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(Raymond) Chaz Bowyer
Born: 1926 in Weymouth, England
Other Names: Bowyer, Chaz
Nationality: English
Occupation: Writer
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Family: Born September 29, 1926, in Weymouth, England; son of Reginald (a builder) and Dorothy (Northam) Bowyer; widowed; children: Katharin, Jeff, Lisa Janine. Education: Attended high school in Solihull and Nelson, England. Memberships: Royal Air Force Association (life member). Addresses: Home and Office: 77 Southern Reach, Mulbarton, Norwich NR14 8BU, England.


Royal Air Force, 1943-69, retired as sergeant; served as armament technician, airman, and instructor in explosives and armaments; stationed in Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Singapore, and Aden; writer, 1958--.



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Author of booklets. Former editor, Journal of the Cross and Cockade Society.



Chaz Bowyer once told CA: "My motivation? Primarily to place on permanent record accurate accounts of men, deeds, and events connected with Royal Air Force history. This is exemplified (perhaps) by For Valour: The Air V.C.s which is now accepted as the standard reference work on the subject. I am tired of reading historical drivel as perpetrated by 'well-known' authors, most of whom are simply novelists or journalists with no background knowledge of genuine aviation history. Too many `military historians' are simply writers jumping on the history bandwagon only for profit."

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