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  • Title "Democratization" In Viet Nam
  • Publication Title The Times
  • Date Monday,  Jan. 25, 1954
  • Issue Number 52838
  • Page Number 5
  • Place of Publication London, England
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"DEMOCRATIZATION" IN VIET NAM PRINCE BUU LOC'S ORDER] FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT PARIS, JAN. 24 Prince Buu Loc, the new Prime Minister of Viet Narnh, yesterday gave orders that all official correspondence should in future be carried on in the Viet Namese language, and not in French. He also ordered, as part of a "campaign of austerity and democratization," that onethird of the Govemment's car pool, including all luxurious" vehicles, be sold by auction. Under the same campaign, official ceremony is to be cut down to a minimum: In particular, Ministers and their staffs are no longer to be required to attend at Saigon airport for the arrival and departure of every high dignitary, while the title of " excellency " is henceforth forbidden, and sanctions are threatened against officials who persist in using it. French and Laotian troops on the Mekong River front yesterday reached Pak Hin Boun, 25 miles north of Thakhek, and continued their gradual progress northwards along the strategic road to Vientiane. Another column is descending the same road from Vientiane and large convoys of road and river transport loaded with food and supplies are reported to be mustered at Thakhek-which was visited by General Navarre yesterday-awaiting the reopening of land and water communications with northern Laos.