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  • Title Royal Birth Registered
  • Publication Title Western Daily Press
  • Date Tuesday,  May 18, 1926
  • Volume 136
  • Issue Number 23185
  • Page Number 6
  • Place of Publication Yeovil, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
ROYAL BIRTH REGISTERED. The registration of the birth of the infant Princess born to the Duke and Duchess of York wa* effected at 17, Bruton Street yester- day morning. The Registrar for the Mayfair sub district in whose area the Princess was born, attended some time since for tlie purpose of registration, but the matter was held ever because the names had not then been definitely chosen, and it is usual, though not absolutely essential, to give the selected names when registering. As announced on Friday, the uames chosen were Elizabeth (alter the Duchess), Alexandra (after the great-grandmother), and Mary (after the Queen and Princess Mary), the initials being the same as those of the Duchess, " E. A. M. Mr Walker, Registrar for the sub district, attended at 17, Bruton Street yesterday morning by appointment, and the Duke acted as informant. The date and place of birth were given as 21st April, 1926. and 17. Bruton Street. The three names " Elizabeth Alexandra Mary," were duly inserted in column three of the entry- The father's names. " Albert Frederick Arthur George," were given fully in column four, together with the station of his Royal Highness. The mother was described in the next column as Elizabeth Angela Marguerite, Duchess of York, formerly Bowes-Lyon. In column six, served for the rank or profession of the father, was inserted the description " Duke of York. X G.", and'the informant signed Albert" in the signature column. The de- scription " father." and the address followed the signature, and the Duke gave the address as " White Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey,' the Burton Street address being a merely temporary one. The addition of the date of registration, 17th May, 1926, in column eight and the signature '*' William Walker, Registrar," in column nine completed the entry column, 10 being left blank for the in- sertion of the names given in baptism should these show any variation from those recorded in the register. The Registrar, will supply a certified copy of the entry to the Registrar-General in his June quarter returns and the record will be duly indexed and recorded in the Somerset House archives.