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Jarvis claims F3 Macao Grand Prix champion
Xinhua News Agency. (Nov. 18, 2007): From General OneFile.
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MACAO, Nov 18, 2007 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Oliver Jarvis of Reckless Tom's Team took the biggest victory of his career as he claimed the title of the Polytec Formula 3 Macao Grand Prix here on Sunday.

Jarvis, who qualified on pole, lead every lap and faced no challenge from other drivers and finished the race with 38 minutes 29.452 seconds.

"This is a fantastic race."said Jarvis, "This is my best victory in my career. This is the most fantastic results we can hope before the race."

Estonian Marko Asmer was the nearest challenger to Jarvis in the first seven laps but Asmer could not took the lead from Jarvis and lost his place to the fourth after the 15-lap race.

Kodai Tsukakoshi of Manor Motorsport team took the second place in the 13th lap and maintained it to the end at 38:31.219 while Kazuya Oshima of Reckless Tom's team went third at 38:33.842.

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