this Bureau who have furnished reliable information in the past. Recently Stanley, Levi son, principal advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr., President, Southern Christian Leadership Conf erence, was in conf erence with William Rutherford.. Executive Directorg Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Levison informed that he had recently held a meeting with Harry Wachtel, Clarence Jones, and Bayard Rustin concerning King's massive civil disobedience program called "Washington Spring Project1' According to Levison, Rustin showed his true colors by opposing civil disobediences and opposing involving the peace issue with the."Washington Spring Project." Levison felt the tactics King and his group will use in conducting, the massive civil disobediences must be agreed upon and Trade known to interested individuals. Rutherford advised that some tentative tactics have been discussed which are as folloiw.s: G ro up 1DECLASSIFIED E~'iu&~ f~O~ e~cm~ticE.. 12958, Scc- 3.6 byAal , N;'t M4ARTIN L19HT KING, JR. Durig te frstweek of the "Washington Spring Project" calls will be made on Congressmen by demonstrators from 17 d1fferent areas. During the second weelc of the campaign the demonstrators will call on the heads of -departments such as the Secretary of Labor0 \ On the first' visit the demonstrators will make.their demands known and on the second visit, if the demands are not met, a sit-in -will be conducted'. With respect to the individuals referred to above it is noted that Stanley Levison was a secret member of the Communist Farty, USA, in July., 1963. In late 1963 and early 1964 he criticized the Communist Party.for not being sufficiently militant in the civil rights struggle. Levison was described by the Communist Party leaders as being to the. "left" of the Communist Party in his position on civil rights. His differences with the.Communist Party, however, are merely tactical and he contines i dooia adherence to communism. Stanley Levison is the owner and operator of the Park Management Realty Company, 1841 Broadway, New York, New York. In March, 1944, the name Harry Wachtel was on a list.of names, significance not knovm, which was maintained at the headquarters of Kings County Communist Party,, Brooklyn, New York. At that time the,name of Leonora Wachtel, wife of Harry Wachtel, and her address, were.listed on a list of names of newly elected officers of.the.Bath Beach Club of.the Kings County Communist Party. On February 26, 1957, a source identified a photograph.of Clarence Jones as a person iwhfom he knew during late 1953 or early 1954 to be a member and in a position of leadership in the Labor You,,th League. The Labor~ Yout.h Le~ague has been de~signated subvrersive pursuanit to Executive Order 104~50. Duxin,--, the early 1940s Bavard Rustin was a memLber 0' the You-n Cc-7--..; ~o~n~ato w'!"4c1- has 2 S-'-.COP s Eeh,T M~ARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. been designated subversive pursuant to Executive Order 10450. The records of this Bureau's Identification Division contain the following, arrest record for Bayard Rustin: On January 12, 1944, he was arrested for violation of the Selective Service Act and on February 17, 1944, received a sentence of three years. On September 15, 1948, he was arrested in New York City on a disorderly conduct charge and was sentenced to 15 days. On January 21, 1953, he was arrested at Pasadena, California, for offering,, to engage in an act of sex perversion of a homosexual nature which he admitted and for which he was sentenced to serve 60 days. In addition to the above, it has been.reported that the Communist Party of Cleveland, Ohio, is showing an interest in King's "Washington Spring Project" and members thereof have expressed the opinion that every Communist Party member in Cleveland should do all he can to contact people in various groups and through organizations to urge them to take an active part in the proposed demonstrations, p 3 OPY Lai