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  • Title Liverpool to put Beatles on a pedestal
  • Publication Title Daily Mail
  • Date Monday,  Nov. 14, 1977
  • Issue Number 25333
  • Page Number 37
  • Place of Publication London, England
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Liverpool to put Beatles on a pedestal The ieotles . . . o model of how fhe statue could look. YEAH! John, Paul, George and Ringo can achieve immortality in Liverpool. p The city fathers have finally agreed to a statue of the Beatles being put up in the streets where they lived. It, was a decision reached only after a com¬ mittee had turned down &e.i?Ii8imlt idea an<* un¬ leashed a symphony of protest among the group's ians around the world. x.7116 councillors enraged the musical faithful by at- iQWngiP demolish the ta? Foursome's repu- They branded them for bringing discredit on the C1^y. ior taking drugs* for The Beofles . . . how they looked in 1963. being unable to sing and as being unworthy of a place in the history of Liverpool. But the protests rolled In — together with plans to raise cash and erect statutes. Now the full council has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a statue and & six-man special assign¬ ment unit has contacted sponsors of three rival plans. And the rivals are already clashing over c e d y Whose statue will go up. 'We don't want to referee a dog fight,' said Mr Malcolm Kirkham, head of the unit. We would like to bring them all together and arrange f6r one impressive work.' Tory councillor Tony McVeigh, who voted against the idea at the or i g i n a 1 meeting pro¬ claimed to disbelieving ears: 'The Beatles can't sing for toffee. 'They need cutting down to size.'