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  • Title The Hot Weather at Dover
  • Publication Title Dover Express
  • Date Friday,  Aug. 26, 1932
  • Issue Number 3866
  • Page Number 9
  • Place of Publication Dover, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
THE HOT WEATHER AT DOVER. CROWDS FLOCK TO THE SEA. Tho hot weather of last week was felt at Dover as much as elsewhere. Friday was probably the hottest day that Dover has had for many years. The shade tempera- ture at the Meteorological Station on the Sea Front rose to 88.2 degrees, and although this is one-eighth of a degree less than in August, 1911, tho fact that the temperature remained so high all day has probably never been equalled. Up to Thursday last week the heavy Channel fog had kept the tem- perature down in Dover, but on Thursday, when there were 11 hours of sunshine, the maximum temperature rose to 78.8, and the lowest temperature was 61.2. Friday was an- other day of 11 hours of sunshine with no breeze, and the heat early in the afternoon was terrific. The maximum temperature, 88.2 degrees, taken in the latest type of shaded screen (Stevenson), was probably the lowest read in Dover, for it was a great deal hotter up town. All day long the beach was thronged with bathers from right away at East Cliff to the Clock Tower. The evening brought little relief from the heat, and the beach was still thronged with bathers, and on the promenade many walked up and down until long after midnight in order to escape the heated houses. Never has such a scene been witnessed at Dover. At mid- night people were still coming down from up town to bathe. On Saturday tiie heat was considerably less and there was a nice breeze. It was very hot till close on mid- day, when there were fog clouds, and the afternoon became cooler. Although the maximum temperature did not rise above 77 degrees tho minimum was higher even than the previous night, it being 68. Although the weather remained warm after Saturday, there was no more of the tremendous heat of Friday, and conditions became much more pleasant. So far, during the first three weeks of August there has been only one-fifth of an inch of rain.